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Update posted by Panquake Community On Oct 01, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

Our September public delivery event is available to watch now and contains some HUGE news about the progress of the Panquake build that YOU are helping to make happen!!

Panquake developers have successfully parsed and validated encrypted messages between users through the Panquake network!

This is the latest exciting leap forward in a string of key development milestones that Panquake has been achieving since launching its coding phase in June.

At the delivery meeting, Suzie Dawson presented an overview of Panquake development activities throughout 2021, showing how what was merely an idea back in January, has become a working prototype by only September:

In Suzie’s Twitter thread recapping the delivery, you can read a short synopsis of the revelations from the delivery meeting, featuring new slides outlining major progress on various aspects of the project including:

* An overview of where we're presently at with funding, BETA development, infrastructure, marketing & rollout planning
* This month's production metrics including revealing that Panquake is authoring it's own messaging protocol (tech-minded folks will know this is very significant and super cool)
* A breakdown of the 8 compartmentalized microservices Panquake is building, in order to have the most secure, scaleable and extensible network for our users possible
* An open letter from Panquake and Talk Liberation team member, Taylor Hudak

Talk Liberation Fueling Panquake

Dawson also announced the donation of several thousand dollars of subscription fees from paid subscribers to Panquake's popular weekly Netpolitics publication Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Report.

This means Panquake supporters who subscribe to Talk Liberation are directly helping the Panquake build!

Metrics for Talk Liberation show good organic growth, strong conversion and content opening rates by recipients.

An important second income stream for Panquake, Talk Liberation helps our community (and ourselves!) become more educated about and stay up to date with their topics of interest while helping to sustain the Panquake build.

it's a win-win!

Talk Liberation Expanding Into Exclusive Data Journalism Investigations

Soon, Talk Liberation will expand beyond its original incarnation as an aggregated news service, with the launch of Talk Liberation Investigates. Sean O'Brien, Panquake Chief Security Officer and Suzie Dawson will bring our community exclusive data journalism investigations based on primary source material.

That means big scoops - 'firsts', helping to enhance public understanding about critically important issues. And if you've already subscribed to Talk Liberation, you'll get access to Talk Liberation Investigates by default!

Panquake nearing the Phase 2 Funding Target

With 85% of the Phase 2 Panquake Funding target of $167,000 now reached, it’s vital to push through the remainder and complete the phase.

Hitting 100% on this target will trigger the launch of Phase 3 - the third and final funding round for the Panquake BETA application.

With several batches of BETA users already approved to be part of our Team of 5,000 we know many of you are chomping at the bit for Panquake to be delivered and so are we!

Phase 3 is what will allow us to hire the customer support, technical support and content moderation staff that we will need in order to administer and maintain Panquake to the professional standard that our users deserve.

The more that our community - this means YOU! - helps us to spread the message that Panquake is important to support and is coming, the faster we will hit those final milestones and be able to deliver this next generation social media application to the world!

Please consider donating today, sharing Panquake videos and social media posts all over the internet (not just Twitter or Facebook, where it is often shadow banned content, but spreading the word via email, SMS, news groups or directly by word of mouth!)

This amazing crowdfunded project has come so far and with a big concerted push over the next couple of months, together we will get this across the line and have something to feel super proud about having achieved for many years to come.

One of our community members once commented “One day we will be telling our children about these donations” and they’re absolutely correct.

We’ll be saying “we supported Panquake when it was still being built” and in doing so, we are supporting privacy, user autonomy, and internet freedom in an age where all are facing grave threats.

Panquake is the solution we all need, and it’s all of us that are bringing it into the world!

With love,

- The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Sep 03, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

Talk Liberation continues it’s culture of transparency in our August campaign update for PANQUAKE

This month we take a closer look at how the demand for a messaging service shaped by users & not driven by advertisers has morphed from a handful of volunteers to a dynamic independent company building a new online community space. Despite the efforts of Big Tech to slow us down, Panquake remains on track, now enrolling selected members for our BETA phase! We cover off what’s still to do, how we will do it and how you and all of our Panquake community can help. This is truly a co-operative effort and it’s the determination of people like you to be allowed to control your own narrative that will help to shape our work and get this project over the line.

