Malaysia’s 1st Medical e-learning platform tailored for medical students’ needs

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Hello! I'm Amsyar a fresh medical graduate 3 month ago (november 2020), recently went to 2 business courses and i'm here to raise fund for my medical e-learning project as a startup in Malaysia. There are a lot of reasons why this project will help a lot of people, read more below...

As a fresh medical graduate, i know how hard it is to complete a medical school. Not only me, but it applies to a lot of other medical students as well. Being a top student in secondary school does not mean that much because medical school is very much harder than we think.


Problems that i encountered during my medical school are :-

1) Mainly, we re lacking of organized question/exercise book with reliable answers.

2) Furthermore, medical books are expensive and there are variety of reference/books in which we do not know their relevance, reliability and importance to have them.

3) Not only that, i also notice that it is difficult for students to buy books because there is only 1 bookstore available in Malaysia for medical reference, so they require someone from that area to buy for them during holiday.

4) Covid 19 impact to the education system in which everyone have problem while adapting to this situation. Lecturers have more workloads, students have a lot of difficulty of virtual online class, etc. At last, eventhough the workload increases, the effectiveness does not increase in fact decreasing! This is a concern!


Realising these problems, since medical years i always have this idea of making e-learning website for medical students in order to cater all problems into 1 single solution. Because i know it will be very effective since i have experience using it before this during my secondary school, i am someone from bad academic performance can outdo the best student in school in such a short time

Making E-Learning Website as a solution.

When students have access to this e-learning website, we can shorten the time for them to study as they can study more effectively, quickly, anywhere, anytime possible at their fingertip. As everyone have their own smartphone.

We need to create a better solution utilising technology to produce more effective outcome rather than relying on technology for just an alternative or substitute that may dampen the student momentum and lecturer's momentum as well. Reducing lecturer's workload at the same time increasing the productivity of students are the main reason to create this website.

Besides, producing excellent medical graduates will benefit the community as well by having a higher level standard of care and quality. Society will be more confident towards medical graduates eventhough they were just freshly graduated from medical college or university.

Not only that, this website also will create job opportunities that will benefit the community as well for economic growth.


So since medical years i have planned to make this idea into realisation.

After graduated 3 months ago, i went to 2 business courses, one is "Creative Leadership in the New Norm" and another one is "Business Technology" by Harvard University.

Knowing a lots of things in business now help me to devise a good plan for executing the idea.

My product value : (Online Question Bank with answers and notes/videos)

1) portable platform

2) simple interface, convenient

3) high accessibility - can be access anywhere anytime

4) cover broad scope as it have thousands of questions

5) reliable and uptodate

6) interactive features

7) valuable price

8) increasing study effectiveness, boost performance, motivation, confidence

9) reducing workloads

10) producing medical graduates of better quality and competency

11) Later, if I managed to complete the medical content, I will add other courses as well such as pharmacy, dentistry, foundation study, etc.

I have tried using free web to build a prototype however due to the limitations of "free plan website", it does not allow me to go further as i want to customize the website accordingly. I am required to pay the hosting plan, domain name, plug-ins, apps and others to actually make the website works.

These are the free web that i used but i only able to create the web design and superficial content because of limited feature of being "free website".

I have tried all sorts of things to make it work for free, however, to no avail i still cannot proceed as the features i want to build need to be paid.

This picture is one of the feature of the website (using google form as a substitute because its free), but still not attain my ideal feature at all. It is far from what i imagined.


I required some amount of money to proceed with this innovative idea that would be beneficial to a lot of people.

Budget Overview

The Medical E-Learning Project work with lecturers, students and Programmer to make the website as minimum viable product and later as minimum lovable product.

TRL 1-3 - done

TRL 4 (im stucked here) - requiring $5000

TRL 5-9 - may require up to $60000

To ensure the project are viable, sustainable and have the support from the community, the budget for making this project into realisation is approximately $5000. In reality, i actually need a lot more than that to make full content of the website but as a kickstart, it surely will help a lot in making the website successful. The budget includes any other small costs that may arise along the way. The budget also cover my basic needs for 3 month as I am really passionate and serious focusing, building and perfecting this website. (why 3 month? Read at my timeline below.) It could be better if i can get way more than that because i can focus completely building the product instead of worrying about funding.

If there is any money left over, it will be used to improvise the website content and for marketing purposes. I am sure this e-learning project will help a lot of people along the way whether students, lecturers, community as it will also provide job opportunity to others as well helping the economic growth.


Currently i am waiting for posting at local hospital to become junior doctor. I have about 3-4 month to make this project successful at prototype stage. I aim that i able to raise fund before the end of january 2021, so that i can proceed the project accordingly. Really hope i can start making the website next month!

If you are unable to contribute using money, perhaps you can get the word out and tell others about this campaign.

Thanks so much for your support - together we can change the quality of study of these students!


No reward. I m in this for the love! Thank you very much.

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You 're awesome! thank you! i really appreciate it! your name will be put inside the website once it is completed as an "important contributor"

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You 're incredible! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your name will be inside the website later as a "special contributor"

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Thank you very very very much! Surely your name would be in the website as the "most top, important, special contributor"

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