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Update posted by Coady Ryan On Jan 31, 2017

I've had a Hearing date set for March 7 at 10am for at least a week now. I've been waiting for my order for a motion to shorten the time before I go in front of the judge for my emergency motion and motion for temporary orders pending the final divorce decree. I just called the judges chambers and was told (again) I should know something by the days end.

I've been waiting on this for two weeks. It's incredibly frustrating.

I do have good news also, but not knowing if any spies are lurking I'll have to keep it to myself for now.

Also, I wanted to give "ANONYMOUS" a shot out! Thank you so much for your generosity!!

Twenty five percent! Not horrible. :)

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Update posted by Roxy Castellano On Jan 25, 2017

Words cannot begin to touch the amount of anger I am feeling right now! This morning an officer greeted Coady upon our return home from the store to serve her with this..

This is what we call a NO CONTACT ORDER.

I watched Coady as she walked in the door and to her room. She was already holding back tears. She down and took a deep breath as she started to open the envelope. She started to tear up when she saw what it was and quickly cycled through the pages until she landed on one in particular. Without warning she started SOBBING. I grabbed the document from her and this is the page she had landed on.

I could barely stomach it. The things he put in there are so heinous you'd think he was referring to a hardened criminal who is in and out of prison and putting cigarette butts out on his kids neck!

She cried hard for an hour and kept saying (from what I could make out) how can he do this, I never did anything to deserve this. How can he do this to the kids? He's making them think I'm some monster they need to escape from!" Finally she passed out.

I was so angry! I still am. All the years I've known Coady I never once saw her without a happy child near her! Anytime they weren't happy she did everything in her power to eliminate the issue or expedite the process. When you see these children with their mother you don't ever get that uneasy feeling or think, "What's really going on at their house?"

I called a bunch of attorneys asking each one if they had financing options available or would consider working with her via a payment plan. There was literally not one single one who would help her. In fact, a few said that they would need to charge more considering the vicious nature in which he is cut throat attacking!

When she woke up I relayed the collected information. She spent the rest of the day calling even more places and researching away in between more crying. I believe she scheduled a few appointments as well.

She just told me she will post something on here shortly.

If anyone knows of an attorney that will work with her please send one of us the contact information ASAP.

We don't have any donations yet but I have faith that someone out there has enough of a heart to Help her and begin a domino affect that will ensure these children are back home in their mothers care where they belong!!


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Thank you so very much!

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