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My name is Billy Pae. I graduated from the Johns Hopkins University with a B.A. in Biology and then went on to graduate from the University of Nebraska Medical Center with an MD degree. i am currently a first year law student at Creighton University as a JD candidate for May 2019.

I hope to launch a start-up named MalMed that helps victims of medical malpractice. I think it is too hard to take on the medical-legal system these days even if you or a loved one was negligently injured or even killed by a physician or hospital staff or policy. The odds are heavily in their favor. So, I want to start an Alternative Dispute Resolution business online via a website to reach out to potential clients who may need my help in getting justice for iatrogenic or medically caused injury and death.

Most attorneys cost a lot of money upfront to even take on a medical malpractice claim. Most other attorneys do not have the medical knowledge to easily assess whether an injured client has a true or "winnable" medical malpractice case. Most attorneys have to hire expensive medical experts who then have the tough job of trying to determine if their colleagues have committed medical malpractice. It is expensive and it is hard. It can truly be a frustrating, uphill battle just to get a settlement from medical staff who might even admit that they made a mistake. That is where MalMed comes in to save the day.

I would like potential clients to find me, and discuss their situation. I would request that they send in their pertinent medical records along with x-rays and laboratory results. I would then ideally examine the documents and determine within 4 weeks whether the case is "winnable." Then I would move straight to settlement in Alternative Dispute Resolution. The best part is, is that I would ask for minimal upfront fees and stay out of court. Most medical malpractice attorneys arrange for 33% contingency fees along with attorney's fees, but I would ask for 20% without any court fees. Those attorneys filing legal claims take sometimes years and many times, they do not win any compensation. I would be fast, and effective. I would offer no guarantees, but I would use the legal estimate calculations conventional for legal remedies for medical malpractice and strive to get a minimum of $200,000 per settlement.

I am not an "ambulance chaser." I am not a sadistic and greedy businessperson trying to make a quick buck off other people's misfortunes. No. Most people would rather they got their arm or leg or loved one back than settle for money. However, I want to help those people who have lost an arm or a leg or an eye due to a doctor's mistake. What can they do? Work? They need help and I care enough to get results.

Start-up costs would be around $5,000 for a website with encryption for medical records, hosting, marketing and advertising on a national scale, outside legal and medical consultation fees, incorporation fees, trademark and possible patent fees, staffing, insurance, travel costs, and E-commerce.

I am looking for Angel Investors or start up benefactors. I would not be able to start up the business until after I finished law school. I would like to get started however with incorporation, trademark filing, and preparations for website design and function. We would need software designed as well to help with medical records, and x-rays.

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