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Update posted by YAYASAN PELAYANAN MEDIA INDONESIA On Sep 08, 2019

Yuda is an autistic child and as such he has great difficulties communicating with his father. Yuda wakes up every night crying while trying to convey many things to his father who cannot understand his intentions.

His father would then turn on the television and put it on PIJAR until Yuda would fall asleep. So almost every night PIJAR TV was playing until morning in their home. At dawn, PIJAR TV would air spiritual songs that gradually piqued Yuda's interest and it gave him a sense of peace and calmness that would allow Yuda to sleep peacefully.

Yuda continues to experience good development in regards to his condition until one day Yuda signalled to his father that he would like to learn to play the keyboard at home. As it turned out, Yuda had already memorized quite a few songs that are often aired on PIJAR TV. Yuda became passionate and diligent in practicing the keyboard until it quickly became his hobby and also a way to release his frustration over his condition. Yuda's condition continues to improve. He was now able to socialize with more people. His keyboard playing also continued to improve until one day Yuda was invited to witness at church by playing the keyboard.

At church, Yuda's prowess at the keyboard amazed many people there so the music team invited him to be part of the Sunday Service every week!

Yuda is now part of the church's core music team.

All glory and honor only for Jesus Christ, our Lord and God.

Watch Yuda's full story in the testimony film we produced:

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Update posted by YAYASAN PELAYANAN MEDIA INDONESIA On Sep 05, 2019

This donation enables us to work together, strengthen, and equip God's people throughout Indonesia to be able to know God and bring people to salvation.

PIJAR TV is grateful to have the opportunity to bless viewers in Riau.

Thank you to the viewers, Friends of PIJAR TV, who have provided support in any form, so that we can continue to stay on air and be the Light of Indonesia.

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Update posted by YAYASAN PELAYANAN MEDIA INDONESIA On Aug 22, 2019

Support & Donate PIJAR TV!

It’s time to be courageous.

We are proud of so many varieties of Christian channels in Indonesia, yet for us, in the midst of what is going on in the country, it’s not enough. We do need more courage added to all the Gospel proclaiming content that we broadcast.

Indonesia is now in the stage of needing the proclaimed and declared Gospel. A lot of things had been going on. Polemics regarding politics and religion is reigning and confusing this nation. A lot of extremists are now on the verge of anger, since the government is trying to enforce justice. For example, one of the most controversial issues happening that create a lot of negative impact is the dismissal of one of the largest religious NGO in Indonesia.

But in the midst of all these, all we see is AN OPPORTUNITY TO ENLIGHTEN THE NATION.

  • Discipleship :
    All these events trigger us to see that this is an opportunity be the channel of Gospel that disciple and serve Indonesia through the broadcast of television programs that ignite the light (the Truth) in every soul that are watching. We aim to disciple Indonesia through broadcast contents that is based on the teaching of God’s Word – that forge / incuse the audience’s understanding of the truth and acknowledgement of God.
  • Build relationship :
    Discipleship is not one way. That is why as we are broadcasting, we follow up all those who are contacting us through our response center with the mission of focusing on the spiritual growth of all those who are looking for answers through our response center.
  • Surprisingly, churches all across Indonesia are growing bigger and bigger. Christian institutions and ministries are popping up and have wider freedom to create a lot of programs. Yet, we are disconnected with the reality that this nation needs to learn the Truth and to be disciples.

So here we are working inwardly and outwardly.

INWARD : equipping local church and Christian community

Inwardly, we are moving around, going to Christian institutions to be aware of how powerfully Gospel can be delivered through media and dare them to bravely use this media platform in fulfilling The Great Commission, by using chaos that’s going on in Indonesia as a call of action. OUTWARD : equipping the audience with the truth.

Outwardly, we create content prototypes that are:

1. Contextual to the culture and needs of the audience

2. Introduce Christ to those who are still in the dark
3. Deepening faith and lead to maturity in Christ
4. Answers audience’s spiritual interest questions
5. Answers misunderstandings regarding our faith
6. Calling Christians to work where God is moving in bringing the lost to Christ

This is a Non-Profit Foundation established back in the end of 2016 that meant to be functioned as a vehicle that its main focus is to operate an 24/7 Christian Channel, broadcasted on Satellite D-Palapa.

Its mission is to be a pathway for the Gospel to penetrate Godly Character into each life and share the gospel throughout the remotest areas in Indonesia.

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