Need $200 NOW, to get her home. Will Pay Back

Update posted by imajedi On May 26, 2012

it's true. It's the stuff that fairy tales are made of. I went to fix my boss' father's oooold slow computer one night, and met the most amazing girl. I fell in love right then and there, but hid my emotions. She seemed interested, and I was shy..

The thought of not living such a lonely, meaningless existence entered my mind.

So I was in love, I had a crush on this girl, she thought I didn't like her like that because I was so shy, not too talkative, or perhaps too concentrated on fixing this dinosaur computer, something like 200Mhz.

It turns out, the feeling was mutual. I had to go back to Mississippi, for an amazing job opportunity. I had planned on just going back to Oklahoma because that is where my love was.

I worked there for two months before I just couldn't stand it anymore. If I didn't get back to Oklahoma, I might lose her forever.. 

I went back to Oklahoma the day after my birthday, 2011. The next day, the boss picked up my love and brought her to me, and We lived together happily ever after, pretty much.

There is a 2 month gap here, where I was heartbroken, missing how my life was once perfect, and she was 160 miles away. Worst Valentines day ever!

And then I gave the majority of my income tax refund to someone, thinking I was helping them. In reality, they were just very good actors and apparently, I was just fueling their gambling addiction.

Then she came back. I was friggin' broke too. I already had a bus ticket to Florida, was starving from giving away all my money to what I had thought was a charitable cause.. but she still loved me, and I had missed her so much. I tried to make the money to get her a matching bus ticket, perhaps I should have tried this.

So, I was broke, I could not give her the awesome birthday I had planned. Then, on top of that, I had to leave her 2 days later, for a long, sad, lonely bus trip. I feel awful for leaving, but the plan was to make money to get her out here ASAP. We cried, I left her my computer to keep in touch..

The bus was an hour late, and right before I stepped on the bus I get a phone call, someone took my computer from her. This angered me. If I had transportation or wasn't carrying several hundred pounds of stuff, I would have went back to Ponca City and beat somebody down.. and I am a nice guy, I don't fight unless provoked, but I am not provoked, because people can see that they are no match for Jedi (what people call me in Ponca City, OK.) So this was a cheap shot. Jedi is gone, the Dark Side can prevail! I wasn't around to do anything about it.. so tons of bad things happened starting when I left.

Greyhound Travel was the worst imaginable. The worst Greyhound station of all was Atlanta. They didn't even offer to carry my stuff on their rolly-majigger luggage cart.. I carried it inside and sat it down.. got a phone call from my girl, tried to figure out how to buy her a $5 Footlong from Subway from 1000 miles away, via Paypal.. but neither of us could find the phone number to that particular Subway location. This is the last communication I had with her via telephone until last night. Atlanta's Greyhound terminal got me sick in some way. My lungs hurt, been coughing up something odd.., very unpleasant.

Then, I found out where I was headed in Florida. The middle of nowhere. Being sick, depressed, in the middle of nowhere, with no phone reception did nothing for generating any income. I could have meade $2000 by now at the job that I had left for her. Instead, my grandparents taught me how to ebay. I expected ebay to be like it used to be.. Nope, no bid wars, I sold $400 worth of electric bike parts for $80. Not exactly what I had in mind.

So I lose contact with Destany for what seems like a month. Yes, I finally said her name. I have been very worried about her, sad.. I am happy when she's around, but before I met her, I was diagnosed with Severe Depression. Not knowing where she was and if she was safe had a very negative effect on my performance, productivity..

She called me last night. She said If I dont get her out of there before the 1st, Her mom is buying her a ticket to California and she will be stuck out there. I did the research and I can get the plane ticket for one day this week for just over $200. I need to get this money ASAP so I can get this plane ticket ASAP so I can notify her far enough in advance that she needs to get to her cousins house near the airport by tuesday, so she can make the flight. $25 more gets insurance on the flight. I should probably do that too, just incase she has any issues with her luggage, or the flight, or whatever..  I just need to get her out of there ASAP, she will be soooo happy here. It is paradise here, but without her, it is nothing.

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