Phoebe’s Treatment Fund

Phoebe’s Treatment Fund is for Phoebe Danielle Lim’s radioactive iodine treatment on the first week of October. Phoebe just turned 18. She was diagnosed of papillary thyroid adenocarcinoma before her birthday last August 17. She already had total thyroidectomy as part of her treatment plan last August 19. As the mass on her thyroid was found to have metastasized into her other glands, she needs to undergo radioactive iodine treatment to kill all other cancer cells that might still be in her body. We need help in raising funds for her hospitalization and treatment. Phoebe or Kibbie as she is fondly called by everyone who is close to her is a soft-spoken, fun-loving and “kikay” girl, who is a very responsible daughter. She has not started her college education yet because of some financial difficulties (caused by her mom’s illnesses), but she has never complained about this. Instead, she acts as the glue that holds our family together. She takes care of her younger siblings and our home. She has even found ways to earn money and help with the day-to-day expenses. Because of her generous nature and loving heart, it is very hard to see her suffering right now. Although she has faced her illness with courage and strength, we can just imagine what she must be feeling inside. So, we would like to make an appeal to your kind hearts to please help us raise funds for Phoebe’s treatment. Aspiring to become an artist, she still has a … Continue reading Phoebe’s Treatment Fund