PayPal Fundraising

GoGetFunding allows you to create a personal fundraising page and connect your PayPal account. Once connected, you can easily share your page and accept donations directly into your PayPal!

Create your Page & Connect Your Paypal Account!

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Benefits of connecting PayPal to GoGetFunding:

Crowdfund Anything! Causes, People & More!

Your own personal fundraising coach

No Penalties for Missing a Goal

Ongoing Access to Funds

Mobile Friendly

Safe and Secure

Easy 4 Minute Setup

Set a Time-limit or Don't

Customise Your Page

Proven Platform - Millions Raised!

Global, Multi-Currency Platform

Spread Fundraising Tasks: Assign Team Members

Privacy & Campaign Password Protection Options

Instantly Show Appreciation: Customize Automatic Donor Emails

Embed Beautiful Campaign Widgets

Accept Donations Instantly

Collect & Download Donor info

And much more!

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explainer video

GoGetFunding is humbled to have helped people from all over the world raise money for what matters to them most. Watch our explainer video and read some of the heart-warming testimonials we’ve received.

Prevent Fundraising Interruptions:

Lift receiving limits

PayPal can limit accounts that experience a sudden influx of money. Make sure you lift receiving limits on your account beforehand.

Upgrade your PayPal account

Upgrade to a Premier or Business PayPal account (both free) to ensure donors can pay with credit & debit cards in addition to PayPal.

Manage currencies

Make sure that the currency you raise money is in enabled in your PayPal account.

Final 5 PayPal Fundraising Tips


To connect your PayPal account, your PayPal needs to be verified. So make sure you add your bank account and verify that it’s yours.


If you’ve setup a new PayPal account, make sure you click the email verification link they send when you first register. That step can be easy to miss!


Consider connecting one of our other payment processors to your page so those that don’t like PayPal (there are a few!) have another checkout option. You will see available payment processors when creating your page based on your location.


Visit your GoGetFunding dashboard and personalize donor checkout with custom messages to help increase donations!


Reach out to your GoGetFunding fundraising coach to get tips on raising more money based on your campaign.