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Mayari Animal Rescue Organization, Inc. (MARO) is a non-profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines. We are located in Cebu City, Philippines.

We promote compassion for all species and not to discriminate animals based on their breed, species, size or condition. We provide help for the suffering animals right on the spot and within their familiar environment as much as we relocate worse cases to our shelter for intense care.

Because No One Should Be Left Behind


The purpose of our welfare plan is to:

  • Prevent the needless death of animals
  • Prevent abandonment by owners
  • Rescue and re-home unwanted animals
  • Rehabilitate abused and neglected animals
  • Reduce the stress placed on humane societies
  • Educate the public about responsible pet ownership
  • Rescue impounded animals that are scheduled to be euthanized in various government run animal pounds in Cebu

“We Believe Every Being Deserves A Second Chance!“


We acquired the land of 140 sqm in 2016 and an additional 60 sqm in 2017 to built the main MARO Rescue and Rehab Center in Guadalupe.

An existing 30sqm jungle hut was turned into a shelter cabin with bathroom and kitchen to bath and prepare food for more than 100 rescues. The area was efficiently optimized to fit hygienic requirements, provide safety and improve the well-being of the rescues.

A second house was added with two rooms for stay-in helpers and a visitor's room (which is also used for storage and bathroom).


Our daily chores includes cooking meals for the rescues, feeding them twice a day, wash the feeding bowls, disinfect and cleaning the place, applying medicines and treatments, organizing supplies, bathing, etc.

MARO's rescues are all spayed and neutered (ligate / kapon) and anti-rabies vaccinated. We also vaccinate dogs with canine 5-in-1 and cats with feline 3-in-1 preventative shots!

We got also expenses for vaccines, veterinary bills, transportation, utility bills, etc.

Since MARO is limited with resources like space, manpower and support for taking in more animals at our four locations we focus on treatments of sick animals in the streets. Reported or facing the plenty abandoned strays in Cebu Cities streets. We carry medicines every day with us. We treat up to 45 dogs in peak times daily or up to every two weeks.

MARO also focus on birth control in dogs and cats. We organize castration of animals owned by less privileged people to avoid unwanted puppies and kittens. In June/July 2019 we spayed 28 females dogs within 5 weeks and had 40 puppies up for adoption. A joint project with the Cebu City Pound and a fellow rescuer who was able to have 55 puppies and 10 juniors at his adoption events adopted within July! We'll continue and be giving this project priority.

To continue our mission to rescue, provide shelter and care for the abused, neglected and abandoned animals of Cebu City, we need all the help that we can get.

Thank you to all our supporters that were with us through the years. We hope to raise funds for the extended MARO Shelter and continue with our goals. For inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact MARO in our facebook page. Thank you!


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Mayari Animal Rescue Organization, Inc. – MARO
A SEC registered Non-Profit Organization


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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