My Dad’s Recovery from Moderate Stroke

Update posted by Jethro Gem Dexter On Nov 20, 2017

Thank you to everyone who showed their support and shared in our struggle. I also thank the people who helped us through prayers and in thought.

My Dad joined the creator on November 14th, 12:15 AM at St. Paul's Hospital Medical ICU 4th - Room 5.

According to the doctor my Dad had a heart complication which resulted to his death. About 11 hours before his death, we were very hopeful for the recovery. He started his Physical Rehabilitation because he was showing signs of improvement. It was very painful to be not at his side when he passed away.

My mom, who was at the hospital at the time - Just right outside the door, wasn't even informed about the situation until it was over 30-40 mins of the doctors trying to revive him. In short, my mom never had the chance to say goodbye, I never had chance to say goodbye.

I do not want to point fingers but I believe I must share my opinion. If you have love ones, do not bring them to St. Paul's Medical ICU. Not only is there discrimination between who is allowed to be inside the room. There is also negligence in part of the staff and the people who set up policy in that institution.

The visiting hours is restricted to 11 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM to 6 PM. Most of you would think this is just for the other guests, but no this includes the immediate family. Should you wish to go inside you would have to go around facility and back up to the front door and ask the nurses to unlock the door. You can go in but you'll be locked again afterwards.

You might also argue, that the patients are in good hands, but that is not true. My Dad, during his first few days in the ICU, was very vocal. Though he slurred his speech, he was pleading that he has a terrible headache, the nurses just kept saying its natural, so did the doctor. On the 3rd day, a family relative who's also on the medical field talked to one of the nurses and that was when they got in touch with a doctor to prescribe him a Paracetamol. This generally signals that they are very negligent of the patients needs and comfort.

On a different note, another patient on room 7 managed to climbed down on her bed 3 times. The patient was trying to get off the bed and not one of the nurses even noticed. On the 2nd time, it was even the patient's family who informed the nurses that their patient was on the floor. The 3rd time though, the patient died.

If this does not show you the incompetence and how absurd the policy is at St. Paul's hospital then I have nothing else to say. Another patient on Room 6 was given special treatment to have someone inside the room simply because the child of the patient was a doctor. Regardless of what you might think, it's still special treatment.

Do you know what goes on the mind of patient in severe cases? Fear - but not of death, but of Abandonment. My Dad was always sad that he was left alone inside the ICU, that he had no one to talk to. He felt helpless and weak that every time we go outside he wants to go with us. He wants to be discharged. Whats worst is that my Mom wasn't even at his side. The last time my mom talked to my dad was around 6-7 hours before he died. We never said our goodbyes. What's worst is that my Dad on his dying breath might have thought that we abandoned him. That he died alone.

One of the nurses claims that he talked to my Dad at around 12:00 to check his IV. When he returned to change it at 12:15 he noticed he was no longer responding. You might say what happened to the heartbeat monitor? - The Neurologist ordered it taken off. She never even informed us.

This is another part about the Neurologist who handled my Dad's medical case. My Dad was in the ICU for 8 days before he died. My mom talked to the Neurologist twice. I talked to her once, which was in itself was pure luck. Here's the problem. This DOCTOR, doesn't even talk to us. She doesn't even notify us that she's doing her rounds or give us updates. The one time I talked to her with my mom, was when I caught her in my Dad's room when I opened the door. I didn't even know who she was as she was just wearing regular clothes, I had to ask the nurse who the hell she was and when they told me it was the neurologist I called my mom and went to her.

So we stood their in front of her, she didn't even greet us, she didn't even look up. She just kept writing on her chart and whatever the hell she was doing. After about 10 mins of standing she reluctantly looked up and said, "Ano to?" ("What is it?") I was shocked by the lack of decorum this Doctor exhibited in front us.

I don't know what you think about it, or if you think its fair that she charged us 24,000 pesos for her services when she didn't even bothered to give us daily update regarding my Dad's situation.

You be the judge.

But My warning stands. Keep away from St. Paul's Hospital

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Update posted by Jethro Gem Dexter On Nov 09, 2017

--Nov 9th

I talked to my Dad's Neurologist. She didn't mention any specifics when I asked her for any status of improvement or changes.

She only said that she still doesn't have the overall picture and would not make any assumptions. The only thing she did mention that my dad is slowly improving. She said that my dad has been awake more than the previous days.

My dad has also stopped complaining about his severe headache, when we asked him about it he says its still there though.

-- Day 1 of antibiotics
-- Pneumonia

The doc says that she will let us know after the 5th day of antibiotic if he can be moved out of ICU.

Day 3: Current Bill: 56k+ Php
Not including cash payments for Medicine, Supplies and etc. (14k+ Php)

(If you can see on the picture my dad has his leg bent, that's the only side he can move. His entire left side is totally paralyzed)

Sadly this was the only picture I could take as they wouldn't allow any pictures to be taken.

That's my mom on the right, trying to comfort my dad.

Please continue your prayers for his recovery.

--Jethro Gem Dexter

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On behalf of your friends from Speaking PRO, wishing for your dad's soon recovery

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