Nganya Unlimited: The Kenyan ‘Matatu’ Simulation Game

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Nganya Unlimited is a simulator for Kenya's customized public transport vehicles commonly know as 'matatus' or 'nganyas'.

Kenyan matatus

In Nganya Unlimited, players get to ply Kenya's local routes in their matatus, picking and dropping off passengers and use the money they earn to customize their 'matatus' and add more 'matatus' to their fleet. Some of the game's features include:

Realistic Kenyan maps and environments, authentic Kenyan customizable 'matatus', Swahili speaking conductors, customizable exhaust sounds and a multiplayer race.

I released the beta version of Nganya Unlimited on Playstore in July 2020, and it is currently the top game in Kenya, with 360,008 Playstore downloads as of March 2020. You can download the game from Playstore using this link:

The game has also been received well around the world, with over fifty game play videos uploaded by players from different countries.

I, Allan Kigen, the creator of Nganya Unlimited, am a self taught game developer from Nairobi, Kenya. Ever since I was young, I’ve always been passionate about video games, especially vehicle themed video games. My parents got us our first PC when I was 8 years old and me and my siblings often got into trouble because of playing computer games on school nights. My parents later got me a PlayStation when I was 13, and that fuelled my passion for video games.

My passion for matatus on the other hand began in 2016 when I moved to Rongai. Before moving to Rongai, I lived in Ruiru, and every once in a while I would board a matatu with loud music and be really impressed by it.

One day I met up with a childhood friend, who is also into matatus and naturally we started talking about matatus. I told him about the Ruiru matatus with loud music and he was like: "Hold up man!, you haven’t seen anything yet until you board a Rongai matatu." I didn’t quite get the picture at the time, until later on when I moved to Rongai in 2016. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were walking towards the Rongai stage and the machines I saw just blew my mind! From the graffiti, to the lights, to the music systems, to the rims, to the tv screens, to the tablets, to the tinted windows, to the modified exhausts, to the gaming consoles on-board, to the sunroofs, I had never seen anything like them before. There was even a matatu with a turntable installed onboard, and a dj mixing on it! I later came to learn about the matatu culture in Nairobi and decided that I had to pay homage to it by combining two of my greatest passions, video games and matatus, to make a matatu-themed video game: Nganya Unlimited.

Nganya Unlimited

I’ve been working on the game for two years now by myself, and when you work on a game by yourself, it goes really slow, so I’ve decided to form a game development team consisting of four people who fall into two categories: those that have full-time jobs that they need to support themselves, and therefore do not have much time to work on the game right now and those that don’t have jobs, so they don’t even have enough money for things like food and paying rent. So the reason I’m asking for money is to make sure that everyone in the team survives until we complete the game. I’ll try to keep this campaign interesting with video updates and behind the scenes info on the game’s development. I’d really appreciate anything that you can give to help me out, and even if you can’t afford to give any money, you can help me out just by telling people about this campaign, and about Nganya Unlimited. If I made a lot of money from this campaign, and I could hire everyone full-time, then the development of the game would go way faster, because, you know, everyone has their real lives, and they have to spend their time figuring out how they’re going to support themselves and stuff, so anything you can give will really help.

I am also working on a PC and console version of the game that will be released next year in October.

Nganya Unlimited: PC version

With additional funding, it can also go to other platforms as well. Every backer will get a copy of the PC and the console version of the game once its out as well as a limited edition Nganya Unlimited t-shirt delivered to their doorstep. You will also get your name added to the game’s credits. Thank you for your time and your attention. With your help, Nganya Unlimited can reach its true potential. I’m deeply humbled by this experience, and this chance to talk to you, and I’m incredibly grateful for whatever you guys can provide to help my game. Let’s support video games made by Kenyans, in Kenya, for the world. Thank you, and take care.


Hello! I'm Allan Kigen, a self-taught game developer and 3D artist from Nairobi, Kenya.

Hello! I'm Allan Kigen, a self-taught game developer and 3D artist from Nairobi, Kenya.


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