In Hospice, need to pay off bills for Family, and try to get a car for my kids before I’m Gone.

Update posted by Brian Tolbert On Jan 26, 2016

Before my heart became as weak as it is, and my Arthritis, and Carpal tunnel were so bad, I was a Full Time Artist, and Designer. I did 22 Art shows and events a year, designed advertising, and had a remodeling business. In 2002 after my second of 6 heart attacks, A triple bypass in 2007, and a stroke in 2011. I lost a job working as a Graphic Designer for a firm after the second one. I'm on 18 heart, diabetes, blood pressure, and now water medications to take pressure off my heart. I did Art while I still could until I couldn't hold a brush anymore, and nothing like I did before being stricken, as I went from painting large numbers of pieces down to 1-2 a year, as I don't have the control I once had. I lost the remodeling business between my first and second heart attack, after a client from oversea's refused to pay for electrical and plumbing upgrades required to complete the project due variances and ordinances I told him would be required from the beginning. ($8000), It affected my family, and I greatly, and led to a divorce in the end, she's 8 years younger, and didn't want to be married to someone in a wheelchair or wind up in one, she made that clear, I couldn't blame her, or be mad over it. Since 2003 I've been through problems with a Disability insurance company, that reduced my amount to $300 a month, and Social Security reducing my income $500/ month this last year. After bills, (without paying all of them, just the survival one's and a few small one's since), I live off $140/ month. I gave up my car when I couldn't afford to fix it, if I could get rid of the bills and had some money for a car I could afford it again. Not having one has created problems between my kids and I, since I can't pick them up and do things, as I did almost everyday, even when only a few hours. It's stressing us out, and created communication issues we didn't have before, at a time when my health is failing faster. They're young, 16, and 19. I don't want them to feel guilty for not having much quality time like I have throughout life, as my Mom and Dad fought constantly, and after they divorced I only saw my Dad about 9 times a year before he died. I was 15 when that happened, he was 37. I've been given 6 months to a year, as I've developed type II Chronic Kidney failure since January on top of things, and have been hospitalized with heart failure 9 times since August, on top of all else. I need help so I can leave this place without bills, and to have time with my kids that's meaningful before I go.

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Update posted by Brian Tolbert On Jan 24, 2016

I've been ill with heart problems and diabetes, I'm 100% disabled and can't work, am getting an electric wheelchair. My vehicle died last December, I have little family other than my kids, and can't afford to purchase another without help. I miss going to events, and picking them up. The only person that has a vehicle still is my mom, and she's 30 miles away, and always cancels, as she is having health problems also. And due my health I have bills, both medical and normal I can't meet without a boost. It would mean a lot to me, as I'm at the doctors 3-4 times a week, for treatments, now have a Pict line in for Furosemide in high doses at home, (due my heart not being able to help remove water from my body), and to be able to go see my kids and do things with them. I'm living off $140/month at the moment after paying bills, and won't have anymore coming in until September. I love my kids, and picked them up almost everyday after school, fed them, and did homework with them when I drove, and miss them extremely, as they are all I have. My EF Fraction is down to 9%, and I can't get to easy places to walk like I used to, or run errands without having to beg or schedule transport. I just want some simple used wheels, and to eliminate the debt incurred this last year, so I can have time with my children before it's too late. My son lives with his Mom and Stepdad, and his little brother, and my daughter's going to college now. I can't afford to hire cabs, and the bus stop is too far from where I live. I just want something normal back in my life before it's too late.


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