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We are at war. COVID and the not-a-vax are an attack on all humanity. We are living through an Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Christendom is under full spectrum assault.

In any struggle, the first step is to name the enemy -- globalists (WEF, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, etc.), the Talmudist supremacist faction (Soros et al.) and their Golem servants, the psychopaths. Psychopaths number in the millions, many more than people are aware of. We need to be able to recognize them scientifically.

I have had a blog on psychopathy since 2008, Pathwhisperer dot info. Two of my blog posts: Psychopathy in the Bible, Psychopaths are the consciously and mutually recognized soulless, heart of stone Golem slaves/servants/partners of the Talmudists.

Funding would allow me to 1) pivot my mission to the defense of Christendom (Onward Christian Soldiers), 2) shift my focus to the vax attack on humanity, 3) create daily posts, and 4) pursue a DNA identification of psychopaths, on a full time basis. I am convinced that Joseph Biden, the election thief, is a psychopath (all the lights are on but nobody is home, undeveloped personality, undeveloped boundaries). If we had scientific proof we could force an Art. 25 retirement. I also strongly suspect Fauci is a psychopath (everything is about him, he never apologizes, the scientific method is beyond his arrested development understanding).

Psychopaths are a core support group for the Talmudist supremacist Jews. I believe, but can't prove, that this is consciously recognized by both, indeed that psychopaths are their real life Golem servants/helpers. Indeed I suspect the relationship goes back to ancient Babylonia (the main Talmud is named the Babylonian Talmud).

Hopefully non-supremacist Jews will work towards the same goal as we. In my opinion the Talmudists, their genetic psychopathic members, and their psycho Golem helpers/advisors have in effect formed a suicide pact of great danger to all Jews. But, of course, the non-supremacist Jews may not see it that way, and may choose to circle the wagons around 'their own kind'. Hopefully not.

The vax pushers - the globalists, the Talmudist supremacist faction, the Golem psychopaths - don't share our values. The current Israeli prime minister's, Naftali Bennett, close associate, Rabbi Ben Dahan, stated that "Even gay Jews have superior souls to those of gentiles", 2013, Haaretz. Would they feel justified in enslaving us -- such as by the Covid plandemic and its poison vax (antidote - NAC)? I believe that in other ways they even attack our children, wanting them to grow up gender confused. These are not the values we live by, as Americans or Christians.

They can no longer be allowed to hide their evil behind the holocaust. It's time we untie our hands from behind our backs, in nonviolent struggle.

We need a broad spectrum of Christians uniting in this struggle, of all Christian persuasions. I was raised a Quaker, who are unique in many ways, but I love and follow Jesus to the best of my poor ability, knowing I am weak and cowardly.

Christian warriors, warrioresses, we must stand up for ourselves (nonviolently). Resist the Body Snatchers. Bodily self automomy, self agency are inalienable rights. Please support my effort and join the fight.


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