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Hello everyone, My name is Sophia Lazaro. Sophie to most people. My mom is currently confined at Mission Hospital in Pasig and we are in greatly need of financial help.

Mar. 21, Thursday, when I arrived from work around 10am, found my mom lying on the floor. Tried to carry her and had her sit but we both fell down because she was so weak and dead weight at 68kls. That day she was so pale and have her tried to walk through the bathroom but her knees were so weak, it can't carry her own body. She has been complaining giddyness, pain in her upper torso or abdomen plus the suicidal pain she has been experiencing from trigeminal neuralgia (was diagnosed when we saw a neurologist on Monday, Mar 18, she was still ok at this time)

My first instinct is to send her to the hospital already but she was not cooperative and she's been shouting at me thinking that I will send her to the hospital. She fell from her bed 3x, at it worsen her condition. She has been trying to get up on her own feet but due to dizziness, she has been losing coordination and had problem in walking. Her vision was affected, even had speech problem and reading. Until the night of Mar 22, Friday, her situation and condition never changed. She had sleepless night trying to get her comfortable side of bed, but everytime she moves, she would cry in pain.

Despite her unwillingness, I still insisted and brought her to the nearest hospital, Mission Hospital. On her first 8hrs in the hospital, she had gone through lab test, 2 types of x-rays and ultrasound. She was diagnosed with PNEUMONIA, CARDIOGENIC PULMONARY EDEMA, GALSTONE AND THAT OF TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA.

She will undergo 2D Echo as she has been having heartbeat irregularoties, MRI, CITI SCAN and a series of X-RAYs and will continue medication. For her gallstone, she will either under go medication to dissolve gallstones or cholecystectomy surgery.

Her doctor gives us an estimated amount of 200k- 375k to be used in all of the procedures, medication and hospitalization. She doesnt have a health card due to her age. She only has Senior Citizen Discount and Philhealth to lessen these expenses plus PCSO IMAP that I will be working on soon as my request through the Medical Services of the hospital will be approved.

I am her only child and the only one who's been supporting her medical needs. She has been medically ill last September 2014 which put her into ICU for 22 days and stayed at the Medical City for another 14days for recovery.

This is another set of illnesses that came to her. She is 80 years old. And being the only child who's been supporting her medical needs, I still have 3 children that I still need to support.

I am humbly asking your big heart to support and help me in funding my mom's medication so she could recover. I am thankful for any amount that you may donate .

You can donate to this bank account as well.

Account name: Sophia Marie Lazaro

Account number:1024 0831 413

Thank you in advance and God bless your heart as always.


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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities