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Update posted by lia Timmermans On Jun 13, 2019

Mayan Immersion Update.

Firstly this week we would like to say a big thank you to John G for his awesome donation, as well as Axell. It really means a lot to us to know that people are supporting us and the Mayan Immersion idea.

What about the Mayan Immersion Bags?

As you know one of the products we are most passionate about are the Mayan Immersion bags. We sew a border onto a square of material then we embroider the Mayan Immersion logo on the side. It is then knotted at the opposing corners to make a very stylish and rustic bag.

Why are the Mayan Immersion bags so important?

In a word plastic, there is too much of it we want to give people a viable alternative to using plastic bags. The problem is they don’t want to carry a big bag around with them. So the Mayan Immersion bag can be folded into a small bag or even put into a pocket and then opened up to put more things in.

With one of these bags you will be able to say “sin bolsa plastico, por favor” whenever you buy anything in Mexico. What does “sin bolsa plastico, por favor” mean “no plastic bag, thank you.”

Making the Mayan Immersion bags. So the bags are useful, they protect the environment but there is one other key ingredient to the Mayan Immersion bags. We want them to be produced locally, by local people with local materials.

The cloth we have sourced from a local shop but they just don’t make the type of material we want right here in the Yucatan so it comes in. Then we take the material over to the Mayan farm when they aren't being the most fantastic hosts for our Mayan Immersion tours they make the bags to help give them an additional income.

Visiting the Mayan Family.

This week we went over to the farm to take the material for the first big load. There are a few different colours of material, borders and thread. We have given here instructions of how we want it to look but most importantly we want her to make it her own by putting her creativity and style into it.

They took us to an area near where they live that we have never been to before a lovely secluded and peaceful lagoon, there was a very high “Mira Dor” or look out tower and an eating area. This could be a great place to come and spend the night for one of our Mayan Immersion 24 hour tours.

We also bought some of their European honey. The Melipona they keep haven’t been producing as much honey recently. This is a worrying trend that is happening across the Yucatan. The introduction of European bees, large scale agriculture, destruction of habitat and construction projects are having a devastating effect on the Millepona bee population in the region. So better buy all the Melipona honey you can now before there is no more left. Don’t worry about it going off because it never goes bad. The best before date is forever.

While we were out exploring around the Mayan farm the mother carried a lovely shoulder slung bag that I thought looked great. It is rustic and traditional so we have ordered 5 of those as well. What we have done.

Materials for the Mayan Immersion Bag to The family.

More honey.

Found a great Camping location for our tours.

Another style of bag.

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Update posted by lia Timmermans On Jun 13, 2019

Mayan Immersion Update

What have we been up to?

Its been a really busy week for Mayan Immersion we have been out and about looking for suppliers of the finest Mayan art, crafts and other products to fill our shelves. We are looking for good quality products that are going to be great souvenirs or products that will supplement the tours that we are doing.

Our main criteria is that it is made by Mayan people so that we are helping to support the communities that live in the jungle.

First of all we travelled south of Tulum to the town where our accountant lives. He has been really supportive, helping us set up the shop, he is passionate about the idea so he has introduced us to some people he knows.

Painter First of all we met an artist at his home. The whole wall of his house was painted with the most interesting mural. He explained the that his art was full of traditional significance symbolising a respect and balance for nature. Then he showed us his pieces. He produces watercolours about A5 size with similar ideas to the mural. The come in a rustic wood frame and he will write an explanation for us of the significance of each so that when we sell them we will know what they mean.

We thought these looked very beautiful so we decided to get 5 to go on the wall.


Then we met another artist he does engravings on wood with heated metal, so he burns into the wood. He explained that he has learnt the traditional Mayan picture glyphs so he produces stunning pieces with lots of Mayan symbolism. They are either on flat pieces of wood, used like a canvas or, as it is on wood, he can do it on virtually anything we like. The Maya use natural plants to make cooking and eating items, like bowls, cups, water bottles and ladles, we can have them made with any engraving we like. Should we do a “Mayan Immersion” branded water bottle?

