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Please help me reach my goal by sharing this to your network. This would be a big help for her medications and chemotherapy sessions. She's my former colleague, a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. It was 2019, last quarter of the year when she felt bearable pain on her right shoulder. She just had self medication at home like rubbing topical pain reliever & hot compress on the affected area. Somehow it manages the pain so she just ignored it until early this year, 2020, she noticed that her right breast is bigger and heavier than her left. She thought it was only mastitis since last 2018 she had breastfed her youngest child. She also noticed a discharge on her nipple.

Sadly, come first quarter of 2020 she decided to have it checked by a medical doctor but it was very hard for them to look for a hospital who caters outpatient cases because Manila has been on lock down since March 2020. She just had her bilateral ultrasound last July 23 and she also noticed that the discharge on her nipple was already brownish. After she had the result, which is suspicious Carcinoma (BIRADS IV) she was referred to a surgeon for further check and seek medical advice. July 30, she underwent Rapid Frozen Biopsy and the result shows that it was malignant tumor so they've decided to undergo mastectomy operation on her right breast. Her tumor was classified as Stage 3 cancer. Operation was successful and she's now recovering but her doctor requires her to have 6 cycles chemotherapy session every 21 days aside from the radiation therapy.

Her family's savings was already on a zero balance because of her operation and she had to stop working to focus on her recovery as what her oncologist has advised her to do.

Estimated expense for chemo is 38,000 - 40,000 per cycle which she needs to complete 6 cycles plus laboratory tests and medications in which we are pleading for an amount of 250,000 php.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and may God bless us all!