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Update posted by Peddie Crew Team Parent Volunteers On Apr 16, 2017

Saturday, April 1: Blair @ Home (Mercer Lake, West Windsor NJ)


Wednesday, April 5: Hill @ Home (Mercer Lake, West Windsor NJ)


Saturday, April 8: Overpeck Regatta @ Overpeck County Park, Ridgefield NJ

FROM COACH GRUDT: We went to Overpeck Park in hopes of gaining some race experience and competing against crews with a range of abilities. We came away with two damaged boats and a lot of stories about wind and rocks and perseverance. There were lessons learned about rowing in strong cross-winds and race experience was gained. Even the novices, whose races were canceled, learned about de-rigging and loading boats on the trailer for away races. We all experienced the typical “hurry up and wait” feeling of a regatta with unpredictable weather delays. How to manage that and be ready to race when the time comes is a lesson in itself.

With two athletes doubling between the 2Varsity and 1V while two team members take a break to manage some injuries, we weren’t at full strength in that event. It will be interesting to see how much of the 16 second gap the 1V can make up the next time they see Blair Academy.

I give all of the athletes and coxswains a lot of credit for using common sense under questionable conditions. Results can be found, with many inaccuracies due to the floating starts and other factors at the finish line.

FROM COACH MURTAUGH: Conditions: sunny, 52 degrees, 15mph NW wind-strong cross-headwind with chop

Given that both our spring trip and dual race against Blair were canceled because of bad weather, I’m grateful to have at least some of our boats get the opportunity to race. That being said, the wind conditions at the Overpeck Regatta were challenging, prompting the cancellation of all the novice and small boat events.

Larger regattas often race heats and finals; in this race, entries were randomly drawn into “one and done” flights. With floating starts, and strong variable winds, it’s impractical to compare times between heats, even when the times are posted. Note: At the time of this writing, official times in the varsity A flight were not yet available.

Given we’ve had scant opportunity to boat four fours in practice, our two JV entries were boated evenly this week to balance the experience level in each entry so that they might better handle the difficult conditions. Both crews raced well, with our B entry winning their flight, and our A entry finishing second. Our varsity fours, after a lengthy delay, also successfully battled the conditions as well as their opponents, with our B entry finishing a close second but edging Blair’s first four. Our Varsity A entry won their flight in the next race.

I’m proud of how the team handled the delay and battled in the windy conditions. Two firsts and two seconds is a good first step into our season. We’ll look to build on these achievements when we face Lawrenceville on Wednesday. Full results, although they contain some omissions and inaccuracies, are here .

Wednesday, April 12: Lawrenceville/Brown Cup @ Home (Mercer Lake, West Windsor NJ)

FROM COACH GRUDT: Thank you for your food support and cheering again yesterday. I'm not sure the kids quite realized what it meant to win The Brown Cup until they read the trophy and saw that Peddie has only one it five times and tied once in the 24 year history of the event! The last time was in 2009. The special thing about yesterday's win was that it was the result of success in both the boys' and girls' first and second varsity boats. I can't remember the last time that the boys beat Lawrenceville in either of those events. The trophy is a points trophy that counts the combined results of both boys and girls together.

Conditions:6-12 mph wind swinging from WSW to WNW (tailwind).Sunny, 68 degrees

Comments: Peddie last won the Brown Cup in 2009.A points trophy, the Brown Cup is contested in eight events, the boys’ and girls’ 1V Four, 2V Four, 3V Four and Novice Eight. Under the new points system established last year, Peddie won the Cup with a score of 48 to 44.

Racing began with the Novice Eights. This was the first time most had tried to start from a fixed start bridge, which requires backing skills. After several failed attempts, all three crews got locked on and began their race. Just as Lawrenceville began to get their bow ball in front of the pack, one of their rowers caught a major crab causing the boat to stop. Our novices seized the opportunity to take the lead until the 1000 meter mark at which point Lawrenceville got themselves re-organized and one of our girls’ oars came out of the oarlock. Lawrenceville came back for the win. Our novices have only rowed for about three weeks. It was great to see them row all eight the whole way down the course! Our 3V* had some steering issues off the start veering into Lawrenceville’s 4V.All three crews restarted from about 150 meters into the course and successfully reached the finish line without further incident. The 2V and 1V led from the start consistently opening their respective leads the whole way down the 1500 meter course.

All of the girls raced hard and maintained their technique as consistently as I have seen yet this spring at full pressure. The conditions were bumpy and challenging but much more manageable than last weekend. .Everyone did a great job today. Special kudos go out to the boys’ 1V and 2V for beating Lawrenceville in two very close races.


Mercer Lake Conditions: sunny, 65 degrees 8-13mph northwest wind, building throughout racing, changing from a fast, flat tail to kind of bumpy by the end of things. Order of racing: 3v, 2v, 1v, 4v

Novice 8: Lawrenceville B stopped when an oar popped out of their oarlock around 150 meters; then Peddie had an over the head crab which stopped them dead for a bit as well. Both continued down the course with Lawrenceville A in a commanding lead. Given the amount of water time our novice have had thus far (not much) they made it through their first race a little bloodied, but will be better prepared for their next trip down the course.

4V: Raced hard and well, considering very little preparation in the four, but were outmatched by a physically stronger and deeper Lawrenceville squad.

3V: Went toe-to-toe with the Big Red for the first three minutes, with barely a seat separating the crews. With a little over 500 to go Lawrenceville pressed out to a few seats lead which they extended in the last 250.

2V: I don’t think more than a couple of seats separated the crews in the early going of the race. Peddie pressed at about the two minute mark earning nearly a length, but Lawrenceville hung on, steadily making up ground until they mounted a furious charge in the last 250 which Peddie resisted, pushing back out to the final margin of about four seats.

1V: An oddly similar race to the 2v. Peddie pushed out to a couple of seats very early, with the Big Red pressing back during the settle. Both boats were level until the two minute mark, when Peddie moved out to a 4-5 seat lead. Lawrenceville stopped the move and came back strongly in the last 250, an effort we were able to match to get the win by the narrowest of margins. It was kind of bumpy in the last 500 for the 1V and 4V fours.

Peddie wins the Brown Cup, a joint point trophy with the girls, 48-44, for the first time since 2009. Today is the first time a Peddie 1V has defeated Lawrenceville in at least 12 years. I’m proud of the way everyone raced and otherwise conducted themselves today.

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