Marina versus Hodgkins

Update posted by Bill Ramsay On May 20, 2017

It has been about five months since Marina's last chemo treatment. She has had a couple of scans which have been clean! She is recovering nicely and is back at work at Nelson Labs. We are so grateful that Marina can get back to life, love, and make plans for her future. We are so thankful to all of our friends and family for their thoughts, their prayers and all their help. And while the challenges of dealing with something that threatens the very life of someone you hold so dear are trying, the blessings we have experienced from those around us, even those we may not know well, from our Father in heaven, and even from Marina herself have been almost overwhelming. We are hard pressed to express our gratitude. There are still challenges in the future and we ask you to keep Marina and Kent in your thoughts and prayers.

After Marina's treatment at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, the institute teamed up with Intermountain Healthcare to provide support to young adults who are facing the challenges of cancer. Marina has been included in a couple of articles in the local area as they reach out to this underserved group. Here are some links...

Salt Lake City Tribune


Channel 4

Fox 13

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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Feb 26, 2017

Marina recently had a PET scan after her last chemo treatment in December and the results were clean! As you can imagine, Marina's friends and family are delighted and of course Marina herself is looking forward to getting back to life and work. Last week she had some 'minor' surgery, largely unrelated to this last year's challenges. All went well and it shouldn't be long before she resumes her duties at Nelson Labs.

We are all incredibly grateful to all our friends and family for all your support. Your thoughts and prayers have been a great support to all of us. Of course Marina herself has been a great support to us through the whole thing. None who know her would be a bit surprised! We of course also appreciate those who have been kind and generous enough to support Marina and Kent in a more financial capacity. It continues to provide a great relief for them to make ends meet. There will still be some challenges in that regard so continued support is indeed appreciated.

While the last year has been quite a challenge we have keenly aware of the many blessings that have managed to meet us along the way. You are all a big part of those blessings and we give humble thanks every day. Thank you and bless you all!!

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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Dec 06, 2016

Marina has one more gate to pass before starting her recovery from Hodgkin's. No Dad wants to watch one of his Little Ones go through anything like chemotherapy but I can't tell you how amazed I am at how Marina has wielded her sword with courage, strength and even humor. I would like to think that I could face her challenges with half her vigor and faith and charm. I can't wait to see her again along with her wonderful sisters at Christmas!

Marina and Kent will continue to face challenges while Marina regains her health and strength. They will continue to need your help and prayers. We have been amazed by how much love has been graciously shared by everyone with Marina and our whole family. We love you all!

Marina so rocks!

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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Oct 28, 2016

Marina now enters the last couple of months of her chemotherapy treatment to defeat Hodgkin's Lymphoma. They are also the hardest months as the treatment continues to wreak havoc on the cancer she fights as well as the systems that try to protect her. Recovery begins just before Christmas and will probably take a few months. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she continues her fight.

On the financial side Marina's short term disability expired and they will not qualify for long term disability so with little income they will be a continued need until Marina can get herself back in the lab. If you are so moved your help is appreciated!

Of course through it all Marina is going to make the best of it and since it is Halloween that means dressing up for her chemo treatment! Only Marina!

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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Sep 19, 2016

Marina has reached the half way point in her chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin's Lymphoma! She and we have been blessed with so much love and support along the way! It is difficult to express how grateful we all are for all of your thoughts and prayers.

While the treatment is still no easy task, Marina has found a groove and makes the best of it as only Marina can! The doctor is encouraging and has told her that she may be able to return to work earlier than expected after her treatments. While I'm not sure that would be a good thing, I'm sure Marina would be thrilled.

Please continue to keep Marina in your prayers!

Mom, Marina and Lise were happy to be at Sasha's Ballet Theater performance this last weekend. Only one thing missing...!

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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Aug 27, 2016

Once again a great Thank You to you all for thinking of Marina! It was, to say the very least, Grand to have Marina (and everyone else!) home in Massachusetts for Lise's Open House! Marina's treatments were timed so that she would have the best chance to be on an energy peak during the trip ad it worked great.

Marina is about a third of the way through her treatment at the Huntsman and just had a PET scan to see how things are going. We were happy and relieved to hear from her doctor that she is progressing very well. Hopefully Marina will share the details!

Marina, Kent and Deb spent an evening at the Huntsman Center to listen to her doctor give a talk. I think they had fun!

Again, thank you all and please keep Marina in your thoughts and prayers!

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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Aug 11, 2016

I continue to be humbled by our loving friends and family!! Thank you all for your continued generosity in prayers and earthly treasure!

So, in case you hadn't heard Marina's little sister Lise was married last week (August 5th) to Christian. The emotional roller coaster continues! Our deepest wishes for everlasting happiness to both!

We are all at home now for Lise's open house here in Massachusetts and we are grateful that Marina could make the trip! And of course she looks awesome!

She will be back in Utah next week for another round of chemo. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers!!

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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Jul 31, 2016

Just had to share Marina's latest event in her battle. If there's a bright side to this Marina will find it. We all get to see Marina's beautiful noggin!

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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Jul 24, 2016

Thanks to all of you for your support for Marina and our family! Marina has been through (endured) two treatments for Hodgkin's. The road is challenging. It's tough for Marina, too! Marina has decided to take on a new look commensurate with her treatment. Of course Marina likes to do things in style.

Please continue to hold Marina in your thoughts and prayers. There's still a long way to go!

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Update posted by Bill Ramsay On Jul 18, 2016

We are incredibly grateful for and humbled by the generosity and love from our friends and family! Please continue to keep Marina in your thoughts and prayers as she ferociously battles this enemy. Know that we love you all!!

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