BETA applications have been pouring in and although we anticipate a months-long process to vet all 5,000 participants, the first batch of approvals is already underway and notifications will be going out to the selected users in the next few days! If you haven't already, apply to join our BETA Team of 5,000 here

See how advertising-free, next generation messaging can become a reality

* Watch the August monthly delivery meeting video on Vimeo here or on You Tube here

* Read and share this tweet thread about major aspects of the delivery content

PANQUAKE going green

A bastion of internet freedom but equally importantly, a country that runs on 100% renewable, sustainable green energy, ICELAND is the home of Panquake, where all our data and services are hosted and operated from. Giving you the confidence that we have a long term and sustainable plan for hosting our platform - and one that contributes to a better, greener future for social media.

PANQUAKE campaign progress

This month's campaign statistics demonstrate a total recovery from the losses we incurred due to PayPal's withholding of our campaign donations and we are back into the green thanks to all of your support! We are also now employing 9 full time staff, who are stepping on the gas to speed the build of Panquake forward at an ever-increasing pace.

PANQUAKE production progress

Development of our software took another leap forward in August, as reflected in our Production Metrics. In particular, the design of a suite of microservices which will deliver key application data to our users is another notch on our bona fide geek belt. Our microservices compartmentalize and secure critical data, making the program more operationally sound and safe, as well as making Panquake more easily scalable and extensible when supplying services to ever larger numbers of users.

We also have been producing and polishing architectural documentation to a very high standard, which will eventually be included in our technical white paper upon release of our BETA!

TALK LIBERATION - Why did we create it, Who is reading it and What is it reporting on?

We care about our users and listen to them. Some people asked why Panquake launched a news service in the middle of a software development project! A valid question, so we discussed the many reasons Talk Liberation serves our community as well as enhances Panquake, at the August delivery meeting.

It's all about educating our community - but more, it's about educating ourselves. Because we must stay on top of the problems, in order to be able to engineer the solutions. And it's also fortifying PANQUAKE - providing additional income streams and channels for the financial support required to complete this project and deliver Panquake into your hands. Subscribe to Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Report today and you will receive articles and videos with really high production value covering the most important news that Panquake users need to know and care most about. News that is too important to paywall - so we haven't - but for those wanting to provide recurring financial support to Panquake on a monthly or yearly basis, this is a great way to do it.

The Most Transparent Project Ever

Because you are collectively funding Panquake, and Panquake is funding Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Report, we want you to be a part of watching the growth of what we’ve built together.

As August was our first full month of publishing, we've compiled the performance metrics for the publication into a handy new chart. With $0 P.R. or marketing spend, and promoted only by word of mouth on social media, here's where we're at after our first month:

Any digital marketing person will tell you that a 11.9% conversion rate - especially on a platform where it is entirely voluntary to pay anything at all - is phenomenally high. Even 5% would be considered extremely high, so our 11.9% is simply off the charts! As is our 29% opening rate for our content. This means we are getting the right product to the right audience and that is why they are so highly engaged in consuming the content as well as feeling motivated to provide the financial support necessary to secure this unique and important news service into the future.

This is an amazing start to what we hope will become the go-to platform for relevant and trustworthy news about the internet issues that affect us all. Including:

There is some super worrisome news out in the world right now which will have dire impacts on internet and social media users, as well as on civil liberties, human rights and freedom of communication.

The landscape is changing fast, from only seven months ago when we first launched this campaign, to what we're seeing unfold around us all as we write this. In an age where many are prevented from organising in physical spaces to influence policy and society in a positive way, having online spaces where we can organise effectively is more important than ever.

There are some really important conversations to be had about this and PANQUAKE will increasingly become a facilitator of those in the months to come. Watch this space.