Melipona Honey

Next we went to meet a lovely lad who was very passionate about her product. She sells homey and homey products made with both Millepona honey and normal European honey. As well as the delicious eating honey she produces a whole range of soap, shampoo, mosquito repellent, talc, skin creams and sweets. This is exactly what we are looking for because they are products that people might need to buy during their holiday, as souvenirs to take back home or when they come on a Mayan Immersion Tour.

What made Lia happy most of all is that it is a woman's cooperative so it really fits in with her vision of, not just what she is selling, but the people she is working with.

We were so excited that we got a box of things to take away then.

Wicker baskets

Last of all w met an old Mayan man who was working in a small hut by the side of the road. He sells baskets, lampshades, hanging baskets and other things all made of wicker. So its folded and weaved wood.

It looks great even though we don’t think there will be a big market for us selling these.

They could be good to prepare a basket of the honey products in but we though they would be great to showcase he honey products in the shop. He was such a lovely man that we had to buy some things. He was a bit emotional when we gave him the money. He promptly closed his shop and walked a few huts up to the restaurant and ordered a meal.

So that was our amazing trip south.

We had a great time and found some great products. We will have the paintings and wood engravings in a week or so and the Honey is available in the shop.

First sale when one of our diver customers shared that she was in a shop that had Millepona honey for sale she had multipl requests from friends to get her some. So as well as having an awesome day diving with us in The Pit and Nicte Ha she also got some fine gifts to take back home to her friends and family. Thank you so much for being our first customer Alaya we really appreciate it.

What we have done so far.


Watercolour paintings

Engraved Art

First Sale

Dominic Evans written by Dominic Evans

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Update posted by lia Timmermans On May 31, 2019

🇬🇧 Little by little 🇬🇧.

What a week for Mayan Immersion Project.

Days after, little by little we are going forward even if everything isn't going as fast as I want.

Like I was explaining to you last week we signed our year rental contract for the local in Akumal. This cost us 2 months rent plus legal fees (14 000 mxn pesos - 700 USD).

Now it's time to start the legal permit, but like always when you really need something you can't find it and one of the legal paper we need from our owner is not where it should be. But no worries our support team is here and obviously helping so we have it ASAP and will be able to open.

What else did we do?

Dom is building our counter but it started to be difficult to find the material we needed to build the rest of the shop furniture and maybe as well some skills and some tools.

But this isn't what would stop us, and after thinking about it I remember a local man living at 15km from Tulum has a little shop made of palettes and seems to be making furniture.

So we went to meet him.

He is a really good artisan and does a really good job, this is why we ordered him the next pieces we wanted for the shop (2 600 mxn pesos - 130 USD).

Yesterday, to start the week with an amazing feeling we went to get our order and placed it in the shop.

And I believe it looks really great, what do you think?

🇫🇷 Petit à petit à petit 🇫🇷

Quelle semaine pour Mayan Immersion Project.

Quelques jours après, nous avançons petit à petit même si tout ne se passe pas aussi vite que je le souhaite.

Comme je vous l'expliquais la semaine dernière, nous avons signé notre contrat de location d'un an pour la section locale d'Akumal. Cela nous a coûté 2 mois de loyer plus les frais de légaux (14 000 mxn Pesos - 700 USD).

Il est maintenant temps de commencer le permis légaux, mais comme toujours, lorsque vous avez vraiment besoin de quelque chose, vous ne le trouvez pas et l'un des documents légaux dont notre propriétaire a besoin n'est pas la où il devrait être. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, notre équipe de support est là. Nous l'aurons donc dès que possible et nous pourrons enfin ouvrir. Qu'avons-nous fait d'autre?

Dom construit notre comptoir mais il a commencé à être difficile de trouver le matériel dont nous avions besoin pour construire le reste du mobilier du magasin et il nous manque peut-être aussi des compétences et quelques outils.

Mais ce n’est pas ce qui va nous arrêter, et après y avoir réfléchi, je me suis souvenu d’un homme vivant à 15 km de Tulum avec un petit magasin fait de palettes et qui semble fabriquer des meubles. Nous sommes donc allés le rencontrer.

