MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT – Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya)

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What is HSD!

HSD is a non profit community-based Organization created in 2018 and established in 2019. It is Operating in western of Kenya, Turkana county specially in Kakuma Refugee Camp, For the purpose and mission of developing and enhancing refugee's lives through Technology and Education, in Order to build resilience among every refugees.


Kakuma is a refugee camp which is hosting more than 200,000 refugees from various nationalities in Africa and Asia.

It was created in 1991 and established in 1992 for the mission of serving the lost Sudanese boys who were refers to a group of over 20,000 boys of the Nuer, Dinka ethnic groups who were displaced or orphaned during the second Sudanese civil war, in 1987-2005 two million were killed and others were severely affected by the conflict up to now.

According to the mission of serving the lost from Sudan it has since expanded to serve other refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Eritrea, etc.…

The Kakuma refugee camp is located near the border between Kenya and South Sudan adjacent to lake Turkana, north-western of Kenya.

About this Campaign:

HSD is taking an initiative for providing Mobile App Development in order to innovate the Children and youths to prepare them to become social entrepreneurs and App developers.

Will train them how to prosperous in life when Mobile App Development would bring the good impact, HSD found thousands of the Children and youths who are not knowledgeable in Digital Tech, even they have no access to touch or use a computer/Tablet.

And is the basic right of humanity, as the World is now changing in Digital for any field. So, HSD is taking this initiative to provide a platform to such Children & youths so that they can have at least basic computer programming and Especially in Mobile App Development and they can be able to interact with computers and Tablets and to navigate in other social medias.

We know their functions and different uses and be prosperous in life. Although there are many centers, where they teach Computer literacy programs such as IT, ICT for Adults but they don't value or think about the young generation especially Children.

By HSD's effort looking for Donors, we met a well-wisher from Australia and she has donated 5 laptops since 2020, for us to run this program, but 5 laptops are still not enough to train 200 children and 200 youths per year.

Which means three students may share one laptop during the session, and that is not sounding good indeed because one or two may not touch computer at a time.

Also we have a special thanks to MAD-learn, they have donated over USD 5,000 of access to their program and training for the staff.


To contribute toward the Mobile App evelopment to the CHILDREN & YOUTHs in Kakuma Refugee Camp and to acquaint them with the modern world through modern technology and knowledge and make them enable to become prosperous in life.


The overall objectives of the project are:

(a) To implement Digital Educational in Kakuma refugee camp where the Children and youth refugees of the society can get Education.

(b) To provide Children and youth quality computer Mobile App Development and Programing, and guidance under the supervision of experienced qualified.

(c) To provide the Children and Youth an environment they would feel easy in learning and feels no hesitation and hindrance.

(d) To provide them not only basic Mobile App Development but also introduce them to other courses like MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Web Design, Cyber Security and other software's Skills.

(e) To conduct activities other than course education to develop their interest in learning.


The project is planned or arranged to keep in view the children who cannot afford the good quality education, so everything is decided to give at least Mobile App Development and Computer Programing, knowledge/education to poor and street children:

1. The ACTION FOR FUTURE GENERATION is expecting to see a number of children and Youths to interact with computers and Tablet.
2. A number of refugee have skills in different Mobile App Development program.
3. Better civilized and educated society.
4. Educated children and Youths for a prosperous nation.
5. Better job or business opportunities in their future lives.
6. Ease in further higher education.
7. Better knowledge of WEB and Information Technology especially on MAD.
8. Ability to use social sites and interact with the world.

Use of Funds


1- Laptops-15 (Lenovo) USD 380 x15= 5,775

2- Tablets 10 (Lenovo) USD 190x10=1,900

3- Projector1 (Epson) USD 350X1=350

4- Plastic chairs (50) USD 10x50=500

5- Tables (6) USD 60x6=360

General Total: USD 8,885

Million thanks in advance for everyone who'll support this program to run as well.

Our contacts and social media links:

E-mail addresses:

[email protected]For HSD.

[email protected] For the CEO

- ourtomorrowmustbegreaterthantoday/




Phone number: +254 701773821.


Founder and CEO, Entrepreneur and Social media consultant having the aim of Improving the life of the Refugees through Tech Skills and Education.

Founder and CEO, Entrepreneur and Social media consultant having the aim of Improving the life of the Refugees through Tech Skills and Education.

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