My parents lost their jobs due to COVID

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Both of my parents are musicians and since the situation with COVID is horrible in our country, they haven't been able to find any job for almost a year. They are both free lancers dependent on gigs and we were never rich, but we got along. Now however things are only going south. Everything is closed, the quarantine forbids events of more than 5 people and since my mom, for example, always depended on weddings, parties and public concerts, playing classical music, finding a job for her is impossible. My dad plays a guitar and sings in a band and even though they were pretty well known in our country about 20 years ago, today they play mostly for devoted older fans and organize concerts including other musicians. They did record a few CD's but as I said, they were never too big and they have only a few copies which they have to ship manually whenever someone eventually buys one. They didn't recieve practically any support from our country. They recieved about 600 euros at the beginning of quarantine in April and nothing else since.
They have been trying to find a different job since the beginning but as I said, the situation in our country is horrible at the moment and while the minor possitions are completely full, they can't apply for higher possitions since they are musicians and even though they both went to different universities and my dad even has a doctorate in statistics, nobody wants them for their lack of experience. It's extremely humiliating considering they are both over 40 years old. My dad ended up just practicing with his band practically every day even though I'm suspicious most of the practices are just filled with alcohol while my mom is active on multiple different websites trying to earn at least some money through babysitting kids and pets. Me and my older brother try to help the best we can but since we are still both students, there isn't much we can do...
The situation started to get really bad last April, when my grandma got sick. She is extremely strong but because of COVID they wouldn't let us see her, talk to her or even send her gifts or letters (she doesn't own a phone) so I think after a few months it was the loneliness that got her and she stopped trying. Her death was devastating to our family and our parents relationship. We all loved her very much and the whole situation was so unfair I remember my mum crying in anger and my dad screaming into his pillow. I've never seen them in such state. And to top it all off, we couldn't even afford a funeral. Even if, the ceremony would only be held for two people since back then, the quarantine was even worse than now.
I always had troubles with depression, anxiety, SH, ED and was diagnosed with borderline personality desorder but my parents never knew. In October, I tried to give up and I failed. I spent almost three months in a mental hospital which, I think, was the last straw to my parents relationship. Being in the house with them both is a living hell full of screaming and arguments and there is nowhere else to go. My brother had finally have enough a few weeks ago and moved in with his girlfriends family. He left with no explanation and made everything even worse, if it had even been possible.
Now, every day is a living hell. We have barely any money for food, since my parents try their hardest to keep paying rent, there is no chance for me to take madication, not even mentioning theraphy, for my brother to come back, for my father to stop drinking or for my mom to make up with him.
I know how hard it is for them to accept any help since they are both very proud and strong people but if there is anything I can do, I'll do it, I'm desperate.
If anyone could spare anything, absolutely anything, I would be forever grateful.
Thank you so much, if you've even read this far. Thank you for caring and just.. yeah, thank you.

Any money made from this I'll give to my mom for rent, food and other essential things for our family.


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