The final phase of our fundraising campaign is nearing - at 83% of Phase Two the transition to Phase Three, the Delivery Phase is in sight. We need all of your help to get us there and the sooner we get there, the better for all of us. Please consider donating here and spreading the word about the opportunity that Panquake is, to as many people as you can, as regularly as you can. We are just regular people up against powerful corporations and interests, but together we are strong. We need advocates and evangelists to light our way through to the final phase so that we can look back proudly on what we have built together, and provide this vital communications tool to generations to come.

Thank you so much for all you do!

- The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Aug 07, 2021

Dear Community - this is your chance. Please grab it while you can!

Shape the Social Media future you want - applications are now open for the PANQUAKE ‘Team of 5,000’ Beta Users

Wow, great start guys - at last weekend's public delivery meeting we put out the first invite for BETA users, and applications came flooding in. So many of you are keen to work with us in the pre-launch phase, making sure Panquake is the best it can be, before we open it up for public use. To those very early adopters, woohoo, great to have you on board!

We are selecting BETA users now because we have almost completed our Phase 2 fundraising & then we’ll move into the 3rd & FINAL phase which will activate the BETA launch.

If you haven’t applied to be a BETA user yet and using an independent platform that doesn’t collect or sell your data matters to you (did we mention no paid advertising either?) then get in contact here. Successful applicants to the Team of 5,000 will become the first people in the WORLD to get to use the application. Your feedback will help us to polish Panquake into the gem we know it will be.

If, like us, you want to get your hands on Panquake NOW then push this project along faster by donating here and helping to spread the word about this vital next generation solution: bring your friends and family up to speed by sharing this opportunity via your usual channels.

It is such exciting times for us here at Panquake and we know so many of you are feeling the excitement too.

Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible journey and empowering our hardworking team to deliver Panquake into your waiting hands!

More soon,

- The Panquake Team


Does this mean there will be no Beta until you raise $500K?

Steven Greenberg

Update posted by Aug 08


What to do if you’re not selected after applying?

Vincent Germain

Update posted by Aug 07

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Aug 01, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

TONIGHT Panquake mark their sixth public delivery event with arguably the most exciting announcement since the campaign launched back in January: Panquake is inviting supporters to join the Panquake BETA Team of 5,000!

In only a few hours from now, Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson will unveil all the key details of Panquake's BETA release plans at the regularly scheduled July monthly delivery meeting, which will be published on Vimeo.

A press release published on teasing the delivery gives a taste of some of the information that will be in tonight's announcement:

Thousands of supporters of next generation social media platform PANQUAKE are being invited to apply to join the BETA release of the blockchain-based short messaging service... Members of the public who apply will be vetted and hand selected by the PANQUAKE team to fill 5,000 BETA user spots, earning early access to the platform as well as a lifetime membership rate of only $3 per month.

Founder Suzie Dawson said: “It is thrilling to announce that we will be inviting our community to apply to participate in the PANQUAKE BETA. This moment marks a significant milestone in the development of a sorely needed solution in the social media space. In keeping with our Proof of Authority blockchain consensus model, those who are selected will form the trusted core of the PANQUAKE network. This will provide the peer-to-peer foundation upon which millions of users will later be able to publish their content to the PANQUAKE blockchain.”

The following infographic accompanies the announcement and outlines:

  • The Release Pathway for four iterations of the PANQUAKE application, from v1.0 BETA through to the v2.0 Full Public Release
  • The different user groups that will have access to each of the releases
  • The approximate schedule and pre-conditions for releasing each version of the Panquake application

Dawson will present much more information at the meeting including the most important detail of all - how users can apply to be part of the BETA! Stay tuned for a follow-up campaign update once the event video is published so you can be a step ahead of the crowd!

And of course, you can help speed the delivery process up by donating to get Panquake's groundbreaking social media innovations to the public more swiftly.

Exciting times!!

Big love from all of us here working for freedom of communication, every day!

- The Panquake Team


So freakin awesome!

Sean Barry

Update posted by Aug 01


Awesome .. and a big thank you to all the programmers and others who are making this happen!

