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Just like other large and responsible animal shelters, we are facing the same FINANCIAL and ANIMAL NUMBER PROBLEMS.

As of today, the overall debt, including the fitting out of the Bunny Villa, debt to veterinary clinics, maintenance of animals and due taxes, amounts to EUR 15,250. The amount is growing with each saved animal in critical condition, who needs expensive treatment. THAT’S IT. WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY NEW ANIMALS.

Not a single day goes by that we do not take in an animal in critical condition, whose treatment costs often exceed EUR 500. Hit by cars, neglected, thrown away animals are our daily reality.
There are days that we take 10–15 kittens off the streets, who are then treated in clinics for weeks and grow up in the shelter without finding a home.

EVERY DAY, we travel on average 300–500 km to help severely injured and suffering animals.

One of our cars has broken down so we are left with only one car, which also needs costly repairs – at least EUR 300.

There are currently 214 animals in our care, who require MAINTENANCE. The microchip implanting alone costs EUR 3,210 for all animals, vaccination for all animals stands at EUR 2,782. This is not including worm and flea treatments, SURGERIES, X-RAYS, CT SCANS and other expensive tests, which are necessary for every other saved animal.

We could count the days when we can feed all the inhabitants of the shelter preserves on the fingers of one hand. Unfortunately, there are days when we are not able to give preserves even to those who need them most – small, sick, toothless kittens or those who cannot eat dry food due to health problems. 182 – this is the number of preserves packets we need EVERY DAY. They cost around EUR 150.

We have calculated that we need 674 kg of LITTER PER WEEK to fill all the boxes in the shelter. It costs around EUR 632 per month.

Even with thousands in debt, we do not give up and implement the trap-neuter-return programme EVERY DAY in order to mitigate the TRAGEDY of PROCREATION of stray pets. Spaying of one cat, including other necessary treatments (worm and flea treatment, post-operative care and vaccination), costs EUR 55. Castration of one male cat and other necessary procedures cost EUR 45. On average, we trap 3 cats per day. Thus, we spend at least EUR 4,500 per month for the neutering of stray cats alone.

We do not sit on our hands and do not expect the money to fall out of the sky. Every day we knock on all doors asking for HELP. We ask all businesses, local authorities, mayors, ministries... We are walking a hard path towards a DIFFERENT attitude to HOMELESS ANIMALS. And we sincerely believe that we will succeed. We can already see some signs of success: more and more people in our society are beginning to appreciate a stray pet and accept it as a full member of society.

We understand that us, EACH responsible citizen, are the LAST HOPE for many animals. We know that most of them would die suffering without receiving help. We often give some HOPE to people who want to help animals, but get a strict ‘NO’ from many shelters they visit or call – ‘we do not have room, please call somewhere else’. Eventually, they find shelter with us. Understanding all of the above and assuming the responsibility, we are exceeding our limits. We have not had room for new animals for more than six months now. The homes of our volunteers and employees have become small shelters and the Villa is filled up to the last corner. We take our cages to overcrowded clinics so that they would agree to accept ONE MORE pet.

Against the backdrop of horrible stories and wrecked lives we see every day, we try to remain POSITIVE and spread the light by sharing success stories and hiding the tears we shed when nobody is watching. We are creating a DIFFERENT shelter, where the visitors feel at home and compare it to a pet hotel. Every day we allocate several hours for cleaning so that our inhabitants could live in a clean and cosy environment. Keeping the shelter clean costs us at least EUR 350 per month.

This and many more things have resulted in a debt of EUR 15,250. WE WORK 24/7 for the sake of injured animals and spend as much time thinking how to avoid bankruptcy. We know that we have a lot of supporters and will be grateful to everyone who contributes to helping animals until our last day.

Today we are facing immense difficulty. We are in a hopeless situation, where it seems that everything we have worked for is suddenly losing sense. We do not want to believe that this is the END, but we do not know how to get out of this situation. We cannot accept new animals. We cannot keep asking for everything on loan, while the debt is haunting us every step of the way. YOU ARE OUR LAST HOPE. This time – really the last one. On behalf of all the animals and the team of the Vyšnių Sodas shelter, WE ASK FOR YOUR HELP. Please help us to recover and cover at least part of the debt so that we can continue to function. One euro, two, ten or a hundred – it does not matter, no donation is too small. At the moment, each euro is of VITAL IMPORTANCE to us and makes a difference. If we survive this terrible period, believe us, nothing else will be terrifying to us. Please, stand with us...

Vyšnių Sodas VšĮ
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SWIFT: CBVILT2X (for benefactors from abroad)
Remittance information: “Vyšnių sodo veiklai” (For the activities of Vyšnių Sodas)
Paypal: [email protected]


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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