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Update posted by Christine Joy Vergara On Apr 09, 2018

MARCH 15 - 31:

After mere 10 days, and just in time for my youngest sister's 18th birthday, we rushed our mother to the emergency room because of dropping blood pressure (60/40) and bloody stools and vomiting. Turns out, she has massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to her duodenal ulcer, sepsis secondary to complicated UTI, and hyperkalemia (very high potassium levels, which is also life-threatening). Emergency room doc advised for her to be admitted in ICU but we deferred (due to lack of funds, among some other factors). Thankfully, her blood pressure stabilized so we were able to move her to regular room. Her potassium levels also gradually dropped until it's within normal range.

She had 2 main issues, though. Very low hemoglobin and very high infection levels. We started 4 IV antibitics (Fluconazole, Amikacin, Meropenem, and Vancomycin) which are very costly. They also started blood transfusion once again, but hemoglobin was initially still not in normal range due to continuous bloody stools. Thankfully, emergency endoscopy did not push through, and her hemoglobin levels reached normal range after 8 units of blood transfused.

We were able to go home March 31st evening, after her last dose of antibiotics. To cut the story short, we spent the Holy Week in the hospital. It seems like we are spending a lot of family events and holidays in the hospital, and it's all taking a toll on us financially, physically, and emotionally. But... we are still grateful for the small things: she is alive and fighting, and the family's sticking together no matter what.

Now, back to Square One.

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Update posted by Christine Joy Vergara On Feb 09, 2018


My whole family and I are very much grateful to those kind souls who had supported, and had continued supporting our campaign. Our hearts are overflowing with all the prayers and support we've been getting. In these times of distress, every word of encouragement is like a healing balm to our tired body and soul.

With our every step towards recovery comes small bumps along the way. My mom had been having episodes of dropping blood pressure and extremely high blood sugar the past few days. She was just due for a follow-up checkup today, but her attending doc, Dr Berwyn Flores, upon checking her vitals and lab tests, promptly referred her for admission. While aware of the slowly depleting family resources, we heeded the advice and here we are once again.

At present, my mom is confined in Allied Care Experts in Valenzuela. Her doc advised we can go home anytime, as long as we have a nurse help at home who'll administer and monitor her IV medications for the next few days.

Keeping our fingers crossed that her condition improves and we can go home very soon.

Please continue to include my mom in your thoughts and prayers.


Five units of blood transfused and several IV antibiotics after, we are finally going home. She has undergone endoscopy and we found out main cause of anemia / decreased hemoglobin: huge duodenal ulcer Forrest III (lesions without bleeding). She still has a lot of underlying issues/conditions, not to mention our depleted budget, but the main important thing is, she is ok right now, and that's all that matters.


  • Hyperosmolar coma
  • Sepsis secondary to UTI
  • Community Acquired Pneumonia Moderate Risk
  • Anemia
  • Duodenal Ulcer Forrest III
  • Hemorrhoids

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Wishing and praying for your mother's quick recovery.


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Wishing for your mothers' fast recovery.


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Just a start.....

Marc Lindsay

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