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We are from South Africa, a country that has become quite popular due to the Nelson Mandela legacy, and we are just over twenty years into democracy.

Our country is very beautiful, to say the least, but it is slowly losing its value due to crime, and believe it or not, even in our national government as we face fraudulent activities like state capture, money laundering, etc.

Poor Governing

The above affects the integrity of governing our country, especially in our political arena (government), and results in poorer conditions at lower levels. When management or in this case our government is compromised, so does the rest depending on it.

The Problem

Now, one of the biggest problem we face in our Neighborhoods & Communities are none other than drug abuse, a well-known pandemic, leaving our poor kids stranded and most of all broken families, etc.

If you visit this link and scroll down you will witness the defect illegal drugs has on our poor addicts ones normal human-beans. We also have to accept the fact that our young children being trapped in the addiction never made it and die as a result.

The Challenge

Our policing system fails us and if Government is doing anything at all, it is hard to say. This pandemic needs to be controlled or completely removed from our society. See South Africa Country Profile on Drugs and Crime. There is no end or hope while we lose people on a daily bases due to illegal drugs

The Solution and how you can help

Our local communities need a decentralize system that will give residence independence, but with one goal in mind and that is effective collaboration with community leaders, who in turn can put forward proposals to the local and national government but at the same time develop stronger ties among each other and gradually clean our communities and restore a culture that holds the promise for prosperity and youth development.

We have already done all the necessary research to give us the ultimate online multi-tenant platform that will have the ability to host any Neighborhood or local Community free of charge. Each Neighborhood or Community will be completely isolated from each other using a trustworthy permission and role system. Features include : Chat Lobby, Online Forum per Community, Organization, Gallery, Post , Album and Photos, Channels, Conversations to keep it short , I might as well say a typical facebook like Social Network but with a bit more controlled features especially Account Manager per Community and the Ability to have our Ward Councillors become more transparent and effective. There is much more.

Our Online Collaboration Platform with the following goals and objectives transform our communities. Key features in our goals are as follows:

  • Decentralized - No government platform
  • Unity in our communities - We need to stand together
  • Transparency - what happens now and where, who's busy with what,t or officials that are taking bribes, maybe take photos of such activities. The list goes on
  • Avoid Nepotism -Ward councilors can share information openly and transparently
  • Community members must be able to engage with our ward councilor and community leaders.
  • Online Forum for more severe discussions
  • Ownership and independence
  • There is more...
Financial Projection
  • Company registration - $49.4 (None Profit)
  • Domain registration - $12.35
  • Cloud Hosting that includes data centers for load balancing, high availability, and scalability - $490/mo (this is with Software Vendor in-house hosting services and a bit too much for me. Alternatives are Linode, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and AWS Amazon. I can have it tailored because it is a start-up and later upgrade. So, $100/mo will do for now)
  • Software Core is free because it is Open Source, but I need a few essential paid modules.
  • Software - Toolbox $29 once-off
  • Software- ScamNet $30 once-off
  • Software - Country, State, and City Location on Profile $10 ONCE-OFF
  • Software installation and upgrades $30: not a must
  • Software Custom work in 3 to 5 days $225: not a must
  • Software Troubleshooting, fixing, and improving your website page load speed $150: not a must
  • Software Messenger $100/year
  • Software Market $50/year: not a must
  • Software Instant Notify $25/
  • Software Mobile and Desktop connector $100/year
  • Software Paid Levels $50/year
  • Software Files $50/year
  • Software Space $50/year

Total required $550.75

Total Not Must $605

Grand Total $1110.75

Any donation help us set this up and may GOD bless you all. Thank you

There will be unforeseen expenditures, but we will be fine and must get all this from the ground.

One last article if not convinced by whats happening in our community.

‘Hopeless’ Eersterust mothers seek divine intervention in the drug war

Fundraising Team

I am just a regular guy who believes that GOD planted an Idea in my head so strong that even after years of research , I am still positive about it.

I am just a regular guy who believes that GOD planted an Idea in my head so strong that even after years of research , I am still positive about it.

  • Shaun Van Schalkwyk
  • Project Manager


  • Gary Sicard
  • Donated on Aug 30, 2023
  • I saw your message on una and I also use una on my molosserdogs community

Sep 03

The sooner we get funds, the sooner we save lifes

Update posted by Shaun Van Schalkwyk at 04:45 pm

We plead to our fellow brothers and sister to help us fund this project. I wish we could say we have deadlines. Well, when funds become available we will draw up a project plan that will guide us through the development, configuration & implementation of our online platform and will

See update
Aug 27

Drugs & Illegal activities - Ultimate System to remove it from our communities

Update posted by Chris Andre Buys at 07:52 pm

Our children are suffering from drug abuse in our communities and we depend on our policing system or government to address these . Please, they do absolutely nothing.The Collaboration Platform will provide the ultimate communication medium that gives access to all communities members to raise their voices. This means they. . . . .

See update

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  • Gary Sicard
  • Donated on Aug 30, 2023
  • I saw your message on una and I also use una on my molosserdogs community



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