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Update posted by Sarah Morgan On Feb 20, 2018

Well unfortunately Todds time home was cut short, he was only able to be home for a couple days and had to be taken by ambulance back to the hospital. He has been here in ICU for a few days now, and at this point the news is probably more grim than anything. The cancer is now forming fluid in his only lung. And his consistant bouts appear to be him having an allergic reaction to the chemo/immuno. At this point they are not able to get him strong enough to go through treatment regimines and the combo they had started was what would be the best for his type anyways. So unfortunately it is appearing more and more the discussion is shifting more to a comfort care then a treatment care. I am not really sure of much more than that. He has been a little delerious from all of the meds they have been having to put him on, but the time I have and have had with him is a gift that I will never forget.

Update posted by Sarah Morgan On Feb 01, 2018

Todd was admitted back into the hospital a few days ago. I am sure that this is normal in the grand scheme of how these things seem to go, but it seems again like we were able to receive both good and bad news/reactions, but the fact that there was some good mixed in there makes it a little better I have to say.

They were able to stop his bleeding issues, and even able to work out a "correct" dose for him to start back on a regimine of blood thinners, which he needs to be on to control the blood clots he already has in his lungs, and prevent him from forming any more hopefully.

They did find some fluid in his right (only) lung this trip. The initial thought to this is the begining of pneumonia. So since being admitted they have been keeping him on IV anti-biotics. which may be of help to the "unknown" spot in his right lung. They are still unsure as to what exactly this spot is (abcess, infection or ??).

His blood counts (platlets, WBC, etc} are still not where the doctors are wanting to see them right now, so it has been pretty much daily transfusions. He has been tolerating these very well so far. Due to his levels and condition right now his scheduled chemo/imuno treatment for today is being postponed until possibly next week.

His bouts with mental confusion have been continuing, actually increasing at a pretty rapid rate lately it seems actually. Just this morning they tested him and while they were both able and needed to adjust his oxygen needs, it appears that he may be retaining a little to much CO2. That could be at the very least a partial explination to these occurances. So we will wait to see what possible explinations or actions we will need to address to help him out with this.

During this stay he also met with a new doctor. while I think knowledge of what is going on is in most cases the best course of action, and a necessary thing. This visit did not help Todds emotional state. In this consultation it was made clear the limitations of his treatment. Todd now has been processing the knowledge that the type of cancer he has cannot be cured, that there is no chance of remission. There however can still be time, all of this can slow the progression of his condition.

Thank you to everyone that is following his care, and for all of the thoughts and prayers. Life is precious, and made more so with the love and support of you all!

Update posted by Sarah Morgan On Jan 03, 2018

Another doctor appointment done, yesterday was our visit with Todds new internist. So it appears that his blood pressure is about under control, yeah, no more wondering if that was going to be the cause of another heart attack. His blood sugar is not doing to bad, but will need to be monitored closely, especially on days he eats more. They did however get very concerned about his oxygen levels, they have dabbled with the thought of putting him on oxygen, but it has never been to the point that a requirement was necessary. Well that changed today, his levels were not getting out of the 70's and he was struggling to breathe. By the time we got home from his appointment, the home health delivery was on its way, now that was service.

Today, I am updating you all while here in his recovery room waiting for him to get back from his procedure. He is having a port put into his chest, that is going to be such a help onging not having to be stuck all the time for blood work and putting in IV's for chemo and such. He has been so "dry" lately that finding his veing have been harder than normal. They did however make the decision to place it into the left side of his chest (which this Dr said he does not prefer as it is not as "good") but the possibility of starting radiation on his right side to maybe "blast" the tumor there a bit and allow for more air movement makes this the best option.

So all in all the past couple days could have been worse, but he was definitely wanting to avoid carting oxygen tanks. I would have to say that the most disturbing thing that has been surfacing at alarmingly more frequent intervals is the mental confusion. It frustrates him so much when it happens.


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Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Faith and family will guide you through this difficult time. Love, Kevin and Sandy Morgan

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Support here from Missouri!! Funds raised so far (2 day time span) from the awareness merchandise! :)

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You are such a generous, kind person. Thank you for all your help! Words cannot express how grateful we are for your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much!.

Sarah Morgan

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