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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Oct 09, 2020

Hi guys! It has been already 1 week after we brought mom home.

She still has recurring fever, but not as often as before.

She is still not regained her strength, though her appetite is getting bettter.

Honestly, in her condition; if we could have enough means, we would have her monitored at a good hospital. But even so, all we can do for now is take care of her at home; and pray for a miracle.

Uterine Mass

(Sorry, I cannot find a way to rotate this picture.)

We are very concerned about this. In a matter of 6 days from the time of first ct scan, to the next one, the "mass" increased in size.

We are yet to consult an OB-Gyne about this.

Please pray with us. Thank you and God bless us all!


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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Oct 03, 2020


Today, we succeeded on bringing her home. It was a long process (since we dont have enough cash to pay all the balances at once), but we feel some sort of relief now. It was actually since last week that we are planning for her immediate discharge, but it took a week delayed. There are so many frustrations, but I want to leave it there.


1. We are intially given until the end of this month to pay all our remaining balances. As you know, we are only dealing now with the treatment's side effects. When she's better, we need to continue her cancer treatment. We need to exhaust finances again. We are praying for provisions. 🙏

2. Before, we are planning to transfer her to a hospital near our home. Unfortunately, we are not able to do so because of conflicts between these hospitals' transfer protocol (we dropped this option for now). So we will be following only the home instruction given to us. And later, schedule for online check-up with some of her doctors.

3. Making wiser decisions. Now that we are in this situation, we really need to be more careful and assertive. Before this hospitalization, we are only concerned about mom's condition (since at that time, we believe we have enough finances until rhe end of her planned treatment), but now, we reached this point to be cautious of how much anything would cost as well.

3. Finding another hospital and doctors capable of attending to her condition. At this time of pandemic, it is not easy to find a hospital (priority), which has the kind of doctor mom needs. Please let us know if you have info (budget-wise).


We may have been through a lot, especially mom. But we are holding on that God is good, and He will give us a life-changing miracle. 🙏

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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Sep 28, 2020

Lord, from the very start of this fight, I already surrendered everything to You. I knew this wont be an easy battle, yet, we are hoping one day there would be a miracle. I dont know that it would be this hard. Thank You Lord for everything. We were able to support mom the bes we can. Bless all those who willingly supported us in allways possible. As we are getting close to running out of money, it slaps me that when we move her out of the hospital, I know it will be a big risk. I dont want to, but we have to.

Lord, please let me know what else needs to be done. Give us faith Lord. Give us hope Lord. Give us a miracle Lord. I have never asked for too much before Lord; please hear my heart out. Touch her Lord, please heal my mom, and set her free from pain. Let my blood of love be of some healing to her Lord. Yet, not mine but Your blood Jesus, be the complete healing for her. 🙏

I want her to be happy. I want her to do the things she normally do for us. I want to do the normal grocery day we do together. I want it so badly Lord.

Lord, still, Your will be done, not mine. I will accept Your way of setting her free from pain. Give us strength Lord, give us strength. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Sep 27, 2020

Hi guys! I am happy to inform you that my mom's stools are normal.

After colonoscopy, low dosage blood thinner was injected to her (to address her blood clot). After that, her stools did not have blood! Next is, higher dosage blood thinner war injected to her then. Again, her stools did not have any marks of blood. Thank You Lord! She still has recurring fever (reading of up to 38.3⁰C) almost all day, but then at 9:44 PM, my father texted me that her temperature is 36.4⁰C (normal!!!), and she is sweating, even when aircon is on. We are hoping that this would finally be the start of her recovery from fever/infection.

(Additionally, her condition is; she's still unable to get up on her own, she still jas little strength, though she is capable of making small movements.)

Edit: She has fever again at 38⁰C this morning (Sept.28). 😔

Important Decision

As you know, our bill keeps on increasing. We are actually just waiting for the observation results. If the result is good, we would then request for discharge, (and negotiate with the hospital with promissory note, since we cannot fully pay our bill - maybe about 1 million by now already), transfer her temporarily to the nearest public hospital in our town (until we get a room at PGH) and manage her condition there, or just simply take care of her at home (last choice). - we will actually request for discharge after we get my mom's "Medical Abstract".

