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Lost and found Networks





We are lost and found networks, the Global Online Recovery website, which helps return lost items to their rightful owners. More than 200 members and people from around the world trust lost and found networks because of its convenient, confidential and rewarding specialities and over 40% recovery rate! Our vision is to provide the largest ever digital recovery site that people can trust and to help millions who lose valuables every day.

Lost and found

There are number of personal belongings that we lose each day jewellery, official documents, wallet, mobile phone are just few of the things. Besides this we can also report missing vehicle, a lost child, an adult with dementia and the list can go on. What can be better than seeing a family getting re-united or a student getting back his lost certificates. We do our best to find the rightful owners for all lost property reported on the site for free and as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What can you report?

To really help you for getting the lost belongings, we have wide range of categories.

How to report?


When you lost or found something and don't know how to deal with these items? you will need to register first with your name and email address.

If you have registered already, you can use the same account to report another item also.


In this step, you have to confirm the account through the verification link which is sent to the given email address. You can use either username or email address for logging in to your account.

Start Reporting

You can start creating the free ad for the lost or found belongings now to claim the item or hand it over to the rightful owner.

What others say about lost and found networks?

I got back my lost wallet on the same day I have lost it. I'm incredibly grateful! Thank you very much! – Mr. Alex, Chennai

I just want to thank you guys for recovering my important lost documents! Awesome work you did!- Mr. Sikan, Mumbai

Hi team, Thank you very much for your help! I was surprised on getting my phone back. Thanks a lot for your service – Ms. Deepthi Mishra, Delhi

Good job lost and found networks!! I was really impressed when I got my missed wallet with money in it! Thank you so much! – Ms. Veena, Trivandrum

Hi all, I got back my lost bag with your help. Not only the bag, with all belongings. I just wondered!! – Mr. Harjeeth , Fazilka

Honesty Certificate

To encourage involving social activities, we provide honesty certificates to the one who finds and help to return it with the owner. This will motivate others to participate such kind of social activities.

Our Team

The dedicated Lost & Found networks team uses all ways to collect and spread information like public social media to reunite the belongings with the rightful owners.

Very often the Lost & Found networks team is able to surprise the people by returning their personal belongings on the same day they missed them. Despite the challenge of locating the owner, first results show that over 80% of the lost items have been reunited with their owners.

Why Support Us now?

Our dream is to make this world a better place by giving back to the society in some way. This is the opportunity we want to give to each one who wants to do good for the society. You can add pictures of missing items, kids with suspicious parents, kids begging on the street, an old man searching for his home, a lost child or adult and once we find the rightful owner we will post their picture wearing the invaluable smile…

What is Done?

Website is ready

Mobile app for Android is ready

Mobile App for IOS will be done by end of this Month

200 members registered

250 Ads have been placed

40 Items have been recovered by their owners

What is planned in upcoming days?

Using google lens technology to recognize faces directly from the camera and match people faces from our database.

Why we need money?

We need money for marketing the App and to create awareness so that more and more people can benefit from it. We need to place ads on public places, TV ads, Radio to create awareness. We need to develop artificial intelligence to recognize missing people and pets and other objects using camera in the phone.

We need to launch the app in different languages across the globe. We need translators who can translate the app and help us locally.

1st Phase we are looking for $50000 USD for the same

What you will get?

Donate us 10 $ and get free one ad on the TOP for the lifetime in your area

Donate us 50$ and get 3 free ads for lifetime and free one time notification to users in your area about your missing items

Donate 100 $ get 5 Ads free for life time and free notification on all ads to users in your area.

Donate 500$ and get 5 ads + Notification + your name on our site for lifetime + Early access of our new features

Donate 1000$ get 10 ads free + 10 notifications+ Your Business name on our site + backlink to your website + Merchandise exclusive sent at your doorstep + Early access of our new features

If you cant donate no problem still THANK YOU for sharing it on your social media page and creating awareness.

In our life we have once or several times lost something which is closer to our heart and money cannot replace that. Person or user who found it may not understand the value. Even if someone wants to return how many will take the pain to go to police station and reporting it. We just need a simple site and inform the people. Facebook or social media is a good platform but has too much information on it already and my app will just get lost.

I remember losing my Walkman which was gifted by my grand mom on achieving 80% marks in 10th Class. It was invaluable which I lost on a class picnic in 11th standard.

I cried for many days and doubted every classmate who could have possibly taken. At that time even if someone would have genuinely wanted to return it to me would not have been able to since LOST & FOUND was not available.


Alone we can do small things. But together we can make a huge difference. Help us to create a better and happier community.

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