Percy Piglets – Hog Charge 2019

Update posted by Erin Allan On Jan 21, 2019

They did it! The Piglets have once again had an amazing Hog Charge- thanks in Large part to their donors!

What a day it was. We think the hardest Charge yet as the course was much more crowded and there were more than 150 teams this year. There was not a cloud in the sky as the Piglets set out- with nervous energy and lots of excitement and loaded up with Dextrose. The boys delegated responsibilities- important to know everyone's strengths and weaknesses when every minute counts. They set off with gusto and determination- see their start here!

The course had changed considerably- including a new Bike Pit- a moto cross course the boys had to do at their first check point. And unfortunately, a lot more fences- poor Lyndon got zapped pretty badly early on but they did learn their lesson. All the participating schools sponsor checkpoints so they kept hydrated and fed throughout.

It was very difficult this year to stay off the forbidden "Red Roads' but the boys stuck to the rules and stayed at least one meter off- pedalling through thick grass and lots of gullies.

Two cars of parents struggled to keep pace with the boys, following them on their route. The Piglets kept a good pace throughout the morning.

On their last checkpoint, Lyndon had lots of debris in his eye and Jake, Tor and Angus zipped off while he was still getting treated by the First Aid team but to their surprise, Lyndon beat them to the check point! They were so happy to be done in such good time and all together and in one piece. They zoomed off to the Gauntlet to get in early and made great time. The loudspeaker announcers encouraged the crowds to cheer them on as they were the biggest fundraisers (or so we thought!) which motivated them greatly! See their gauntlet here.

The whole team was shocked to find out that the boys had won the Gauntlet in the Under 14 Boys division as they should have been competing as Under 12s. Seems like there's always some sort of administrative glitch in prize giving but they were pleased nonetheless.

The boys were hoping to raise the most money as they have the last two years and were shocked to find another team had raised $4970 beating them to first place. (One of the PIglets commented - 'But how did they do that- they are so tiny!') But they were thrilled nonetheless to get a lovely trophy for Second Place and so happy that so much money was raised for the Hog Charge team.

The Piglets had a fabulous day and are so grateful to you, their sponsors, for all your help in making it happen. They worked so hard to do their best, raise loads of money and have a lot of fun. Thanks again for your support in what will be another day of happy and proud memories! Lots of love from the Piglets!

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Update posted by Erin Allan On Jan 10, 2019

The Piglets had a great time at their Lemonade sale on Sunday- raising an impressive $480! They worked hard marketing to passers by (with the help of some very enthusiastic friends) as well as reaching out to neighbours and friends.

The Piglets also held a bake sale at school. They are very excited for next weekend! Thanks again for your support- the Piglets are working hard to make you proud!

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From Roses

Robert Siegert

Backed with $75.00 On Jan 12, 2019


Good luck Angus and your team.... ride hard and have fun....And Thankyou All


Backed with $200.00 On Jan 07, 2019


Go Percy Piglets... xx

Tara Savage

Backed with $100.00 On Dec 28, 2018


Philippa + Maxi Cohen

Backed with $50.00 On Nov 24, 2018


Jeremiah Hallisey

Backed with $250.00 On Nov 20, 2018


Good luck Lyndon!

Melissa Darker

Backed On Nov 20, 2018 Amount Hidden


good luck to you Jake and your fellow team members


Backed with $350.00 On Nov 18, 2018


Thanks for honoring the environment, Piglets. Ride hard and fast!

Katharine Beckwith

Backed with $100.00 On Nov 16, 2018


Go Piglets! Good luck! Lots of love Coco, Fudge, Sky and Mini xxxxx

Marina Stewart

Backed with $120.00 On Nov 12, 2018


Go get'em, Tor! - Holly, R.L., Matilda Hooker

Rodman Hooker

Backed with $150.00 On Nov 10, 2018

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