Our cancer doctor's rep met us, and told us about the initial plan for her cancer treatment, but we are not so sure yet how we can continue with that.

I am continuously asking for your support. Thank you!

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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Sep 25, 2020

Today, she had her colonoscopy. It was successful. The doctor told us what he found out. First, she has ulcer near the spleen, though it is already healing. The other one is, there is a vein that is prone to burst, so it was clipped.

They allowed her to start eating solid foods, and will observe again her stools if it will have blood or not. If none, blood thinner will be introduced again on hee and would observe again her stool.

Please kindly pray with us that everything will turn out well.

Honest Compromise

We are already aware that our current bill has gone beyond our financial capability. Nevertheless, we still gave a nod for this procedure even though it will greatly increase the bill.

Please pray that favors will come on our way.

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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Sep 24, 2020

Meeting with the Doctors

Me and my brother met with mom's doctors. They explained her current condition.

When they found out that she has blood clot, they administer blood thinner on her. But then, she discharged blood unexpectedly. They suspected she has bleeding in the intestine, and they need to "clip" it and stop the bleeding by "Colonoscopy". If they do not find the bleeding there, they would have to do EDG. If this (or these) were successful, they would then introduce blood thinner again on her to address her blood clot. If there would be no bleeding in her stools even after intaking blood thinner, then everything is good.

Desperate Plea

We appreciate your love, prayers, and support. But at this moment, we are really really in need of finances. Our loans are not even enough to pay for all our balances. As of today, our balance is P714k. 🙏😭

If you have sent support before, thank you so much. But if you can send more support, we will be even more thankful!

If there would be willing to lend us, please! 🙏


Speaking of Medical Bill, me and my brother were really distressed, and started to check the breakdown of the bill we have. Surprisingly, we found out some mistakes!!! There are two ocassions where our room payment was charged twice! There is also a charged CT scan with Contrast that actually got cancelled. We are charged for a machine that was not in the room.

And most surprisingly, we found out the main burden of the bill; it's the antibiotic! Imagine, the doctor prescribed a type of combination of antibiotic that costs P9k! And it is 3x a day! That is instant P27k a day! Should they disclose this costly antibiotic, we could have opted for a more affordable ones (I believe there is!).

Is it a ground to file a formal complaint? If so, I will be filing a complaint against the doctor and the hospital. Somebody who has knowledge on it, please give me advice.

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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Sep 22, 2020

Im really mustering my courage to write down this update.

This day, at 5am, my mom's bowel has dark and with bright red blood. I cannot look at it. The medicine they give to her to supposedly dissolve her blood clot in the intestine did not happen as expected. They stopped injecting that medicine and they asked her to fast (her food now is through IV, i dont remember the exact term) and Im not really sure why. They are looking for the possibility that she has holes in her large intestines, and will consult another specialist for that.

After work, I went straight to visit her. I surprisingly got the chance to talk to the doctor who specializes in blood clots (I dont remember the kind of doctor for that). He discussed that there is an incidental finding that she also has a blood clot in her leg. They want to perform 'Angioplasty?' on her, which is placing a 'filter' in the artery, to filter and prevent the blood clot from reaching the kidney, lungs, heart and other organs. The only optio left is injecting in her 'blood thinner', which would help dissolve the blood clot.

Actually, Im not sure what was injected to her when they found out she has blood formation/clot in the intestine. Maybe a blood thinner too. Because the doctor told me that they cannot inject blood thinner to her yet because of the recent event (eliminating dark stools with bright red blood).

When I left, she is undergoing blood transfusion because she has low hemoglobin.

Also, my father received a message from Billing/Credit Section to meet them tomorrow (maybe because our bill has greatly increased).

Please pray and support us. 🙏

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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Sep 22, 2020

Generally, we are not really happy about how the doctors handled mom.

With multiple repeated laboratories (some are really expensive!), they could not still detect the real problem.

