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There are moments when I close my eyes and try to convince myself that it's just a virus and it will pass, because I find it so hard to believe that my child has such a bad case of cancer".

Hello I am Veselisa, the mother of Mikolka from Bergovitz, Ukraine.

Two and a half months we travelled with our whole small family, me and my two children, my eldest and little Mikolka to our grandmother in the village.

When four-year-old Mikolka came in from playing outside I noticed something strange.

His temperature rose, he threw up and didn’t feel well.

I told myself straight away: "it's probably an allergy, or a virus, there is no need to panic".

But the strange virus didn’t disappear, and my Mikolka felt worse from day to day.

Slowly, slowly I felt how I was losing my Mikolka. He became less responsive, laughed less. I didn’t recognize my sweet and mischievous Mikolka…

When the test results came back, all I remember is me standing in front of the doctor and saying: " Cancer? How can it be cancer? It's only a virus!!!".

We redid the tests and they again showed that my Mikolka, the most mischievous boy in preschool, who can't sit on his chair more than a few minutes, the boy who makes everyone laugh, has malignant leukemia.

I close my eyes and remember those moments when I thought that it was an allergy and want more than anything to go back in time.

I was so naïve; I was sure that in a few days everything would pass and we would go back to being the same happy family.

But reality refuses to change, and my Mikolka has malignant cancer which is trying to wipe the smile from his face.

As soon as the doctor from the closest city to ours told me he had no way to treat the type of cancer Mikolka has I reacted like a machine: I booked a ticket for me and Mikolka, left his older sister at her grandparents and I flew to Israel to the hospital.

This week we started the first treatment, and with it came the first request for payment and I suddenly realized that for the battle for Mikolkas life I will need a lot of money: for treatments, for bone marrow transplants, for the expensive medicine.

I didn’t think about all of this before I came, I only wanted him to live!

I'm alone hear and scared, but I must laugh with Mikolka and show him that I am strong. He runs and laughs and doesn’t understand what is going to happen to him in the next months.

I need you, this mischievous boy loves life, and I need your help so that he will live.

Please, don’t leave me to fight this cancer alone!



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