Merwin Abbott

Update posted by Aug 01

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Jun 27, 2021

Dear Panquake Community;

We want YOU to be the most informed community in the world about the issues - user privacy, censorship, big tech manipulation, data security, law impacts and more - and the solutions Panquake provides.

That's why we're launching TALK LIBERATION - Your Worldwide Internet Report - a brand new Substack newsletter and video series starring up and coming online journalist Taylor Hudak, recapping the most important internet headlines around the globe in just a few minutes of your time.

Your Worldwide Internet Report is hot, fresh, quality information from unimpeachable sources produced at a high professional standard: check out the 1-minute promo below!

For a tiny $5 per month (or a discounted rate of $50 per year!) your Talk Liberation Substack subscription will give you a role in shaping your own future, not allowing greedy social media corporates to treat you and your data simply as a profit centre.

This news is too important for us to lock it behind a pay wall - so we haven’t. However, those who elect to join the Talk Liberation Community are the engine that will keep this machine running

Every week you will receive 2 updates to your inbox:

  • A news article covering the week’s developments in the online world
  • The latest episode of our headline news show Talk Liberation
  • Occasionally, we will post special guest interviews or other bonus content.

Be counted. Subscribe Now - you choose what you can afford.

And best of all, by subscribing to Your Worldwide Internet Report you will be indirectly supporting Panquake - the solution we are all waiting for!

Join the Talk Liberation Community

Your subscription is your ticket to the Talk Liberation Community. Be part of a community of people who share your interests. Talk with them directly & get straight answers.

As a member of our Community, you can interact with Taylor and our team directly via the Community section of our Substack page - Give feedback, ask questions, share your thoughts and be part of a community of people who know how important it is to stay connected

Take the first step towards a better internet for all of us.

Talk Liberation - Your Worldwide Internet Report is brought to you by We Don’t Hope, We Build!

It is also being rolled out this week in additional languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Norwegian!

Oh - and did Panquake deliver at it's 5th monthly Public Delivery Event last night? Oh yes we did!!!

In fact, in June we surpassed May's progress in every single metric:

In May we promised that coding of the Panquake application would begin June 5th - we hit that target early and incredible progress is being made on the build:

As always, we'll keep you updated!

In the meantime, head over to our Substack and see what's on offer in this coming week - subscribe, and spread the word about this one-of-a-kind social media and internet news service!

Big love and well wishes,

- The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Jun 25, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

We’re so disappointed to tell you that since May 13th, 2021 PayPal has failed to transfer to Panquake any of the donations received by them on our behalf. We have tried & tried to get this sorted, but it looks like another case of sabotage - clearly there are players who don’t want to see Panquake get off the ground and who don’t respect the will or the sacrifice of our donors.

Our staff have engaged in constant efforts to resolve this issue and our business is in full compliance with all of PayPal’s documented information requests. They've even acknowledged receiving all the information they've requested from us, long since. However, PayPal still will not release our funds to us. Paypal’s processes and explanations throughout this period have been circular, nonsensical, diversionary and remain unresolved.

Thousands of YOUR dollars are being unjustly withheld from us. In order to protect YOU we’ve taken the reluctant but conscientious step of proactively severing our PayPal integration. We’ve done this to ensure that no additional donors are subjected to having their hard earned money seized by a seemingly unaccountable corporation.

For those who have been directly impacted, we will be demanding that PayPal refund all donations that they are withholding and we urge you to contact PayPal and demand restitution.

If they’re not prepared to give us the funds they collected on our behalf, they should at the very least be returning YOUR money to you.

We consider the actions (and inactions) of PayPal to be a direct hit on our ability to pay our staff and progress our build. However, the powers that be will learn that we’re not so easily discouraged and nor is the Panquake Community - that’s you guys!!

We urge you to rally around us and help to share, support and advance our crowdsourced fundraising campaign more than ever before. Let’s double down our efforts and push to our $167,000 target (only $33,000 left to go!!) so that we can move into the third and final phase of our project - the delivery phase!!!