C'est un très bon artisan et il fait du très bon travail, c'est pourquoi nous lui avons commandé les prochaines pièces que nous voulions pour le magasin (2 600 mxn pesos - 130 USD).

Hier, pour commencer la semaine avec un sentiment incroyable, nous sommes donc allés chercher notre commande et l'avons placée dans le magasin.

Et je crois que ça a l'air vraiment génial, qu'en pensez-vous?

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Update posted by lia Timmermans On May 31, 2019

🇬🇧 Today is a big day for Mayan Immersion Project.

Here we are at 1 PM, we are signing our year rental contract. As you saw in our last post, we have already started to decorate and organise the space.

As soon as the year contract is signed we are starting to apply for the legal permits, and of course, we still have lots of DIY and decorating to do in the Mayan Immersion shop.

What's the plan for this week:

Last week we did some price comparisons and tried to find out the cost for all the material the Mayan family will need to do the different products we will be selling.

I don't know if you remember, but we will be producing a few Mayan Immersion products (handbag and shirts). All hands made unique products.

We now know where to go to have the best quality materials for the best price.

We would love to be able to buy this as soon as possible, and so start the production and have a nice and singular product to display in the space and start to help the Mayans family working with us.

This week we are also going to meet a few Mayan artists to start a collaboration with them, as well as honey cooperative, and last but not least a meeting with the woman from the Punta Laguna reserve is going to take place so we can organise it so that every woman from the village will have work and some more income.

As you understand we have a lot of work and meetings this week and for all of this

we need you supoort.

How can you support the Mayan Immersion Project :

- like the Mayan Immersion Facebook and Instagram account

- share our gogetfunding with all your friends

- become a donor

It's really exciting and as well really scary to start this project but we believe in it, we believe in them, we believe in us and we believe in you.

Thank you very much for your support.

Mayan Immersion Team

🇫🇷 Aujourd'hui est un grand jour pour le projet Mayan Immersion.

Il est 13 heures ici et nous signons notre bail pour l'année. Comme vous l'avez vu dans notre dernier message, nous avons déjà commencé à décorer et organiser l'espace.

Dès le contrat signé, nous commençons à demander les autorisations légales et, bien sûr, nous avons encore beaucoup de travaux de bricolage et de décoration à faire dans le futur magasin “Mayan Immersion”.

Le programme pour la semaine à venir :

La semaine dernière, nous avons consulté les prix des matières premières afin de déterminer le coût du matériel nécessaire pour fabriquer les différents produits que nous vendrons.

Je ne sais pas si vous vous en souvenez, mais nous allons proposer les premiers produits Mayan Immersion (sacs, chemises, ...). Chaque objet sera unique puisque entièrement réalisé à la main.

Nous savons maintenant où aller pour obtenir les meilleurs matériaux au meilleur prix.

Nous aimerions pouvoir tout acheter le plus tôt possible, commencer la production et avoir de beaux produits à exposer dans ce nouvel espace et permettre à la famille Maya d’obtenir ses premiers revenus de notre collaboration.

Cette semaine, nous allons également rencontrer quelques artistes mayas pour amorcer un partenariat avec eux et poser les bases d'une coopérative de vente de miel.

Enfin, nous allons organiser une rencontre avec les femme de la réserve de Punta Laguna afin que chaque femme du village ait du travail et un revenu supplémentaire.

Comme vous le comprenez, nous avons beaucoup de travail et de réunions cette semaine et pour tout cela nous avons besoin de vous soutien.

Comment pouvez-vous soutenir le projet Mayan Immersion :

- suivre le compte Facebook et Instagram de Mayan Immersion

- partager notre demande financement avec tous vos amis

- devenir donnateur

C'est vraiment excitant et très effrayant de démarrer ce projet, mais nous y croyons, nous y croyons, nous croyons en nous et nous croyons en vous.

Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien.

Équipe de Mayan Immersion

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Bon courage, belle initiative :-)

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Longue vie à vos projets ! En souvenirs d'une magnifique journée avec toi .


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Félicitations et bonne chance pour la suite


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Bon courage, je souhaite plein succès à ce beau projet et suis prête à renouveler ma modeste contribution

Estelle Göger

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