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Hi. My name is Charles dela Cruz from Bulacan, Philippines. I'm a (struggling) artist, designer, and entrepreneur living mostly alone in the house my late parents left me. I'm launching this campaign in the wake of my Mom's 5th death anniversary to help sustain Mirana and 8 other pets. COVID-19 ripped us off from our livelihood and we need your kindness.

Why we need your help

Mirana is my mother’s dog. She’s turning 10 years old on April 2021. She's wonderful! I've had her since I was 20 (I'm turning 30 by March!). She needs consistent medical attention, specialized food, daily care and cleaning routines, and her home has to be more secure for the years to come.

Because my parents are gone, I carry the responsibility of paying for every pet expense. Right now I can't do it alone anymore because COVID-19 took away my livelihood and forced me to work freelance while shuttering my primary business for the months to come.

[Above: Mom and baby Mirana 2011]

[Above: Mirana and me in 2016, Below: in 2017]

In August of 2019, Mirana started suffering from recurring oral bacterial infection that has proven to be extremely difficult to eliminate. This infection caused her to lose most of her tissue around her mouth. Her mouth and teeth are exposed and that further increases her risk of being infected again.

[Above: MIrana's first infection. Her face was horribly swollen and the smell was unbearable]

Recovering from her first infection, she lost her right cheek. But the flesh was pink and healing well. It was good news for us overall. I'm glad she's alive.

She tore her face off with her own claws!

The hard part about it is it will be quite late before you notice the symptoms day-to-day. When I start smelling a foul smell of blood and pus, it would be already too late to save some of her facial tissue. Another 2-4 week round of antibiotics and other medication and she's back to her normal self minus the lost face. A few months later and the infection is back!!

September 2019 reinfection. The first time it came back. It was a shocking moment

November 2019 reinfection

January 2020 reinfection

March 2020 relapse. DURING THE START OF THE LOCKDOWN! I had to bike 8 miles to another city to get her antibiotics under the smoldering sun because there are no more public transportation options. Luckily, the pet clinic was exempted from the lockdown and I got her critical meds. Police officers let me through the checkpoints after I told her story.

November 2020 infection. This was after the longest time she wasn't infected (7 months!!) which means things could have been done better to never have that disease again. Lockdown provided us with ample time and attention to monitor her and give her proper care.

January 2021 relapse. This is the most recent and probably the worst infection. It was a difficult time. I have neglected her because I was caring for her childhood cat friend, Tommy, my Mom's last cat who was 11 years old. It was days of back and forth to the hospital. I was working way overtime so I can pay for Tommy's vet bills doing digital paintings. Friends also chipped in to help (Thank you!!). Although I'm still paying debt I accrued from that surgery. It was one of the saddest days of my life.

Tommy didn't make it after his expensive surgery. It was a week of weeping for me, I neglected to check her for ticks. She was overrun with them! Weakening her immune system, her infection made the fastest comeback. She was bleeding anemic within 3 days of the symptoms. Her platelet count was way low and she smelled like a corpse.

Why we need your money

COVID-19 pandemic struck and put our school uniform and other custom merchandise business into a screeching halt. We have had no sales for the past 12 months due to the pandemic. The once bountiful business is now in coma. The coma shall stay until we fix problems that have to be attended first — health of pets, utilities, funding marketing, and manpower.

Because my primary business was pretty much unfeasible for the meantime and expensive to maintain, I picked up a new freelance career doing digital portrait paintings of people and pets. It's what has given us the chance to survive since September last year. That and the huge debt we racked up.

With your kindness, my dogs and cats especially Mirana could get better care, the lights and water supply could be kept on, and food would not have to be a worry. This will give me space and time to reduce urgent painting commissions because the dog needs medicine the same day or go hungry for over 24 hours.

How you can help

You can support us simply by sharing this campaign to your friends and family. But, if you can afford it, please donate cash or do business with me.

Option 1 - Donating Cash

This option removes a lot of pressure from painting commissions I sell for cheap because I don't have anything to eat or feed my dogs for the day.

If you're from outside The Philippines:

a. Please make a donation to my Paypal account [email protected]. You can do this using my artist Ko-Fi

b. Directly via Credit or Debit Card or Paypal using the GoGetFunding website with Paypal. (The platform takes a cut of about 3%)

If you're from The Philippines:

a. Donate in local currency by using Gcash 09167175449 CHARLES DELA CRUZ

b. Donate cash via local bank transfer to our BDO, BPI, RCBC, or Gcash accounts.

Charles dela Cruz
BDO Current Acct No. 000928032525
BPI Savings Acct. No. 4589131636
Gcash Acct No. 09167175449

Option 2 - Donating items we need

If you don't feel like sending cash and have some of the things in the list lying around, here are some items you can send over to our address below. This helps me have cash available for other things like monthly bills, self care, and other pet expenses.

33 Sikatuna Street, Brgy Catmon, City of Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines 3000
You can search CHAKIGUN MANUFACTORY on Google Maps and it would show you our exact address.

  • Pedigree Wet Dog Food (Php140 supermarket price per 700g can)
  • Any wet dog food brand
  • Royal Canin Recovery canned mousse
  • Bow Wow Dry Dog Food
  • Frontline Plus SMALL tick medication
  • Frontline Plus MEDIUM tick medication
  • Nexgard chewable for 10-20kg dogs
  • Any canned cat food brand
  • Cuties Catz brand dry cat food
  • Cat litter (clay or wood)
  • Dedicated electric fan to ventilate the dogs during the hot summer

Here's a full database on the stuff we immediately need which you can sponsor:

Huge thank you to the supporter who sent us these goodies early in March!

Option 3 - Commissioning Artwork

If you'd like to support by doing business instead, you can commission me to do digital portrait paintings for you, your pets, or people you love. You can view more of my work by visiting my Ko-Fi profile!
Commissions start at $39 per character.

Commission me via!

If you wanna see more or support this campaign, Ko-Fi is my preferred platform because they don't take fees!

Where will the donations go?

Pet medication, tests, surgeries, vaccinations, supplements, pest control
Paying Utility Bills and some urgent debt
Living expenses for the meantime like food, water, and mental health treatments.
Rebuilding my business so we can be self-sufficient again.
Work hardware to improve my working conditions.

As we remember Mom's 5th death anniversary in February 27, 2021, I wanted to do something more but I can only do that with your help. Cost of living and pet care are piling up with debt.

Rewards for donors

I have a few rewards available for those donating $89 and above! You can get digital portrait paintings in exchange of your donations. These will be available to you within 30 to 90 days. Be sure to be in touch with me via email so we can talk about your rewards. I will need reference photos from you.


Digital portrait painting of 1 of your pets

0 Backers

Digital portrait painting of 1 person

0 Backers

Digital portrait painting of 1 pet with 1 person in one piece

Digital portrait painting of 2 persons in one piece

Digital portrait painting of 2 persons and 1 pet

Digital portrait painting of up to 6 pets. One painting per pet!

Digital portrait painting of your family and pets in one piece (up to 6 characters)

Bundle of 10 portraits (1 portrait per person or pet)

Digital portrait painting of people or pets with free canvass print shipped to your US address


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