We send her to ER because she has high fever 2 days after her high-dosage radiation treatment (brachytherapy). She can still stand and walk (though assistance). She is way better this time, than the first time we rushed her to ER. But little did we know, that this would be a bigger struggle for us.

It was simply explained to us that she has fever due to infection, and her blood pleasure is low, and there is decrease in her kidneys' activity (but the doctor told us it is only normal due to infection).

She was isolated to an ICU room the third and fourth day, as we are awaiting her swab test result. Even when it is confirmed to be negative, she still stayed in the isolation ICU., until she is ready to be transferred to a regular room.

This is our complaint.

We are not fully informed about everything. We were overly shocked because at just 3 days, we were informed by the hospital that our current running bill is already more than P283k and asked if we would like to have a downpayment. I hid my utter shocked, so that O can calm the family. In my head, what have they done to mom? How come that bill would be that high! Mom also told me, that as she was in the isolation ICU, the nurse there made a mistake, that the blood to be transfused to her was mostly spilled! Of course, that is still billed to us.

When she got transferred to a regular room, she seemed to get better. Until she has fever again. She had fever for 2 or 3, or maybe 4 days! Yet the only medication she received is only liquid paracetamol. Like, these doctors are not really prompt on doing another scan or lab tests. On the 3rd or 4th day of her recurring fever, thats when they decide to do another CT scan, but this time, with contrast (a more expensive one!). This is when they found out that she has blood formation/clot in the instestine. They conclude it is the reason for her recurring fever. So they injected medicine. When the outcome is bad (mom discharged dark stools with blood), they do not know again.

Lots of laboratories and scanning were already done, but still, they cannot properly address her condition.

The doctors are also hard to reach. They dont inform us well about what is going on. Until now we dont know what is the real condition of mom.

The blood clot that has formed in mom's leg resulted from her long stationary resting on bed, like why did they not inform/remind us of that risk? They are the one who told us to make her move less! And now they want to perform Angioplasty worth P300k to resolved that particular blood clot only. We're shocked!

How frustrating to reach more than half a million bill without seeing any real progress! She actually looked better when we send her to ER, than now.

In my head, why do we have to suffer like this? We deserve better. We are being treated unfairly.

If these doctors would say that we dont know everything, thats true, but should be their primary responsiblity is inform the family of everything?!

Also one doctor said the would gather all the doctors involve in her and meet a family member. Guess when, its the day after tomorrow! The reason? Oh well he said they are busy (of course, they are doctors). And well, its also possible the meeting not to happen because of thier 'time conflicts'.

We feel like they do not really care about us. That is guaranteed two days without addressed treatment! Only maintenance, which costs us amounts of money as well. Gosh. So frustrating.

Medical City, where patients are partners, to their wealth!

(Im sorry I have to let this out. I have a lot more to say, but my head is bursting now.)

We are considering to transfer her to abother hospital. They are jusy waiting for her to die. Thats how it looks.

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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Sep 21, 2020

It was concluded that my mom has a blood clot in the instestine. They said it was the cause of her recurring fever. The appropriate medicine will be injected to her twice a day. After having her fist dosage, she got better. Her temperature became normal, generally she felt better. She also had her 2nd dosage. However, she has fever again at 38degC. We are really hoping that tomorrow, she will wake up feeling better and without fever. Thank you for praying with us.

She had 2D Echo and ECG as well today. But I have no information about the result at this moment. (Hoping for good results, in Jesus name!)

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Update posted by Elizaldy Nabong On Sep 20, 2020

At 3am today, mom had her CT Scan with Contrast to determine the location of pus (nana) that causes her recurring fever. It was found out that the pus is located on the tumor. She is scheduled to have this pus drained out (through needle) by Tuesday (Sept. 22). Please remember her in your prayers. Thank you so much!

Edit: I have receive an update now that it was not pus, a blood formation occurs in some part of her intestine. It is yet to find out what it is. They will have to discuss this matter with another specialist.

Please continue to pray for my mother and our family.

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I prayed for your mother, Eldy. I declare healing unto her! In Jesus' Name! God bless you and your family always!


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