My Battle for my 4th Life

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"I need you like water, like breathe, like rain, I need you like mercy from heaven’s gate. There's a freedom in your arms that carries me through, I need you!" Your support, your funds, your love, your care, your enthusiasm, your encouragement, your donations and above all else our God and your prayers.

I made this letter not knowing who is going to receive it, no idea if this can help or not – but I have to give this a try – I need help - I need to live longer.

I almost died at birth, undergone brain operation 4 years ago, therefore it's my 3rd life as of this moment. But, I believe, the fourth one is coming nearer. God is not yet done with me. Thus, I am writing this letter of request to knock in your humble hearts to find the reason and will to give me the chance to live another life.

My name is Alvin S. Eusebio, a 24 year old from San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines. Once again, at my current age, I'm diagnosed with Brain Tumor but unfortunately it is Grade II for this time with higher risk and complications as per my Neurosurgeon (Dr. Willy G. Lopez) and in need of ASAP surgery.

An increased in sized of the tumor was recognized 3.3cm based on the MRI results I had taken last month. And, it was said that this time we cannot assume what could possibly be taken from my body function. For my first surgery, it affected my vision, so it's really risky this time on. The nerves where my brain tumor is located (R), keep weakening.

The first time I was diagnosed was at the age of 20 I was at the last year of my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Degree, it was also my first time undergoing such beautiful life threatening event, the Stereotactic Radio Surgery. Being diagnosed with a deadly disease and life threatening challenge taught me to value life and pursue your dreams. Luckily, I survived, I finished my studies and landed into job.

In all honesty I am losing my hope, I am facing depression, I struggle every day, I cry to myself every day in the corner of my room, can you visualize how would that feel? I only have a low chance of surviving if I remained untreated. There was no 3rd options at all. I am only being given to choose whether to undergo a surgery or die. Dying at that this age would be very difficult, I have so many dreams and plans.

The operation was never an affordable thing, brain surgery will always be expensive. My mother is a casino addict and my father is a drug addict. My siblings have their own family already and are not in good financial standing. So, I only have myself and few people to help me survive. I am in dire need of your financial support and prayers. Even a small amount + act would greatly be appreciated. I believe, all we can do right now to make this work out, is to unite and conquer this mission all together. Don't you think so?

The summation of medical finance would really cost a lot. But building up each other and supporting one another through it all, would make this life challenge of mine possible. If you wish to lend your help and your support, your love, your encouragement, your enthusiasm, even the tiny bit of your finance/funds and above all else your prayers please message me through;

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 09390982246

Maraming Salamat!

Sincerely Yours,


A simple act of caring creates an endless act of ripple.

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Account Name : ALVIN S EUSEBIO

Account No: 200043713743

Paypal: [email protected]

Gcash: 09216725484


Political Science Student / Future Lawyer

Political Science Student / Future Lawyer

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raised of ₱522,800.00 goal
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities