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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Jun 04, 2015

Hi Everyone,

My apologies for not updating things , I've been busy " recreating what next"

From Seminar at Cancer house of hope on "Family life with Cancer" to filling out grants to educate others on this journey, along with MA.

I have refused to slow down but now I am in the hospital being forced to re-adjust

The last 2 weeks or so she has not been feeling like she expected and very sore and red in her abdomen area and of course I told her that all things considered, 10+ hour surgery notwithstanding, that she should be a feeling a little discomfort on occasion but it was a LOT of discomfort and pain as well as fluid leaking from her incision as well as a large red area around that same abdomen area and very hard/firm in that area.

This weekend she was really out of sorts and Sunday afternoonshe had a serious ?explosion? of blood and fluid, 4 washcloth towels full from that abdomen area where she previously had a drain tube. Thank God our friend Laurie was there to help and get things under control.

So Monday, 6/1/2015, off to the doctors and he tried to drain more fluid from that area. Yes a NEEDLE was needed and she was so sore from what was going on underneath the surgery area that it was so difficult for her, to say the least. We both had tears and just seeing what she was going through made me feel so helpless. The fluid seepage slowed down some but by Tuesday evening it picked up again and by today, Wednesday morning, a call to the doctor was necessary and he had us head right to the emergency room. It was immediately diagnosed by her surgeons as an issue that a ?minor? surgical procedure could take care of. So Cindy had another surgery this evening and she is resting as we speak in the hospital. Hopefully home Friday night or Saturday morning.

The diagnosis for what was effecting her is called Hematoma Cellulites.

So again, sorry for staying out of the loop but I promise to keep you all updated.

Thank you again for your prayers and concerns, Cindy appreciated it so much. So we are going to let her rest for a day or 2 with just a short visit a couple of times tomorrow and get her home and back to normal!!

Thank You All Again

Dan, Ashley & Tyler

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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Apr 15, 2015

       Bring on the Anxiety ! 

Just because Cancer itself doesn’t offer enough challenges.

First there is the diagnosis, followed by the physical and emotional strains of surgeries, chemotherapy, HAIR LOSS, radiation therapy, another surgery and finally money.  You cannot afford to be out of work during treatments but you also cannot physically work. Wouldn’t it be great to have a financial fairy godmother to swoop down and take care of you during treatments?

In reality I shouldn’t get anxious about the bills, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, my kids, family or even working, but I still do. Add this to my upcoming surgery. It’s not likely I will relax in the next few days but for tonight I will leave you with something the secretary who works with my daughter passed onto me “Just think, It’s the surgery all the movie stars get”!   How can you hold onto anxiety after a statement like that. I guess its all about your perspective.


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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Feb 13, 2015

When do you get to transform from a fighter to a survivor ?  I say TODAY !  By definition “a person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition,hardship, or setbacks."

The steps in Breast cancer often go from:

  • Fighter
  • Survivor
  • Remission
  • Cured

Since Triple Negative Breast Cancer does not have any receptors to test to see if there are any active cancer cells, all we know is there is no evidence of disease (NEOD).  So I am a survivor living with NEOD.

Don’t we all tip-toe on the cusp of mortality?  A cancer diagnosis just makes juggling living with dying a little more on the surface (remember the ice-berg)  We all juggle with paying the bills, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, dealing with the boss from hell or coworkers who refuse to acknowledge you have any signs of cancer or weakness’s. Whit Cancer  now in my past and  I will Try to be patient with my healing.



I have a future to remodel !


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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Jan 07, 2015

Happy New Year!

breast cancer fighter

What a year!  It truly was a year of ups and downs, but isn’t that how most years are? I must say, the beginning of the year started off like many others.  I set New Year’s resolutions along with goals and action plans to achieve them.  God had a different plan (As he usually does) July 1, 2014 changed our lives.

As I wrote in November, “This has been quite an adjustment period. In a few short months I went from feeling healthy to having breast cancer.  I have had to conquer the fear of surgery, the fear of pain , the fear of what I would look like, not to mention, ‘Am I going to survive this’  I had to come face-to-face with the losses cancer would bring me and stop beating myself up. “

AND I DID!  I am not the same person who made those resolutions and goals a year ago. Cancer has redefined me.   One of greatest lessons has been not to just ASK for HELP, but EXCEPT!   When I could clearly state my needs, they got met.  As I sit back and reflect on 2014 and all the love I feel, the appreciation for what I have and the opportunities I have been given I feel such gratitude for God bringing me on his journey.  The goals and action plan I designed for 2014 was not the one I intended to follow. This definitely was not the road I would have chosen to ride on, but it was the road chosen for me and I have been guided along the way.

