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Update posted by Mary King On Jan 30, 2016

I met someone that wanted to help me get back on my feet. After moving what little I own I learned the rent is 900 behind, the Internet been cut off . I was on my way to getting the medical care I desperately need , that was fallen though.

I'm going to have to take my cats to a shelter, and try to get in a homeless shelter my self. There is a waiting list for both shelters that take women. I can't go back where I was, I don't have ant money for a hotel.

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Update posted by Mary King On Dec 29, 2015

The flowing story is UNTRUE for the most part; in fact there is just enough truth in it that you should be frightened of the Mental Health care in my State, Enjoy.

Please help; I’ve been abducted by Hillbilly Aliens, which recentlyy ate anti-gay pizza. I think, I’ve been pregnant with their many offspring for a year. Oh gods my water just broke and multi-color glitter, I think they are going to kill me if they see this, I really hope the pizza wears off soon.

You have no idea how my life is, I wake wondering if I’m going to be feed, or they going to give me water? When I’m really good I get to take a shower. I haven’t seen a Doctor in over a year, there is a free clinic in town, I walked all morning, to get there by 1 pm stood in line, cause I was told not to sit in the grass, my knees and ankles was so painful that day…. Three more people then I can be seen…… WHAT the Doctor is leaving he only works 2 hours ??? I tell the nurse I’m carrying offspring, I’m being raped daily by extraterrestrial aliens that make me listen to bluegrass, and wear Joe dirt wigs. She was nice and gave me the number to another clinic that may be able to help me.

Of course I sneak a call to this other clinic, set up an appointment. First I’m told the computers are down and it’s too much work to do my intake by hand. I went home saddened and hopeless. I was surprised when I got messages from their drug group therapist asking if I wanted to come back. That was September…. in Nov the therapist I’m giving, thinks I DO NEED to see their doctor and I’m giving an appointment in April. I hope I live that long, and I hope I have the money for the medication.

I’m not lazy, I’m ill , I’m not afraid of work, I simply so depressed that most days I don’t eat, or drink water, I may not even get out of the pallet I sleep on in the floor.

Oh no, the Hillbilly Aliens, are restringing their banjos, someone help me please.

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Update posted by Mary King On Dec 26, 2015

No matter what, I need to move, I need my own place without room mates. I really haven't gone into details about how I ended here, or why all of my belonging are gone, it's really painful to talk about.

In June of 2015 I had a successful kickstarter and was able to buy new embroidery machine, sewing machine, work tables and supplies. I have been fighting this battle of recovery for awhile.

I was so shocking when Etsy rules had changed and small business was pushed aside for large manufactures. It left me out in the cold, and struggling to make ends meet. I'm really hoping by laying out what I make, and how much the cost of living is that I'm able to make ends meet and get on my own two feet again.

So here is the place I want to live, it's way back in the woods, no one is going to brother me, I can have my music as loud as I want.... as soon as I have speakers.

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Update posted by Mary King On Dec 21, 2015

If you are wondering why I haven't been posting as much. I came to my attention that it's the Winter Holidays, or Summer Holidays if you live in the southern hemisphere. Much of what I've been talking about, on my Facebook Fan page, is kinda a downer, I know that many people are like me and shut down over this time, just so they don't have to feel the pain that comes with the season. People that suffer from depression truly and deeply suffer during these times.

January is just around the corner and I hope to start the new year with hope. My Yuletide wish.... a bed to sleep on, nothing too big or fancy, just a full size mattress and box springs.

With any luck and help from orders be it quilts or bags I'll get my own roof over my head and have some much needed peace and comfort..... even if all I own is a bed, and work tables.

I have been able to pick up some little things like a blanket, towels, cat food and litter, yes I still care for cats no matter where I am. I have a few winter clothing so no worry there, even a nice wool winter coat.

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I hope and pray that EVERYTHING works out in your favor. Bless your soul and your 2 furbabies soul. You 3 are in my thoughts. Much love and Kindness, Brandy Brown

Brandy Brown

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Jane Collazos

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I hope this helps. Blessings and positive energy sent to you to begin a new chapter of life. Love and Light, Marcia

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Good luck!

catherine Magraith

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