Help Raise Funds for Nanay Pina’s Hospitalization (Breast Cancer and Heart Attack)

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Patient's Name: Rufina Puno
Hospital: Makati Medical Center
Disease: Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Nanay Rufina Puno at the age of 68 was admitted to the hospital during her 8th radiation session for her breast cancer. Last year, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Colon Cancer and an early stage of Breast Cancer. February 2020 she had a successful Hemicolectomy for her colon cancer and she fully recovered without any complications. She did not get a chemotherapy yet and the doctors targeted to work on her breast cancer next. However, due to the pandemic, she was not able to have her check ups done. She is an HSP (health services program) patient (green card holder for Makati City residents) and the clinic is closed during the lockdown. She was only able to continue her check up and perform the sessions needed months after the lockdown was lifted. However, her breast cancer had progressed to Stage 4 with bone metastasis (cancer cells have spread to the bones). She continued her treatment and during her 8th out of 10 Tomotherapy radiation treatment on November 4th, a day after her birthday, she was rushed into the emergency room due to difficulty of breathing, low oxygen level and high pulse rate. From the ER, she was immediately admitted into a Telemetry room to monitor all her vital signs closely. November 9th, she had a cardiac arrest, and was revived after 9minutes. She is currently in post arrest and needed continuous oxygen to help her breathe because of pleural effusion (water on lungs). As days passed, her body isn't improving, she is in palliative care and we're doing everything to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Thus, we couldn't continue with her breast cancer treatments anymore since she is at high risk if we still proceed. We wanted to bring her home but we were advised of different aspects to consider, one of which is the equipment that she would be needing such as oxygen tank and a BiPap machine. We currently do not have an estimated amount for all of these but her current hospital bill have already reached 380,000 pesos in the last 7 days and still increasing since she is still in critical condition and will need to stay in the hospital for proper care.

Our family is humbly seeking for financial help to provide what my grandmother further needs. If you would like to donate, you may send your donations directly to these bank accounts with the details below. We truly appreciate your generosity and support for this.

BPI Savings
Genesis Anne P. Hupano
188 966 7059

EastWest Savings
Genesis Anne P. Hupano
2000 429 27197




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As of Nov. 17, 2020

Update posted by Ghen Hupano at 08:27 pm

It is with our deepest sorrow to announce the passing of our dearest grandmother, nanay RUFINA “PINA” PUNO. She had peacefully joined our Creator yesterday Nov. 17, 2020Thank you for all your donations. It was a great help for her medical needs and part were also used to prepare what’s

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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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