Let’s save Rayan(cancer, S4 Neuroblastoma) 請一起救救病危的Rayan

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Update posted by Rayans Dad On Dec 24, 2019

Dear all

Sorry for the late update. Rayan discharged on 19 Dec. Hopefully he had less side effect in his second cycle of his treatment. We get to hospital today morning for his blood test and change the IV dressing which has to be weekly done to prevent infection.

We are on the good progress for the fundraising however we need to get confirmation letter from the hospital then we will let you know about the last 3 cycle.

Merry Christmas hoping your holidays and all your days are filled with joy, peace, love, and hope.

One more time thank you for supporting us, Thank you for showing us a Miracle can happen. i hope we are going to pass this challenging phase of life with ease ..

🇭🇰 Also We wholeheartedly hope that at the beginning of the new year, peace will be restored to beautiful Hong Kong by the end of protests and friendship between the government and the nation. 🇭🇰 🙏🏻

We will soon come back with good news..... ./

merry Christmas

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Update posted by Rayans Dad On Dec 09, 2019

Dear All

We are in hospital and admitted Rayan for his second cycle of immunotherapy by your generous donations and supports.

In spite of our happiness for continuing his treatment we are anxious for upcoming severe pain and high fever which is so heart breaking for us .

We are praying for minimal side effects this time.

Here is the invoice for the second round of Dinutiximab

  • Invoice of medication

Id like to thank everyone who helped us out in this dark time.It is precious for our family. Thank you 🙏🏻

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Update posted by Rayans Dad On Dec 04, 2019

Dear all friends

Please keep him in your prayers. 🙏🏻
We hope that today's MIBG Scan will have a good report and be clear of any spot.

He was not feeling good at first because they wrapped him by tape and blanket to no move. As his scan took 3 hours his grandmother tell him a story by whatsapp and after that he watched cartoon on you tube. Everything passed smoothly.

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Update posted by Rayans Dad On Dec 03, 2019

Dear all

Thank you everyone for thinking of Rayan and supporting him through your generosity and kindness!

It's a blessing that world still has many angelic people.

Writing the words "thank you" seems inadequate for what we wish to express to you all. We have been astonished that the target was reached just on time before Ryan's second cycle of treatment, and surpassed on the fundraising page. We cannot express how much your collective donations have lifted the extreme stress we were under a short time ago .

So much love from us to you. ❤

We went to hospital for checkup Rayan’s IV on this Monday. They made an appointment for MIBG scan which goes to 4th Dec at Queen Elizabeth hospital.

We also announced them we are ready to transfer money for second cycle, So on Dec 09, Rayan will be inpatient at HKCH.

We are glad to know dear Karen Linker and met her at hospital! she is so kind and I don't know how should I appreciate her kindness and support by her donation and also sharing our story!

On behalf of rayan, radin and my wife, I say thank you again. I hope I've given you some sense of what we want to say to you all through those simple words.

With the help of you and the ones would help us for the rest of the treatment now we are profoundly hopeful to save Ryan.

With humble gratitude and much love. 🙏🏻
Rayan’s Dad

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Update posted by Rayans Dad On Nov 19, 2019

Dear friends

Rayan had terrible 15 nights at hospital. severe pain and high fever. ( Except for a few hours of being sedated with morphine). dr said because of allergy to antibiotic his skin swelling and itching so it take 3 more nights to get better . He discharged yesterday . He get so weak and cant walk properly.

The second course of immunotherapy will be start around Dec 09, 2019

We hope that by that date the cost of the medicine will be provided.


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Update posted by Rayans Dad On Nov 07, 2019

Dear everyone

Thank you so much to all your support, generosity, kindness and love.

I would like to make a special thank to Li Ka Shing Foundation, PKW Charitable Foundation, Cancer Information Network Charity Fund, Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF), medical Social service unit of HKCH to support, share Rayan’s page and make fantastic entertainment time for him . ❤️

The past three days he had severe pain in whole body with high fever, high blood pressure And itchy skin with no appetite which cause to take more morphine than usual . From today evening he has less pain and enjoying lego time with his elder brother.

Actually Amidst the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, our voice and the call for help hasn't reached to the citizens effectively.

We hope that you can lend a hand to us , supporting through news, social media or any other possible mean to let the people know about our case.

We feel that you are holding our hands every step we make. We are so grateful, without you, we cannot be where we are today.🙏🏻

Thanks again

PKW Charitable Foundation

Cancer Information Network Charity Fund

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Update posted by Rayans Dad On Nov 05, 2019

treatment in progress

dear all

The first immunotherapy cycle began on November 4. Fortunately, a Hong Kong foundation donated the first cycle to us. he is in pain and high fever, doesn’t eat anything, But the doctor is optimistic that things will get better in the next few days. Please keep your prayers to him.
only we have less than a month to start the next cycle so it needs to be planned in time.
We still have 4 more courses, hopefully that with your love and support, he will continue courses on time.

I would like to give a special thanks to Hk children’s hospital, dear Dr. CK Li and All of my friends from far and near. Your support and love help rayan to save his life. We Hope the new drug will be able to clear all the cancer cells in his body!

God bless you

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Update posted by Rayans Dad On Oct 29, 2019

Today we went to hospital for washing rayan’s IV Port.

Day Procedure Fee

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Wishing you love and good health rayan!

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Ruby Mathew

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Godspeed! I hope little Rayan will get well soon. Merry Christmas! Hope Rayan will get exponentially better in 2020.

Peter W

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