My son

Update posted by Derrar Hassane On Nov 06, 2017

My sonEvery Child has rights and that must be protected and preserved.

Children's are the future.

Update posted by Derrar Hassane On Nov 06, 2017

Alex , Sue ; I am naturel true father of baby you are looking after ( when you are looking at my son , you are looking at me ) adoption was done without me agreeing , even knowing to whom was given and you know it .

Spent 432 days searching with help until finally find my son few weeks ago , my lawyers did contacted your lawyer with all civility, humanity to let me see my son .

I personally contacted you and James ( father of Sue ) via Facebook , with all civility and humanity to have access to my son , as he has right to know his own natural true father .

You refused and even block the communication via Facebook .

I don't understand your refusal and denial as when you look to my son , you are basically looking at me .

I don't understand how can someone refuse and deny the father right and the son right to know each , furthermore he is not your own conception , he is not your son , he been adopted and that is in his birth certificate .

What I am saying it may hurt but it is the truth .

Question :

Can a woman force a man to go with to her place ?

Can a man force a woman to go with him to his place ?

Obviously NO .

So why my son has been forcefully taken to your house ?


Is it just because he is too young to speak up , to defend him self , so he can be taken as someone choose to ?

Wrong , it is Moral rape what has been going on .

Came next week , I will use all legal avenues to resolve this nightmare , I didn't want too , I was hoping to see some civility , some humanity , some understanding from Alex and his partner Sue . , especially what I have been asking for is not something out of the ordinary .

I been and I am and will not give up for my son

Update posted by Derrar Hassane On Nov 06, 2017

fighting to have rights of my son respected.

My son as been adopted without my consent or even aknowlegment, now I am fighting for his rights to know me, as I am his natural real father.


Cheer up

Fidy Rasolonjatovo

Backed with $25.00 On Mar 06, 2018


Children are often labeled as an orphan and placed for adoption and in many cases without the father's consent or sometimes without the father even knowing that he had a child. Often times mothers are coerced, manipulated, forced to relinquish their child, or strongly advised to withhold information from the father in order for the industry to place the child up for adoption. Society is unaware of the huge demand for infants and I am sorry that now, another loving father is a victim. We, as a strong community can change this. If everyone who believes in adoption truth and transparency can donate $15-20, or even just $5.00 maybe this desperate father can one day have his child back to hold in his arms. His child is 2 years old now. I really don't want him to miss out on his son's life from another unnecessary adoption. This Father absolutely loves his child and needs funding to fight for his son in court. Please help me help him. It would make me have peace in my heart and happy to reunite his child back to him. Thank you ahead for those who can donate anything to help him.

Jenette Yamamoto

Backed with $50.00 On Mar 05, 2018


Good luck on your campaign. I sincerely wish you success.

Patrick Stafford

Backed with $10.00 On Feb 03, 2018


For everyone who been contributing for my son rights. My son will know it, I will make sure that others did care for him to have his Rights respected and that’s to be know me as his real father with compassion, understanding and above all love for my son before , he was born, after his was born and all my life and beyond. Thank you on behalf of my son and thank you from me the real father.

Derrar Hassane

Posted On Nov 07, 2017


I don't have much, but you deserve to have your son. Much love!

Stephanie Eager

Backed with $25.00 On Nov 07, 2017


Appreciate very much your contribution for my son fight, for his Rights

Derrar Hassane

Posted On Nov 06, 2017


Patricia Glover

Backed with $50.00 On Nov 06, 2017


Derrar Hassane

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