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Real Superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles

I am Ram, Jam's Mother. She's 9 My Eldest.

Last May 2018 she was sent to a hospital because her teeth was aching. We was referred to a dentist to check her teeth, all laboratories was done but they haven't saw anything serious. We tried 3 different dentist, 3rd dentist is our family dentist but he told us to go to a pedia doctor. Pedia refer us to a cancer specialist but then we've seek an advise from a different doctors for 2nd opinion. As a mother I can't imagine my 7 year old daughter is having cancer. After 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinion, Jam undergo to a different laboratory test then the last doctor wants her to undergo ct-scan to determined why is her lower jaw becoming large. as per the ct-scan it was diagnosed as ewing sarcoma a rare type of cancer of the bone. then the doctor suggest to undergo surgery to cut her lower jaw so we decided to do the surgery. my daughter spent some time in the hospital around 1 month so we thought the surgery was successful but we cannot afford to pay the full bill since it is too much we just paid partial of the amount so the doctor wasn't able to provide us the result of the biopsy at that time we thought that the cancer is gone. This last December we notice that her forehead is getting in large its look alike the tumor that was remove to her lower jaw. So we seek the doctor who did her surgery to see if we can have the biopsy to bring to a different doctor but she wont let us see it until she saw my daughter she finally gave us the biopsy of her lower jaw's tumor then we bring the biopsy report to a cancer specialist doctor in a different hospital and told us to undergo ct-scan again so we did follow what was instructed by the doctor then the doctor notice that the large part on my daughter's forehead might be hematoma since it is too soft so the doctor suggest to undergo fine needle aspiration biopsy to determined if that tumor on her head is part of the tumor on her lower jaw. so the operation was done and we are now waiting for the result and as per the doctor it once we have the result of the biopsy on her forehead it should be an aggressive medication and must seek an pedia oncologist for the right chemo drugs to prescribed.

March 2019 we already talked to a pedia oncologist that the chemotherapy should start as soon as possible because of the big lump on the forehead. It was a 6 cycle Chemotherapy after that Radiotherapy. We all thought that everything is all okay. Because the doctor already advice us that JAM can go to school for 2020, but need to have a monthly check up. Suddenly coming July there's another small lump on the right side of the eye. And now she still needs to undergo again to a chemotherapy which started Aug. 2, 2020 for another 6 cycle

Now here I am seeking an assistance financially for my little angel's medication for her to see how beautiful this world could be on the future. I'm a mother of 5 and my paycheck won't suffices her medication our savings already wipe out after the operation and the 6 cycle chemotherapy . I Hope you understand why am I doing this. Thank you I really appreciate your kindness. Stay Safe and God Bless us all

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Jun 10

This is the saddest day of our lif 😥😭

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 07:32 pm

Type, Bura, Type, Bura 😟 Hindi ko alam kung isshare ko to or what. Pero dahil ang dami nangangamusta samin/kay Jam okay sige 😔Hindi ko alam saan ako magsisimula 😥😔Sobrang hirap sakin/samin to 😭 Check up 5292021 at Diliman DoctorsHer Pedia-Onco decided to stop IV Chemotherapy, bakit? Wala daw kasing. . . . .

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May 17

Lets Help Jam fight for her life 🙏

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 08:56 am

Good Day, We are knocking to your kind hearts. We still need your help 🙏🙏 We already need to pay the tentive bill, because Jam's Medicines and Laboratories are already on hold 😥 We are the one who needs to buy the Medicines and pay for the Laboratories right now.

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May 16

Chemotherapy Using Ifosfomide High Dose Starts May 7 still on going

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 03:08 am

Jam was admitted last May 7, 2021 since she was negative on Covid19 result. As per her Pedia-Onco she will be having Chemotherapy 10 - 14 days and 2-3 days monitoring depends on the Laboratory Results. Now its her 7th day at the hospital. And feels really in pain because. . . . .

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May 14

Sharing is Caring 😊☝️🙏❤️

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 12:31 am

As of the moment PayPal is the only supported app of the site.If you wish to donate you may also send it to our Bank Account:Account Name: Ramarie Joy JamenAccount Number: 0000016698398Security BankAccount Name: Ramarie Joy JamenAccount Number: 1899161302BPI Or via PayMaya & GCashAccount Name: Ramarie JamenAccount Number: 0915-2854194 Or

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May 14

We need your help 😟🙏

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 12:22 am

Hi guys good morning . We are knocking to your kind hearts to help jam continue her medications today. This is our tentative bill, ad we already need to pay it so that they can still provide medical supplies to our fighter 🙏🙏 pls help us 🙏🙏 PCMC is a

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Mar 24

Cycle 1 Day 1-5 for VIT Protocol

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 04:48 pm

Dont have time to sit down and post something about Jam's Journey recently.I feel so exchusted the whole week of Jam's OPD Chemotherapy. Puyat, Pagod sa kakaakyat baba sa pagaasikaso ng bills, meds, pharmacy supplies, pagod sa pagbayahe habang apaka init ng singaw ng hangin. Then too many things to. . . . .

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Feb 25

Check up update 2232021

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 01:47 am

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Feb 20

2nd Cycle of Chemotherapy (Cyclophosphamide and Irinotecan)

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 01:40 am

Her Pedia-Onco wants the Chemotherapy every after 2 weeks for us to control rhe growth of the tumor. Jam started her 2nd cycle last Feb.15 up until Feb 19. Yes its for 5 days, and we are at PCMC Hema OPD. This chemotherapy is very challenging coz' we need to. . . . .

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Feb 05

Jam's Chemotherapy with Cyclophosphamide and Irinotecan

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 05:14 am

1st cycle of my chemotherapy with a different Chemo Drugs Done 🙏Cyclophosphamide was given 2 days before the Irinotecan at PCMC Hema OPD since wala pa pong available na room.After 2 days tinawagan kami ng PCMC dahil my available room na, yey gagaling na ko. Kaso Suite Room lang ang. . . . .

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Dec 28

Blood transfusions

Update posted by Ramarie Jamen at 01:57 pm

She started her blood transfusion at the OPD since there's no available room yet for her. On the 1st day 4 bags of Platelet Concentrate was transfused to her then we go home rest for a day the have a Laboratories for them to check if Jam's blood is already. . . . .

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