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MulTIDimensional Foundation

Dear reader,
a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds in the United States.
Many of these abused children have or will have Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Therefore right now we're coming to you, to ask you for your support.

We, the three founders, live with DID and know first-hand the intense struggles and coping with the severe consequences of repeated childhood abuse, the consequences of extreme trauma.

There are between 1% to 3% of the world population that was diagnosed with DID and it's estimated that the actual number of people with DID globally can be up to 7%. You don't know what that means? 562 millions of people. Many of them have no access to information, many of them cannot escape their abusive households, many of them are too dysfunctional to live a normal life.

We met hundreds of systems (people with DID), and most of them could not get diagnosed because of stigma, misinformation, not being believed, lack of money, lack of professionals, ongoing abuse, and so on. Hence why it's safe to assume that the statistics are looking much worse. Some issues are closer to home than you think.

But you can change the statistics!

(Come meet us in our discord server!)

At MulTIDimensional we have 7 very clear goals:

1. Financial help for people with DID
2. Jobs for systems
3. DID classes for professionals
4. Free therapy for those who cannot afford it
5. Having a shelter for broke systems or systems in danger
6. Having lawyers to facilitate a safe escape for victims of severe abuse
7. Helping minors out of their abusive households

Today you can be a part of the change!

We need €50.000 to fully and officially start this foundation. And apart from that, we already started to help systems in need. A gift of only €50 can allow a system to eat for another week, reach the amount needed to pay the rent and not become homeless, or it can help pay the internet bill which they might need to not lose their job.

When you partner with Multidimensional, you make a change in our community and ensure our success in the future.

Thank you for caring; thank you for supporting systems!

(Come meet us in our discord server!)

If you are not familiar with what Dissociative Identity Disorder is, scroll down to the end of this text to check out definitions, symptoms and resources!

This Foundation comes to life due to a strong desire to bring awareness about Dissociative Identity Disorder in our country's language. When we found out that we might have DID, we immediately started researching. We were disappointed and angry to find nothing else but the definition of DID copy-pasted on different sites. Nothing on what it is like to live with it, how exactly does it form or any other helpful information. The harsh truth is that in our country nobody knows what DID is or even PTSD. There is almost no accurate information in our language, not even on other things like personality disorders.

Mental issues are completely disregarded by the general population and the Health Care System is insufficient and lacking a lot of resources. We have a few organizations whose main focus is getting money and nothing else. We volunteered for some, but the needs of the DID community are much higher, bigger and different than anything these organizations could provide with. They are generally not prepared to deal with such a complex disorder, mostly because of the lack of awareness and accurate resources.

This foundation's goals start with what we call "ground zero": awareness.

Of course, we already started.

We have social media accounts dedicated to DID, we have one in Romanian with the sole purpose of helping people that might have this disorder and to educate everyone else, and we have a website where we're writing articles about DID and about other trauma-based disorders. We're focusing on helping people with DID manage life, help them understand what DID is and how to live in harmony with their systems. We want to create a community of systems from Romania.

We also started a shop online with apparel and accessories for the purpose of bringing awareness and raising money for the foundation.

We already did all of this without actually having the foundation.

We might be dreamers, but we're also doers.

But the needs are great.

We really believe in this and work hard to make it happen. Why not give us a hand to speed up the process and help prevent some tragedies from happening?

About DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and Terminology.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is the condition that was previously recognized as Multiple Personality Disorder. It’s characterized by the presence of two or more dissociated self states that have the ability to take executive control and are associated with some degree of amnesia. They are commonly known as ''alters'' or ''headmates'', and are separate identities, not personalities. People with DID are known as ''systems'' or ''multiple''.

DID is the result of repeated or long-term childhood trauma, most frequently child abuse or neglect, that is often combined with disorganized attachment. DID cannot form after ages 6-9 because individuals older than these ages have an integrated self identity and history. Trauma later in life can lead to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), other dissociative disorders including Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD), somatic symptom disorders, or possibly Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), but DID requires an unintegrated mind to form.

People with DID experience symptoms like:

  • Amnesia
  • Inability to recall key personal information or important events from the person’s life
  • Time loss
  • Sudden inexplicable changes in "mood" (these happen in fact when alters switch)
  • "Out of body experiences." (seeing themselves from a different part of the room, like in third person)
  • Finding things that they don’t remember buying
  • Having different handwritings
  • Being blamed for things they don’t remember doing or saying
  • Derealization / Depersonalization
  • Identity confusion etc.

As mentioned above, ''alters'' is one of the generic terms used for the identities/people living in one body. Alters can be very different from each other and/or the body. They can have different names, gender, age, species, sexual orientations, voices, preferences of any kind, wishes, dreams, emotions, mental disorders, etc.

There is still not a lot of research on DID and it's still considered a rare disorder, even though it affects around 3% of the population, which is as common as the people who have red hair and more common than Schizophrenia!

Click here to read more about DID.

We will bring regular updates about the foundation on our Instagram account and in our Discord Server!

We rely on your help!


DID systems surviving together through the hardships of life

DID systems surviving together through the hardships of life


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raised of €50,000.00 goal
0% Funded
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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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