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Update posted by Jessica Tan On Nov 02, 2018

To all our friends, families and others who have joined us in this journey,

A special thanks for all your support (Financially, emotionally and practically in other ways)! Mom has passed on for a little more than a year now and many of you have continued to help provide support as we adjust to life without her. Thank you for your prayers and text messages and time to check on us to see how we are doing, and if we needed help in anyway. Thank you for your advice and connecting us with various people/agencies to help work out some of the legacy matters. :) We really appreciate and treasure all that you have done for us.

We will now close this campaign and will eventually remove this campaign. :)

As a final word, please let us encourage you to support the Bone Marrow's donor programs where you live. You really could help save a life and offer hope to other patients with blood disorders and cancers. :) For those in Singapore, the Bone Marrow Donor Program (https://bmdp.org/) offers many ways you could help. :)

Thank you once again! We wish you and your family health & happiness. :)

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Update posted by Jessica Tan On Jun 20, 2017

Mom passed away peacefully last evening, after her battle with leukemia for almost 2 years.

Her wake services (Christian service) will be held at Singapore Casket @ Lavender Street, level 5, Regency Room 21 & 22 June, 8pm.

Address: 131 Lavender St, Singapore 338737 (Regency Room – Level 5)

Visitations to start after 3pm on 21 June please.

Funeral and cremation is planned for 23 June, Friday.

Sea Burial is planned for 24 June, Saturday.

Details will be updated to those who request, once available.

We will be keeping this campaign update open for a while more as we updates friends and families on status of costs.

Wake and Funeral costs is expected to be in the range of SGD15,000++

Hospital & Medical costs is currently unknown. The Hospital and medical social worker will be updating us later on when all administrative matters close out.

We truly are thankful to all of you for journeying with us, and making Mom's last days loved and surrounded by wonderful company and supportive friends.

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Update posted by Jessica Tan On Jun 20, 2017

Hi friends, a quick update on my mom's situation:

She was re-admitted to SGH on 19 June due to difficulty in breathing.

Here's the latest from the medical staff:

Her kidney are shutting down, and there are water in her left lungs which makes it very difficult to breath. There is nothing much the hospital could do for her and situation to become worsen in the next few days.

We seek your partnership in prayer for peace in her heart, a sense of love (and not fear) to surround her and for the final days to be as comfortably physically as possible.

For the family, prayers for peace, and sense of calm as we journey on, and afterwards as the probate and administrative matters gets worked on. :)

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Update posted by Jessica Tan On Jun 15, 2017

Mom had another episode of being dizzy, falling and then vomiting, which resulted in another admission to the hospital on 9 June 2017. This was followed by the usual complication of re-submitting documents, filling out same forms for subsidies and re-entering all previously provided details for medical subsidies enrollments. Since Mom was first admitted through A&E (and previously considered discharged already), she was seen as a "new" case vs "existing patient" so everything needs to start over. It was definitely administratively painful. :(

Subsequently, she was requested by the cancer ward to be transferred & admitted as their patient, and we are thankful that there is some continuity with the doctors reviewing her case and assessing her condition.

So here we are 1 week later, after all the scans, MRIs, x-rays are done. Mom is going to be discharge today after another round of blood transfusion - a luxury she now receives when she comes to the hospital, since as a palliative care patient, this is not done in home setting.

We are thankful to our friends who have supported us in this past week, especially for myself as I manage being a single full time peak-season-at-work working mom with toddler to juggle season (The husband and elder son is away in Japan). :) Hopefully life returns to the relatively peaceful pace in the next week or so. :)

Till our next update. :)

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Update posted by Jessica Tan On May 18, 2017

Since stopping Chemo Treatments, the good news is that Mom has regained her sense of taste and hence she is slowly gaining her appetite back. On the other hand, the leukemia is causing breathlessness from time to time. The palliative care doctors are helping her to manage this with the morphine.

As the focus now is providing care and comfort, and seeing mom's blood pressure is somewhat stable, the hospital have decided to discharge her. Mom is now at home and the palliative care team will visit her once a week to monitor her condition and help her manage any pains or symptoms.

We really appreciate the friends who have taken time to visit mom both at hospital and at home. She really appreciates the company and prayers she has received from each of you. We thank you also for taking time in this season to listen and get to know mom. :) Mom has always been a sociable person and enjoy making friends.

Before we close today's update, here a picture of Mom enjoying a piece of pizza she has craved for since regaining her sense of taste (just before she was discharged from hospital).