Oh - and you might also want to also let PayPal know how you feel about PayPal’s behavior towards us little people. Pretty poor “service” we’d say.

June Public Delivery Event - Expect Big Things!!!

In brighter news, tomorrow (Saturday June 26th) is our 5th public delivery event and we’ll be coming to you as promised with a ton of exciting updates and some further big announcements.

You can see us on our Vimeo page from around 10.30pm Eastern (7.30pm Pacific). Can’t wait to show you all that our incredible and hardworking team has been up to, plugging away daily to deliver solutions that will transform your online lives! It’ll be a treat and we’re looking forward to it.

Thank you for all your enduring support and know we treasure every kind word as well as every donation you bring in to help progress this project.

Huge love from us to you;

- The Panquake Team


Closed my Paypal Account!

Johan Koeslag

Update posted by Jun 25


I’ll also donate again with a different method.

Bob Maschi

Update posted by Jun 25


15 minutes on the phone. They claim that my $10 payment is in your Paypal account (6-21). They gave me a transaction number (for what, not sure). 5wk78955pd6006542 I suggest you go to your Paypal account and look again. Look for changes. Please contact me with additional info. I can call again.

Bob Maschi

Update posted by Jun 25


I’ll contact Paypal. We have several accounts, since they began.

Bob Maschi

Update posted by Jun 25

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Jun 01, 2021

Dear Panquake Community:

The batter is in the pan and that lovely warm cooking smell is permeating throughout the kitchen!

Thanks to YOU Panquake now has TEN full and part time paid staff working daily to bring you and everyone you love the delicious combination of panquakes and freedom!!!

And that tastiest of treats will be served up with a side of Talk Liberation TV!! What's TLTV?? Read through the following updates to find out!

The May Delivery Event

At last weekend's 4th consecutive public delivery event, Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson presented a mountain of recent technical achievements and progress on the Panquake build. Click here to see all the exciting new announcements to our Community as well as lots of geeky stuff for the tech-savvy!

In her introduction to the event Dawson said: "You're about to see unbelievable progress on the back end build of our application. The reason for that is because of the new hires in May that came from April's amazing fundraising. Those new hires and myself worked every minute of every day to push the development forward, while not cutting any corners! That's why for the first three weeks of May you didn't see much of me in independent media, because we were knuckling down and making sure that this build was pulling together and moving together as fast as possible.”

Speedy Progress Towards Delivery

The results of our team's efforts powered by your support has been spectacular. Because of this amazing people-powered collaboration, Panquake has recently begun showing its user interface and its development progress to a selection of media, influencers and endorsers. Their response? Thrilled by the design quality, excited and enthusiastic about the progress towards the delivery of the Beta.

At the delivery meeting, Dawson issued a major call to action for all Panquake supporters: help hit our current fundraising target by Saturday June 26th so that we can implement the Delivery Phase.

"Once our fundraiser hits 100%, we will be able to hire the remaining devs, we will be able to increase the velocity of our build, and we will be able to, even more excitingly, move into our third and final fundraising phase, which is Phase 3 - where we will be fundraising for the costs of releasing, marketing, and supporting our users in the Beta release. So the sooner we push this fundraiser right now to 100%, the sooner we move into the Delivery Phase for the Beta version of!" Dawson said.

But wait, there's more!

Panquake Spreads Its Wings

Dawson also announced two major new ways that Panquake is going to serve its community and the world - Panquake is establishing investigative journalism platforms to provide global coverage of current affairs relevant to the Panquake community including Big Tech censorship, suppression, surveillance, freedom of speech and freedom of information!

Launching in June, Talk Liberation TV will be a weekly show hosted by the talented and popular independent journalist Taylor Hudak, who serves as Panquake's Digital Media Director. Every week we will publish a long form article on Panquake's Substack and follow it up with our weekly TV show, which will be uplaoded to a wide variety of video platforms.

Taking Us Global

Like our Community, the Panquake team is spread around the globe and is multilingual. We want our content to reflect that, so as part of our internationalization focus all of our digital content will be systematically translated by our foreign language team into:

* Spanish
* Portuguese
* German
* French
* Norwegian
…and eventually, other languages!

YOUR support is what is making this happen for everyone and YOUR support is what is going to push this fundraiser to 100% complete so that together we can move into the delivery phase.

Every effort you make counts, whether it’s donating or simply spreading the word!

We absolutely love hearing from you so please send us your thoughts, feedback, questions and ideas at [email protected] and as always, share this update to give others a glimpse at what is coming!

With our love and appreciation,

The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On May 24, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

Can you smell the butter and maple syrup?

With development of Panquake running ahead of schedule, the team has been sharing the look and feel of Panquake's front end screens as well as its back end progress with selected media, experts and advocates. This is part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and collaboration – Panquake is designed to reflect the needs of the users who comprise our Panquake community so it’s part of our ethos to encourage involvement during every step of development.

What are these previewers saying?

“Amazing”, “absolutely incredible”, “this is going to cause a social media revolution” and from comedian Graham Elwood: “this is going to spread like wildfire!”

So what’s the fuss all about? The functionality (light years ahead of existing channels), the ease of use and the way Panquake respects users, neither collecting nor marketing their data and keeping the platform advertising free.

See details for yourself -

This coming Saturday the Panquake team will post their 4th monthly Public Delivery Meeting, transparently sharing project statistics and production metrics, discussing all the month’s progresses and announcing plans and deliverables for the coming month.

The event will be published to the Panquake Vimeo channel at 9pm Eastern, Saturday May 29th.

Panquake Founder Suzie Dawson said: “Thanks to the support of our Community, our development team is rip-roaring ahead and the progress of Panquake has accelerated so significantly that our supporters can practically smell the butter and maple syrup! As our Lead Developer recently stated in an open letter, we are making good on every promise to our users and doing so ‘without cutting any corners’. This groundbreaking project is everything we hoped, and more.”

Want to use PANQUAKE soon?

Help us move this project on. Donate and join our Panquake Community. We are now at 74% complete on this funding round and your help to achieve our target is vitally important to allow us to move to the next phase!

And remember to share this post, give your family and friends the chance to make a change for the greater good. Take back ownership of your personal communications!

See you this coming Saturday!

- The Panquake Team

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Update posted by Panquake Community On May 06, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

We received an email that you have to see to believe. Because it contains shocking corporate hubris on naked display.

What kind of a company has the audacity to write to its users and tell them not to bother writing back because they won't read it? A kind of company like this, apparently:

The above letter from Twitter related to our having filed a complaint over the arbitrary suspension without reason of the account "Panquake People".

Panquake People was an organising group for ordinary members of the public who of their own volition were supporting Panquake and collaborating to promote our groundbreaking people-powered platform.

But the corporates wanted to squash their voice and have done so, by permanently suspending the Panquake People account and refusing to enter into any further discussion about it.

This letter shocked us for a number of reasons.

1. Twitter is not just attacking Panquake staff, as they have done previously, but now also our supporters

2. Twitter claims Panquake People had "multiple or repeat violations" of its Terms Of Service - this is false. This is the first account suspension and no prior warning was ever received.

3. Despite making allegations, Twitter supplied no evidence whatsoever of any such "violations" of its Terms of Service. So their email amounts to hollow words, from a callous organisation.

4. Panquake People only amplified the voices of ordinary people - it did not post any custom tweets or new content at all and never had. So any infringing content (which we seriously doubt there was any) was via retweet only.

5. The hubris required to ban an account with no evidence and then dictate that the customer cannot even reply to the letter or follow up on the issue in any way, is a shocking lack of transparency and a total abandonment of the democratic value of due process.

What these incredibly poor business practices add up to is that Twitter is running a technological dictatorship. It doesn't have customer service, it has an abuse service! Where you are silenced and then gaslit about the reasons why and deprived of any ability for redress or recourse.

