Burial Fees of my Mother, Maria Debbie’s Amazing Journey

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Good Day!

Please call me August for short, I left my parents and other siblings last September 2004, I have to stop my tertiary education due to poverty. My aunt called my father to let me go in manila so she can help me in my education, When I was in manila (Green Park Pasig) my aunty told me if I want to got to college I have to work, and I said No Problem.

A week after, my Aunty told me to go to my other Aunty in Bicutan Parañaque, She said I have to help her there because her husband is already disable, cannot do the laundry, can't go to market and can't cook anymore. All those duties of my Uncle were transferred to me and I continue doing them until June of 2005.

When 1st semester comes my Aunty from Pasig sent me money so I can enroll to college, She fully paid my tuition for whole Sem. When I started studying my class starts 7:00 am to 11:00 am and I am supposed to be in the house before 11:30 which I always did. After resting, at 1:00 pm I have to go to market to buy things that are needed for my aunty's sari sari store and also for our food in the next day.
Then I do the laundry after or sometimes in the evening.

When first semester ends, I saw my grades WOW! they are higher to what I am expecting. I even belong to top 3 in our section. I think I deserved it because even if I am tired and busy, I never ignore my studies. I review all my lessons before going to sleep and review them again in the morning before going to school.

Second semester starts, Tuition fee increase from 13K to 15K I think, good news was I got a scholarship 100% free tuition. All I have to do is to help the school marketing to increase the number of students to enroll in our institution. Are duties are going to other high schools especially those who are graduating. We encourage them to enroll in our school when they go to college, we introduce them are school and explain what are the advantages when they study there.

By the way when second sem starts, I have to leave my aunty :'( I told her that I cannot manage my responsibilities to her and her husband anymore. She felt sad and asked me why I need to leave? I said I will sleep in school so I can focus on my studies and to do my duty as a Student Assistant.

After 4 years I finished two courses in 2009, 2yr Computer Technician and 2yr Computer science these two courses are both ladderized. Comp tech can be BS computer engineering or BS Information Technology & BS Comp. Scie if I want to continue, Sadly that time our school offers only 2 year courses and we need to transfer into another branch to continue, In my case I can't do it because I am not a Student Assistant anymore If I transfer to other branch.

So I have to work, only 2 months I rests and I got a job as a field engineer of a bank, My duty there is to assemble computers, troubleshoot printers and many other IT related jobs. After a year I have a friend working in a computer store where my current Employer found me there.

I think I have to stop my story first, because I want to give way for my mother....

TRIVIA (feeling famous) I leave my Parents 2004 I came back May 2007 just 5 days leave then I returned (I owed that chanced to my second mother our guidance counselor) 8 Years after I have to go home, My brother died due to motorcycle accident. Then 8 months after my Mother died too many complications but stroke hit her badly....

Here is actually my purpose.....

I am asking from your kind help about my mother's transportation & burial fees. She suffered a rheumatic Heart Disease for almost 4 years and Intracerebral Hemorrhage in just 4 days.

My problem is only me and my sister will shoulder the bills, my mom died unemployed and my father is just a farmer but he is also suffering in arthritis and ryuma.

My mom's wake now is in Manila and need to transport in our province at Canipayan Valderrama Antique where my father is waiting. Me and my sister can't afford the fees and we are badly in need your help.

We are 7 siblings in the Family, 4 Brothers and 3 Sisters, sadly we are now 2.5 brothers left and 3.5 Sisters. My 4th sibling died last March 22 of the same year due to motorcycle accident. Our 6th sibling Thomas is confused in his gender right now :'(

Only me and my sister Lorena are currently employed but both of us have already our own family, 2 are still studying and two are still applying for a job.

You can donate to my BDO account
Account Number: 131-066-0938
Account Name: Agustin Ansiong

Paypal send to: [email protected]

Smart Padala: 5577-5193-3185-0108

CP No. : +639098533463

I am not expecting too much, but I really appreciate your support.
Hoping for your kind considerations. Have a good health always & God Bless You All.

Best Regards!
- August


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