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Update posted by Jessica Tan On May 03, 2017

Dear friends & family,

Most of you would have already received our latest update via text messaging. To those whom we have the priviledge of you journeying with us via social media and here on these pages, here is the update we shared after the last family conference with the doctor on 24 April 2017.

"Hi all, updating this with a heavy heart : We just met with Mom's doctor and as expected, the chemo treatments are losing effect on her body. Right now, there is not much to be done. We will be managing her condition to give her as much comfort as possible in the weeks/months ahead with support from Palliative care doctor & staff. Doctor expects the leukemia to progress fairly quickly in the coming weeks/months but it is uncertain when/how long more she has.

For now, pls pray for peace upon my siblings heart. Although it is a terminal illness, truth still hurts. Pray for peace to protect everyone's heart and soundness of mind as we prepare for the final journey. Pray for mom also to have the peace and assurance of faith and not be fearful. Pray for God's grace to give her a relatively painless journey in this final stage."

Right now, mom is in hospital to manage a water-in-lung condition (possibly due to leukemia starting to take over). She is on morphine from time to time to help her cope with with the pains in her body as well. The medical team is doing their best to make mom as comfortable as possible and we hope that she gets well enough to be able to spend time at home.

(Separately: J2 has not been well too and so the family has to refrain from going to the hospital for visits - Me & J1 for risk of being virus carriers, and J2 clearly because he is a patient. It won't be for another 10 days before we are cleared to visit.)

We will continue to keep this page open and share updates on Mom here.

To those who have been giving financially, we thank you. We still do not know the final costs of all the medical bills and we will continue to trust God that His grace is sufficient.

To those who have given time to visit Mom in our stead, we are grateful. We know Mom appreciates the love, company and prayers through this unknown road. You represent the Rod & Staff of our Shepherd, bringing her comfort through the valley.

To those who have given your heart in prayer, we thank you. We continue to lean on them as the wind under our tired wings.

Till the next update!

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Update posted by Jessica Tan On Apr 21, 2017

So there was a small situation that occurred this week causing some delay to Cycle 15 of Chemo Treatment. Mom developed some chest pains and had to be admitted to hospital. Thankfully the X-rays and scans came up with no infection and she was all clear to proceed with Cycle 15, which started on 20 April.

To those who prayed with us through this little scare episode, thank you. We know there will be many of such situations as treatment progresses and we thank those close with us who ride these waves of change along side. It continues to be a long and arduous journey.

For now, we've cleared this huddle, and continue to walk each day in the grace of God.

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Update posted by Jessica Tan On Mar 15, 2017

Dear friends, we don't have much to update since Medifund reviews are still underway and chemo treatments are still ongoing as scheduled (Cycle 14 this month). But we thank many friends who continues to remember my mom in your prayers and giving your time to encourage her. :)

Here is a picture of mom with grand kids enjoying some instant photo fun! (Also with "tita" - mom's helper) :)

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Update posted by Jessica Tan On Feb 08, 2017

Mom is preparing to start cycle 13 of Chemo on 14 Feb 2017. Thus far, she is in good spirits.

We are also preparing for another cycle of review of the Medifund subsidies. (This is renewed 6monthly).

Please pray with us for a favorable decision so our families involved will be able to have a sustainable living with increased commitments like child care, children's education, insurances etc.

Pray also for our health to be sustained, especially the children who have been falling ill and needing to see the Pediatrician quite often. This takes a toll on finances as well.

As a Valentine's day greeting in advance, we would like to thank all our friends and extended family who have reached out with your love to help in various ways through this journey.

Thank you to those who have made effort and taken time to visit mom at home - we know it takes a lot of courage, love and planning on your part to share our journey and give your time to encourage mom. Thank you for reaching out and asking if you could come, and thank you for carrying through your commitment. We are truly grateful.

Thank you to those who have been quietly giving, praying, listening. Thank you for that love that you faithfully pour into our lives.

We pray our good Lord continue to show you the same grace and love that you have extended to us, and even more. :)


Update: cycle 13 pushed back to 21 feb due to some infections and leg pains.. :(

Jessica Tan

Update posted by Feb 16

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Update posted by Jessica Tan On Jan 03, 2017

Happy New Year to our beloved friends and readers.

As we cross over to the new year, Mom has also crossed over and completed her 11th Cycle of Chemo.

She is coping as best as she can and is in good spirits today. She managed to spend precious new year's day with grand kids.

So from our family to yours, may joy and contentment fill your hearts in all the days of 2017. Hope for Tomorrow's treasures, but don't forget to Treasure Today. :)

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