Lost home and personal possessions in Fire

Update posted by Tamara Radyn On Sep 11, 2019

E-mail distributed updating generous funders and donators:

As everyone who has followed this campaign knows Simphiwe lost personal belongings, home contents and his family home which was destroyed in a fire on Sunday 9 June 2019.

We approached our employer with a request to assist Simphiwe and his family to rebuild their lives by donating anything from basic necessities, clothing, household items and / or any charitable donations or any financial support towards the rebuilding of the family home. Tamara Radyn took it upon herself to run with the project. She setup a GoGetFunding fundraiser to raise monies for the Shweni family.

The response has been far beyond what was ever expected or hoped for.

Here is an overview of the generous donations received:


Direct deposit R 2,000

GoGetFunding R 16,568

Pancake sale R 2,080

Items received included:

Clothing, curtains, bedding, crockery, pots and pans, cutlery, glasses, mattresses, fan heater, hoover, microwave, electric kettle etc. Nonperishable food items from Ekurhuleni Disaster Management team, a non-paraffin two plate stove, blankets, water storage bucket and pots.

Proceeds will be used to rebuild his family home and to purchase clothes and personal belongings for his family.

As if we had not been overwhelmed enough, our employer, more than doubled funds raised by contributing R 30,000.00. This amount will be paid to Buildit towards the cost of materials required to rebuild the house. Labour will be provided by family and friends.

Simphiwe has asked that the below e-mail is shared with everyone:

Hi Tee

I write this email with a sigh of relief and how blessed and lucky I am to have you as my manager, as all the help we (me & family) have received wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for you.

This is an update of what we have received so far from my colleagues and all kinds of people (strangers and those known to me/us)

EFT: Totaling R2000 from four people.

Pancake donation of R2080, which helped buy my nephews school uniform.

Lots of clothing items for my two sisters, my father and my nephew, all from H.R department and my colleagues. Curtains, pot's, bedding, cutlery, tea mugs, water glasses, sleeping foam mattresses, fan heater, huver, microwave, electric kettle. Non-perishable food items from colleagues and Ekurhuleni Fire Disaster team, non-paraffin two plate stove, blankets, water storage bucket & pots. World wide community under the funding name of GoGetFunding has donated an amount of R16,568

Employer donating R 30,000.00 towards the building materials to rebuild the house. Thank you for arranging that the company not only match but more than double the funds raised.

We have received so many things from people, it's so overwhelming, so please kindly forgive me if I have left out to mention any specific donation from someone (it's not intentional).

Please may you continue doing the same to anyone who might be in need of help.

What this turn of event in my life has taught me is to always have insurance.

Also having received so much donation from people known and mostly unknown to me, has shown me that the world is not such a bad place, there's still a caring community out there.

Lastly I'd like to say Enkosi to everyone. Especially to Tamara Radyn, you're my superhero, none of this would have been possible if it weren't for you...


Simphiwe Shweni

Thank you to those we know and to those we don’t for your compassionate support and donations. We wish the Shweni Family all the best in rebuilding their home and getting their lives up and running again as soon as possible.

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Update posted by Tamara Radyn On Jun 21, 2019

Hello everyone

“Someone once said that whatever we possess becomes of double value when we share it with others.”

I would like to thank everyone for their goodwill and compassion in supporting our donation/fundraising drive for Simphiwe and his family thus far. Simphiwe and his family are overjoyed and truly grateful for all the donations. The family were facing an uncertain future before the kindness of others pulled them through and the generosity from everyone made an immediate difference in the lives of Simphiwe and his family.

The Shweni family pass their humble appreciation to all that have assisted thus far. His sisters are truly so grateful and have asked I convey their appreciation – Simphiwe hopes that your support be the same or even more, for whomever might find themselves in a similar situation one day.

Update on Simphiwe and his family:

They received assistance from the Ekurhuleni disaster management team soon after they lost their home to the fire and were supplied with some toiletries, nonperishable food and a bio heat stove (which uses pine gel fuel and not paraffin) which has allowed the family to at least cook. The family are completely overwhelmed with all the donations of clothing, food, furniture, linen, appliances, curtains and household items received.

To date the GoGetFunding link has received donations amounting to R 15 000.- from co-workers, people unknown to us and from kind hearted individuals remaining anonymous that read my plea to help this family rebuild their lives. Funds amounting to R 1 500 have been directly deposited to Simphiwe and with the help of colleagues selling pancakes we raised R 2 080. Some of these funds will be used to buy his 8 year old nephew a new school uniform, school shoes which were lost in the fire as well as stationery and books if need be.

The massive task and cost that still lies ahead is rebuilding the structure of the house, replacing windows, electrical wiring, electrical boxes, repainting etc.

The minimum amount to donate is only R 1.. Any donation, no matter how big or small shows our willingness to help others in need.

By donating via GoGetFunding we can assist the Shweni family with rebuilding the house to make it livable again.

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Really sorry to hear this story.

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