Lifesaving Dialysis Treatment for Mama (Marites Navasquez)

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Hi everyone, my name is Zilah and this is a cause to raise funds so my mother, Mrs. Maria Teresa (Marites, Tes) Sarceno - Navasquez, can avail of dialysis.

March 2017 - my mother was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and enlargement of the heart. Doctor says her kidneys were at 30% functioning at that time. She is also a diabetic.

Months prior to that, we noticed that her legs are swollen, and so are her arms, hands, and even her face.

After much convincing, she obliged to see a doctor every month. Her doctor prescribed a number of pills to help the kidneys, lower her blood pressure, and control the sugar count. My husband and I did our best to provide her all the medications. We did see results – her arms, hands and her face are no longer swollen.

June 2017 – she have a diabetic foot. Her legs are still swollen. Without knowing the consequence, she scratched one of the scabs on her legs that eventually became infected. I advised her to go to the health center close to home or see her doctor and asked for the proper medication.

The swollen legs and diabetic foot got worse – we noticed fluid leakage. My father said he could squeeze 10 shirts per day due to the fluid leakage.

It breaks my heart to see my mother suffer like this. She acts strong every time I visit her at home (in the province) as if she is not in pain at all. I know in my heart why she does that – because she does not want us to worry about her and does not want us to spend more for this.

October 26 – I called her. Her voice on the phone was quite alarming as if she is not breathing normally. She said she is okay and tell me not to worry about her. I insisted, until she requested me to call her doctor on the phone and ask for any pain reliever. I was told that she is no longer able to walk since October 23 because her feet are very painful for her to walk.

October 27 - we rushed her to emergency room and have her checked by her doctor. Her doctor, an internal medicine specialist, referred her to a Nephrologist as my mother’s case is already beyond her expertise. On the same day, she was admitted to the hospital.

I also learned that she was already referred by her doctor to a nephrologist sometime in August but chose not to inform us. She knew that the doctor would only advise her to undergo dialysis and she knew that the cost to undergo dialysis is quite expensive so she kept it to herself. She has always been selfless - she worries a lot on others' welfare but her own, she does not want to burden anyone with her condition.

Two days after confinement, we have learned from her Nephrologist that based from the laboratory results and the ultrasound her kidneys are already at 10% functioning and dialysis is the only option for her to live long.

Four days after confinement, we have already maxed out the coverage of her insurance of 120,000 (~2,300 USD). But, we need her to stay a little more in order to receive proper care and comfort from the nurses and doctors.

Encouragements from friends and family made her decide to undergo dialysis. Aside from wanting her to live longer, I wanted her to know that family and friends love her.

Raised funds will be used for her medical expenses and dialysis maintenance.

Thank you for taking the time to stop and read this. Any amount that you can contribute is much appreciated. You may give your contributions / donations directly to any of the following:

Paypal Account
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Account Zilah S. Navasquez
9119 1753 88
Banco De Oro (BDO) Account Zilah N. Monsanto
Money Transfer Facilities:

Cebuana Pera Padala
ML Kwarta Padala
Zilah N. Monsanto

Address: Block 8 Lot 20 Lessandra Talamban Subdivision Pit-os Cebu City, Philippines 6000

Contact Details: +63920 968 9972

NOTE: Please don't forget to inform me as I couldn't claim it without your details and amount sent.

Should you wish to hand your donation in person, you may contact these numbers: +63920 968 9972 / +63939 185 9093

My family and I thank you for your thoughts and support. May God heavily bless each and everyone of you for supporting this cause. Please keep my mother in your prayers!

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Nov 03

Day 2 : Hemodialysis

Update posted by Zilah Monsanto at 04:56 pm

and also gave lab to calm her down. If she wouldn't be able to sleep tonight, she will be given a sleeping pill. She needs to sleep In prep for tomorrow's dialysis.We were also advised to keep track of her sugar level every hour. The blood sugar checker that she

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Nov 02

Day 1 : Hemodialysis

Update posted by Zilah Monsanto at 01:20 pm

Today marks the first day of mama's hemodialysis.At 8am today, venous catheter is inserted into my mama's large vein in the neck in preparation for her first dialysis that's scheduled at 12noon.Update: All went well, and probably she will have another session tomorrow. Please continue to pray.

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Donated So Far
Raised offline: $250.00
Total: $307.00

Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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