So during this last month of radiation,  I Cindy Sheridan Murphy see, hear, feel and know the purpose of my life is to be a passionate, fun, healthy women, to embrace what I already have and to share my gifts with others

Breast cancer fighte3  


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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Nov 14, 2014

Yesterday was  my final round of chemotherapy.  Today, I feel stronger mentally.  I feel better then I have in weeks, and I realize that my life isn't just cancer, so I have to stay positive and get my butt up daily.

I do realize I have my Neulasta shot today which usually puts me in discomfort and it can sometime take several days to get my energy back but I am for prepared.  I have been lucky to find the Cancer House of Hope within a few miles from my home.  On Tuesdays, I have a Reiki session with Nancy.  Nancy has given my some great coping skills.  One is Curly,  I bought this teddy bear when I was pregnant for my daughter. Curly reminds me to take care of my mothers daughter. She even accompanies me in my Fine to Fab cooler when travelling. Curly enjoys my prayer shawl that I received this week from one of my Fab sisters, Cathy.  The card read "This shawl passed through our praying hands and has been blessed by our loving hearts.  This shawl was made especially for you by The Prayer Shawl Ministry of The First Presbyterian Church, Blairstown, NJ"  Our Prayer

"May God's grace be upon this shawl warming, comforting, enfolding and embracing you. May this mantle be a safe haven...a sacred place of security and well being. May you be cradled in hope, kept in joy, graced with peace and wrapped in love. Blessed be"

Although we have a long road ahead.  By early December, I should be able to start my  six weeks of daily radiation.  Reconstruction should be April or May.  BUT FOR TODAY I am celebrating  with all of you,  My friends, family and especially for  Dan, Ashley & Tyler who are here daily to see the ins-and outs- of what cancer can do.  It is with all of you we will celebrate today !

How are you doing to celebrate today ?

Til tomorrow,


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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Nov 13, 2014

The truth is, Cancer Stinks!  As I look back on these past few months I am sometimes still in shock.  Some days, everything is too much to take in.  This has been quite an adjustment period. In a few short months I went from feeling healthy to having breast cancer.  I have had to conquer the fear of surgery, the fear of pain , the fear of what I would look like, not to mention, ‘Am I going to survive this’  I had to come face-to-face with the losses cancer would bring me and stop beating myself up.  This became very clear this week.  I visited a holistic wellness center in NJ.  Dr Roger Sahoury was remarkable.  NO- I didn’t get “cracked” as many have asked me.  We worked on emotional healing.  It was amazing.

There have been so many ups and downs with this disease but I am learning as we go.   I cry every day, YES, EVERY Day!  I feel truly bless and I have an amazing support system of family and friends. They are my reasons that I choose to get out of bed every day, but so many times during the quiet times, I just lie in bed and cry.  I kept thinking “What have I done to myself?”

BUT Then I focus on the positive.

Dan & I were the asked to be the guest speakers for our online business.  Although I was exhausted and it took me down for a few days, it’s my passion to help others and always brings me back up.   I feel fortunate to have started a business from home that will some day prosper.  I have so many incredible leaders reaching out to assist me and I'm eagar to learn.  The future looks bright and I smile through the tears thinking of all of this.

Lastly  Have you heard of a LOVE BOX? I had not either, but my cousins daughter sent me one. Her letter read;

“Dear Cindy,

You have just received a love box!

In this box you will find….

  • Words & sounds to inspire your soul
  • Bling for when you need a little pick me up
  • Supplies to melt away the aches and pains of a bad day
  • Cozy socks for when life gets a little too cold
  • Lipstick to frame that beautiful smile that continues to shine so bright!

May this box make everything a little easier.

I love you !  You got this

Xoxo Meghan”

So for today,  I will use my mineral bath therapy soak in my tub  while listening to my new cd “You make me Brave”  Afterwards,  I will put on my cozy socks, apply my lipstick and put on my Bling.  Its also the perfect fall day to settle down with  my wonderful book, “God is Good” .  I’m sure I will cry at some point, but its ok and I’m one step closer to being 100% healed.


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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Oct 24, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Thursday 10/23/2014 was the completion of Chemo #3 with one more to go for the chemo treatment and Friday 10/24 was the follow up shot as well as a flu shot and that took it's toll on her. She was done to say the least, she didn't say much but I could see it in her eye's when she walked out after the 2 shots, she was done. This 3rd round is brutal to put it mildly. 

On a very nice note though she had a wonderful experience last week and I believe the best way to describe it is to hear it in her own words from her blog: The Coaches Perspective (Updating once feeling a bit better)

At this point there is still 12-14 weeks left of treatment and then it will be a bit longer before reconstruction surgery will be done. It is through the Grace of God and your prayers and support that have just worked wonders for Cindy and all of her family. I can not thank you all enough.

Thank You

Dan, Ashley and Tyler

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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Oct 12, 2014

We did it!