For Panquake staff, this is a Master Class in how to NEVER operate our services.

Registered users on Panquake will enjoy a completely different experience!

We promise:

* The chance to talk to a real person

* No moderation-by-algorithm

* Transparent moderation practices, where content removal, account suspension or banning occurs transparently on the blockchain where all users can inspect our actions and examine our reasoning

* We won't falsely accuse you of actions you did not take - because every public user action will be recorded openly for everyone to see

* We will never tell you that you can't respond to us

You have told us again and again how desperately Panquake is needed in the social media space. But it's more than our product that will be such a warm relief to so many. It is our service.

We promise to serve you, not to just deliver a product then leave you high and dry or hanging on a limb when you need help and answers.

What Twitter is doing to the public is indefensible and there should be accountability. No entity should be able to eradicate people's communication history and harm their relationships arbitrarily, or worse, to lie about it and get away with it. They are blatantly anti-competitive and monopolistic. The public deserves better.

Panquake will usher in a new generation of social media that will put the user back in control. Where the onus is on us, the provider, to account for our actions, and not just on the user to account for theirs.

You are helping us to make that happen, and to bring it about more swiftly by donating to our amazing crowdfunding campaign here.

To all those everyday citizens who were involved in Panquake People only to discover that the avenue has been squashed, we are so sorry that Twitter has silenced your voice in this way. We promise to do much, much better by you than they have.

With love,

The Panquake Team


All social telecommunication platforms MUST be nationalized ! Free speech cannot be "privately" owned !! Public utilities MUST be PUBLIC !!

Roman Bielecki

Update posted by May 07

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Update posted by Panquake Community On Apr 26, 2021

Dear Panquake Community,

Oops, we did it again! Another huge monthly delivery last Saturday night, one you definitely won't want to miss.

Mountains of new content was unleashed including:

* An exclusive look at our gorgeous new range of Panquake merchandise (available for purchase next month!)
* A presentation on all our new downloadable and printable content on our revamped Goodies page (check it out!)
* The unveiling of our new Tech section on our website, packed full of slides and videos
* A sneak peak at some of the commercial-grade back end build of Panquake, including technical documentation

The event also doubled as a skeptic's guide to Panquake - with Suzie Dawson and Sean O'Brien doing an extensive Q+A, answering all the questions that users have been reaching out to us to ask about Panquake.

The feedback since the event has been phenomenal. After reviewing our technical documentation, one viewer wrote on Facebook:

"In my 40 years as a software engineer, I have never had the privilege to work for a management team that has understood these development methods as well as Suzie Dawson does. It is almost enough to make me want to come out of retirement..."

Founder Suzie Dawson said: "It is so validating to receive this kind of feedback from professionals in the field. Multiple times now, we've seen that experts are recognising the level of skill and professionalism being displayed by the Panquake development team. We get why some other people have doubts. Too often startups tell you that they're designing something new and that they can walk on water. So skepticism is rational. Keep firing your questions at us and we are happy to continue to answer transparently and publicly how and why Panquake is different."

You can view the delivery event video on You Tube or here on Vimeo:

With us today breaking the $120,000 mark on the campaign fundraiser, Panquake is super close to completing our Phase 2 funding round. At the delivery event, Suzie Dawson confirmed that there are now four full time paid contractors working on Panquake and one part time paid contractor! All of this is because of the support of you and people like you! You are enabling this game changing solution being brought to us all. Thank you from our entire team for your love and support.

Please help us keep pushing this campaign forward. The sooner we can get this round complete and move into Phase Three, the sooner yummy little panquakes will be in your hands!!!

Encourage everyone you know to support our campaign by donating here. Like clockwork, we will keep delivering for you every single month. Because we are all working together to make this happen, a new social media future is ahead for us all and that is really special!

See you again soon,

- The Panquake Team

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Michael Chapman

Backed with $10.00 On Oct 17, 2021


Supporting free speech and women in media in a sea of censorship. Hear us roar!

Amber King (ROAR Media)

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