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Hi, my name is Veanithevi. I'm here to ask help to all of you. My husband ran into a terrible accident recently and was serious in the hospital. The bills were alot and at the same time, I had to pay for my four children's education (college) and also my mother in laws medical bills. I did not have much choice as I was a housewife and there was no food at home either. I borrowed some money from the money lender (apps) so that I could pay all these things. I realize now that it was a mistake but now, I am unable to pay the money back as MCO has started again and I don't get much with the business I am doing, it all goes just for the apps. I hope some of you can help me with some amount to settle the apps so that I can manage my household again. The people from the apps are using inappropriate words and insulting me and my family very badly. If I am not able to pay them withing 2 days, they will use the pictures that I had in my phone and send it to all my contacts saying that I cheated them and use inappropriate words. They have already sent it to some people and they are blackmailing me that they will send more. We need RM 9320. For further proof you can message me at 0176341674. Your helps means alot

My Account Details: 7070176916 (Murugaraj-son)


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Jun 04

help us to survive

Update posted by Murugaraj Ragu at 06:37 am

Any amount is fine i can show you all the prove. We really need help they ready viral all our pictures around our contact list. Small help we can manage to settle them. Im not asking for pay my credit card or something else im just asking for help to

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Murugaraj Ragu
raised of RM1,000.00 goal
1% Funded
2 Donors

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