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Ohr Otniel is a small yeshiva in Judea, near the holy city of Hebron and the Cave of Machpela, where the Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs are buried. The boarding school serves a diverse student body including boys at risk - students from broken homes or no home, students with learning difficulties or emotional issues that keep them out of mainstream schools.

Ohr Otniel has an amazing record of academic success for even the most challenged students. Simply put, the school transforms lives. The school community is like a family, and for some of the boys it’s the only family they have. Living in the land where Abraham pitched his tent is deeply meaningful to them.

The school is surrounded by Arab villages, most of whose residents are peaceful. However there is a terrorist element which wants to eliminate all Jews from the area. These terrorists are targeting Ohr Otniel!

Within an eight month period, the school’s RABBI, COOK and NURSE were murdered by Arab terrorists!

Avraham Asher Hasno was the beloved school cook, who said “I use a special spice to cook for my kids. It’s called Love.” This doting husband and father of seven young children was ambushed by Arab terrorists in October 2015 on his way to a doctor’s appointment. He was hit by a truck, which then reversed to hit him again, and run over his entire body. The terrorists made a video of the killing, and used it to recruit more murderers to their cause.

The boys were devastated by Avraham’s murder. Imagine the heartbreak when, within eight months of Avraham’s murder, the school’s rabbi and nurse were also murdered.

Dafna Meir, 38, school nurse and mother of six, was stabbed to death in January 2016 at the entrance of her home. She was killed while struggling with the terrorist to protect her children.

A few months after Dafna’s tragic death, Rabbi Michael “Miki” Mark, 48, a father of ten, was killed by a Palestinian gunman as he drove with his family. His wife and two of his children were wounded. Rabbi Mark was the founder of the Ohr Otniel school, and considered it his life’s calling to help at-risk youth.

The students at Ohr Otniel are under siege just for existing.

This is a David and Goliath tale in the land of David and Goliath. Ohr Otniel is determined not to let the terrorists bully them into shutting down. They won't abandon their students, who have nowhere else to go, and they refuse to be driven out of their own homeland by murderous thugs.

This tiny school needs our help desperately. They have to spend so much of their budget on security, there isn’t enough to have a kitchen. The kids - all of whom board there - survive on cold food and sandwiches.



These brave young boys are on the front lines in the fight for Jews to live in Judea. PLEASE HELP THE BOYS. With your help, Ohr Otniel can install a kitchen to prepare fresh, healthy food for the students.


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  • I am praying for the boys and the school.

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  • May God watch over the students and teachers!

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  • Good Luck

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