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Mario was born by caesarean section, and on the third day of his life he was discharged home as a healthy baby. After exactly one month of life, his heart stoped beating and he stops breathing. This is where the drama that every parent dreads begins. Dad Niko and mom Kristina immediately called an ambulance, and Mario was resuscitated in an ambulance.

He spent six months on a respirator and then an oscillator. His liver and kidneys failed and he was on dialysis with countless pneumonias, sepsis, flus and bacterias.

Mario then had surgery to tie the pulmonary aorta and close the hole in his heart, doctors put a pump in his head and a cannula so he could separate from the apparatus.

As a result, complete brain atrophy ensued. In addition, the little one also has epilepsy.

For him has already being collected and everything from medical supplies was bought for him.

But the problems are still there because dad Niko receives the status of a home parent, disability allowance and child allowance, and mum Kristina was fired and has not been able to find a permanent job since.

The day with Mario starts at five in the morning. No rules. Sometimes there is a change of clothes, morning hygiene, changing the invocation around PEG (PEG is an abbreviation for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, ie placing a special catheter through a small incision in the abdominal wall, which serves the patient's diet), inhalation, drainage. Then throughout the day aspirating, draining, lubricating the therapy he receives on PEG ... it's a full-time job.

Mario also has a sister. He is unaware of anything around him and needs 24-hour care in which mom and dad take turns. Sister is also familiar with the situation and is living day by day with Mario. Although seemingly happy and playful, the nine-year-old girl knows everything she needs to know about her brother. Only heaven knows what fears her childish soul hides.

The family lives in a rented apartment, they simply cannot without a car, Mario needs supportive therapies in the form of vitamins, immunobusts, creams and ointments ....

Dad receives a fee of 550 € from 1.7. (Until June 30, the benefit was € 280), there is also a disability allowance of €200 and a child allowance of €120, which is now a total of € 870, while on the other hand the monthly expenses exceed the figure of € 1300.

This family really needs help, because what can they actually give up? Rents and utilities? Or the car on which Mario’s life sometimes literally depends? Medicines, supplements, hygiene supplies or maybe a cream thanks to which Mario doesn't even have pressure sores?

It is not easy to ask for help, you fall to your knees and trample the last traces of self-esteem, you feel humiliated, ashamed ...

And then, again, how to give up when Mario has endured it all, is alive, breathing and occasionally smiling. And it is that smile that gives you the strength to trample everything inside you and pray. Mario taught his family humility and gratitude.

Please, let's help this family all together


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