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On December 24, 2021, when we set off to France, Lexie was in good condition, with her lymph nodes and lesions all but gone. By December 27, during our first visit to Fregis, Dr. Lamolet could not find any anomalies to take biopsies from - this in contrast with December 16, when she had squash ball sized lymph nodes. By January 3, just 1 week after December 27, Lexie's lymph nodes were swollen again.


- 4th Week of November: Abnormal skin nodules on back; everything else is normal.

- 1st week of December: Skin nodules multiplying, skin lesions forming, and swelling of lymph nodes.

- 2nd & 3rd weeks of December: Limping, increasing nodules & lesions, and dramatic swelling of lymph nodes (squash ball size and hardness).

- 4th week of December: Lymph nodes return to normal, lesions disappear, limping persists.

- 1st week of January: Dramatic swelling of lymph nodes (tennis ball size), nodules & lesions returning, limbs swelling, persistent limping.

[End Recap]

On Monday 3rd of January 2022, Lexie and I set off to Fregis for a series of extensive tests. It was our second visit to Paris' leading veterinary hospital, exactly 1 week after our first.

There we met Dr. Lamolet, who was our first contact at Fregis, and Dr. Henriques, the Chief Oncologist.

The Drs. took 3 biopsies, 1 from a nodule on the back (near the spine), and 2 from Lexie's massively swollen left armpit. They also performed an abdominal ultrasound, extensive cytology, and carried out an ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay).

Whereas the biopsies are still pending, the cytology results lean towards a high grade CD3+/CD4-/CD8-/CD21- T-Cell Lymphoma. This is not good.

What was unexpected, though, was the existence of Ehrlichiosis (a tick-borne bacterial infection) - I had removed a tick from Lexie just this summer.

While we had considered everything from Ringworm, to Leishmaniasis, and Blastomycosis, with the first two confirmed not present, and Blastomycosis still under investigation, we were surprised to stumble upon Ehrlichiosis.

With Lexie's unleashed nature and constant adventurism, having travelled around the world and lived a thousand dog lives, her probability of collecting vector borne diseases and fungal / bacterial / parasitical infections is near 100%.

Ehrlichiosis lent me some cautious optimism. This bacterial infection has been found to mimic lymphoma in some dogs. Also, Lexie had responded very well to a short 3-day course of Sporanox (200mg / day) administered on a whim in the 3rd week of December 2021. We stopped Sporanox due to vomiting (a common side effect). With Ehrlichiosis confirmed and Sporanox seemingly effective, perhaps Lexie's inflamed lymphatic system is just reeling from a series of untreated infections. I could only hope.

Accordingly, the Drs. provided a prescription for Sporanox (100mg / day this time around) and Doxycycline (250mg / day); Doxycycline for Ehrlichiosis and Sporanox for any undiagnosed fungal infections. We started the treatment (Sporanox in the morning, Doxycycline in the evening) on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, pending the results of the biopsies.

Today is the 7th of January 2022. Lexie has taken 3 doses of Sporanox and Doxycycline over the last 72 hours. Her lymphatic system has started to drain, resulting in looser skin and visibly reduced limb edema. Her appetite is strong, she is drinking well, her stool is decent, and she is peeing well. Even with stitches on her back and under her left armpit, she is able to walk for hours and can be coaxed to chase after stiff baguette. We are conducting lymphatic drainage massages 2-3 times a day and feeding her very high quality dog pâté to ensure she gets nutrients in and flushes toxins out.

We are cautiously optimistic, but with the biopsies still pending it is unlikely we will get any rest.

Until then, a big thank you to all who have supported Lexie thus far: we have raised €3,004.59 (37.5%) of our target €8,000 in just 1 week. Lexie's Medical & Related Expenses so far have come to €2,963.59, which leaves just €41 for what is to come - less than the bare minimum for the most optimistic scenario.

To support Lexie donate here. Thank you.

We are documenting Lexie's Medical & Related Expenses transparently at this link:



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