Yesterday was the Hartford Marathon. After training since July, the day was finally here. Unfortunately the weather was not optimal; we got up at 5:00 am to arrive at the Marathon for 6:30 am.  It was cold and rainy.  Cindy completed the Hartford 5K with a good friend Patty Nabors who encouraged her along on a cold rainy day.  Yup, she got it done!

 I stayed true to my goal and word and completed the ½ marathon. It was tough but I thought of my wife’s struggle with Breast Cancer these last few months and how she maintains such a great attitude and damn, how am I suppose to complain!!

After our victory, we came home so Cindy could rest, and I could soak in the hot tub with a beer and enjoy Notre Dame Football game.

Off again we were to the Chicopee High vs Chicopee Comp town rival girls soccer game.  The game was for the Mayors cup that takes place yearly and also this year for breast cancer and dedicated to Cindy.  Ashley, Cindy’s daughter, is the assistant coach for Chicopee High, the Chicopee high girls awarded Cindy a game shirt with all their signatures and WON 4-0.   Seeing Cindy with Ashley & Tyler …….

We couldn't stop her, Ended the day with the Notre Dame Victory, then home to rest.

Today, we enjoyed friends and family for the Patriots game outside on the deck.  Cindy is tired but so happy.

We had expected Cindy to go back to work this week, but since the game plan changed so dramatically in August, we have extended her fundraiser until mid January.  This is when her chemo and radiation therapy should be completed. 

Thank You all again for everything and I encourage you to follow Cindy’s blog at: The Coaches Perspective

And for contributions at:

Thank You Again

Ashley, Tyler & Dan

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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Oct 08, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Chemo treatment #2 accomplished on Thursday and 2 more to go. I have to just admire her so much that she never complains and continues to go through her day. Saturday for instance we had a previously scheduled Business Seminar and she went, amazing. She felt that it’s her business and that’s what successful business people do!! And she is a wonderfully successful CEO!!

The first few days after treatment and her shot were okay but now 4 -5 days later is when Cindy experiences the pain and discomfort. It’s those few days after, day 5-7,  that are the most difficult at this point. She knows it’s coming and the anxiety and waiting can be tough but when the pain starts to kick in, damn it heart breaking to see her that way. And again, what can we do but have patience and just make her as comfortable as possible.  

I do know she appreciates everything from all of you and it means so very much to her and all of us here, Ashley, Tyler and myself. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, they do work, and I will keep you updated as this moves forward. And please follow her on her Blog @ The Coaches Perspective

Cindy will be walking the 5K part of the Hartford Marathon Saturday, 10/11/2014, yup she’s going to get it done!! And please help us as we wind down to the last few days for “Run for Cindy”. We are closing in for this Saturday. Details at

Thank You All Again

Ashley, Tyler & Dan 

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Update posted by Daniel Murphy On Sep 30, 2014


A week of healing has also lead to a week of emotions.  With my hair totally gone, and my surgery sites healing nicely why are my emotions on steroids?  I believe it’s because watching my loved ones cope with my cancer treatments is just as hard as the treatments themselves. Although I feel better physically this week, I cannot say that is true for emotional health.  As many others have experienced, having a cancer diagnosis has not only affected me, but my family and friends. I am learning firsthand how the complex feelings and lifestyle changes caused by cancer and the treatments become as overwhelming for others in my life as they are for me.

 First, let’s address emotions.  The eight basic emotions are fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, trust, anticipation and surprise. I find myself experiencing all eight emotions within a fifteen minute span. Is that possible?

Fortunately my friends and family are fast learners and when the tears start, they hang on!  A hug usually cures all and the moment passes.

 Second, are expectations?  I have learned that people want to help but they don’t know what I need or how to ask me. When I am direct and explicit about what I need and avoid making assumptions it helps us all. The problem is ---Sometimes I don’t know what I need.

 Last, are the lifestyle changes? WOW what a change.  I used to be able to multi-task many things throughout my day.  Work, exercise, laundry, housework and social time.  These days it and takes me till noon just to get moving. BUT, I love staying involved in social activities and maintaining contact with my friends and family so I appreciate the messages, emails, walks and texts. 

 As we enter another week chemo and the after affects, I know I may have some physical limitations and we may have to adjust to our activities, but don’t be afraid to continue pushing me because I love it and if I have to cancel due to being physically or emotionally tired, I will tell you.

 Next week, we will be ½ done with chemo! Also on October 11, I will be cheering Dan and many others on at the Hartford ½ marathon.  I plan on walking the 5K with my friends and family by my side.  I look forward to seeing you there.

To Another Week of Gratitude


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Warm regards from the Netherlands,God bless you


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Cindy, I'm honored to be asked to join you on this journey. You are so beautiful - both inside and out and with all this wonderful and loving support I know you will get through this to enjoy so much that is awaiting you. Only positive thoughts! :)

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