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Update posted by Libuse Foord On Jan 11, 2017

Hey everyone,

I somehow did not get to writing of too many updates on here. Time has passed so fast and the three months I originally raised the money for are over, well, were over one month and a half ago. I continue to raise money offline thanks to a foundation in the Czech Republic, and I am able to pay for Matt´s therapy, not only for the individual one, but also for the group OTA therapy (he attends every week).

We also go for speech therapy and craniosacral therapy. I do not think I have to explain it is simply tiring and I feel most of the time exhausted. Still, I know how lucky I am to be able to get all of this care for my son. I would like to thank again those three angels who helped in the first place. It was not just the money, it was hope you gave me, that things are possible, that I can do this, I can manage.

2016 was truly the hardest year of my life, not only because of the diagnosis of my son, which is at the moment clearer - "severe" autism (low-functioning) and mental retardation, but also on a personal level. It was a year of bad news, frustration, despair, isolation, fear, self-destructive thoughts and in the end, a year of friendship. It was those few who stuck around and helped me to overcome the painful situations of complete desolation.

I am ending the campaign today, as it clearly has no purpose at the moment, I manage to finance. Should you feel the need to follow our journey, connect with me on Instagram, where I post in IG stories quite often (libsfromneverland).

Happy 2017!


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Update posted by Libuse Foord On Nov 07, 2016

Visual tools to teach self-care skills:

Washing hands and brushing teeth

Our first communication book with food and drinks (in Czech) - based on the picture exchange communication system:

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Update posted by Libuse Foord On Sep 09, 2016

Matt starts the group therapy (intensive O.T.A. therapy) in CTA Prague next Tuesday! I am so excited. I met with the main therapist Petra to go over the contract. We spoke about his traits and our goals. I certainly liked Petra, although I met her for the very first time. The CTA premises for the group therapy are located close to the Vltava river as well. I cannot wait to take Matt for a walk every time he finishes his session.

In addition, Matt will continue the one-on-one therapy with his dear Berta from Friday 16th.

This week we went to speech therapy. It was our third time there and Matt was unfortunately very upset. It has been a tough week in general for him. He was often upset and lacked interest in working on any given task.

We started working on Matt´s diary again - I´ll add some pictures soon. I also made the very first PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) communication book for Matthew.



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Update posted by Libuse Foord On Jul 12, 2016

It´s been two weeks since the last day of therapy in CTA before the summer break. What a journey it has been, what a journey this is!

Matthew will continue one-on-one therapy in CTA from September and he will also start with group therapy - thanks to your donations. He will attend his first speech therapy session in two days.

We were rather busy in June. Matt went through several examinations and screenings visiting neurologist, psychologist, pediatrician, and also SPC Chotouňská (Speciálně-pedagogické centrum - Special pedagogical centre) in Prague for special needs assessment and counselling. We also scheduled a comprehensive psychiatric assessment at pedopsychiatrist and a speech therapy. The visits at different specialists seem to be never ending, but it makes me grateful, that a) the health care is covered by insurance b) we have the resources and possibilities.

Matt enjoys the summer, he loves running, no matter how hot it is outside and he enjoys playing in his pool on the balcony. He has progressed over past two months enormously. Does he speak yet? No. But he starts using non-verbal communication - pictograms (slowly!), and other means, like signs I teach him. He can finally communicate "yes" by nodding his head (well, more by placing one´s hand on his own head and nodding), but it will do for now.

He also suddenly started showing interest in our dog (Gizmo) and the cat (Maty). He rarely touches them, in fact, not so long ago he would completely ignore them, but now, he stares at both of them and slowly touches their hair... Makes me ecstatic!

What else?

We are happy, if anyone wonders, it is surely tough at times, but Matt is such a joy, he smiles most of the time. His favourite interactive game with me is climbing on top of me and making me raw like a lion. He laughs so much when I do that and he pushes my chin to repeat. Just imagine, what a simple thing to do, yet it makes him so happy. It seems like every day there are moments of celebration and it makes me appreciate everything.

Oh yes, I bought Matt a tablet. There is definitely something about autistic kiddos and tablets, he loves it, he can work different apps better than his grandma! Strange how children on spectrum cannot do certain things, but in others they excel. I downloaded some educational games for him, but if anyone has good tips for some fun engaging learning apps for autistic children for android, let us hear them!

Thanks everyone for reading and participating.

Love from Prague

PS: Bought this book, it is awesome(self-care for children with autism spectrum disorder)

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Update posted by Libuse Foord On May 18, 2016

I am ever so happy and grateful. Thanks everyone who read, shared and/or donated. I certainly did not expect this to happen so fast. Every single donation means a lot to me and it gives me so much hope - it is truly hard to express!

As I mentioned the target amount covers 3 months of the intensive therapy in CTA Prague and Matt will start to attend in September. In the meantime, he goes to one-on-one therapy and I aim to sign him up for speech therapy and to find him a physical therapist. I´d like to keep the campaign open for donation. Everything we get on top of the target amount will go to behavioural, physical and speech therapy for Matthew. I will update on regular basis, if anyone wants to follow up Matt´s journey and progress. Thank you again!

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Wish you all the best .. You are really a great mom and you deserve all the help you can get

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