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if you have time PLEASE READ and please help me to share this with your friends of friends.

My wife Aliluz Lanzaderas-Cabahug and I, are still struggling with our huge hospital debts. We did everything in order for our late son to survive. Yes, we made it. But, unluckily, after 4 months he was discharged from the hospital, he was bitten by a mosquito in our residence and was sent immediately to the public hospital and was not given fair treatment until he passed away due to the diagnosis with Hemorrhagic Dengue on the following early morning. and, we are blessed now with another son, his name is URIEL SEAN LANZADERAS-CABAHUG.

Right now, as you can see in my profile picture, I and wife are trying to be happy with our youngest son, and it's because of a phobia of the mosquito, I let my son and wife stay in my wife's hometown in Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur, I did this in order to prevent our youngest from the mosquitoes because it's not safe here in my residence or maybe because I already have the phobic feelings of the mosquito.

Perhaps, I hide my real situation now to my wife that I am really struggling to live life to the fullest. She didn't know that I didn't eat my three meals a day, instead, I drink a mug of coffee sticks throughout the day. I cannot sleep well because every time having a rainfall I used to put basin, pale, casserole, rugs in order to catch the falling water from the rooftop, because a lot of holes can be found on it.

I am solely the breadwinner and still coping up to pay all the debts incurred for our late son's survival. I approach different people here in Davao City in order to borrow cash for the needs of our son and even for the needs of my wife. Luckily, they helped with no conditions during that time. But the time comes they reminded me now to pay it slowly the amount because some they need it for their needs too. Though I have a job now my salary is not enough to pay for all those who lent me the time when our late son still in the ICU.

I am just trying to make this GoGetfunding hoping that somebody can read this and share it with those who have extra to extend their pennies in order to help me to augment my debts obligations until we can settle everything and I can do my promises to my wife to let her walk in the aisle going to the altar while wearing her dream wedding gown and have a simple family wedding celebration and wonderful meaningful honeymoon which majority of the girls are dreaming of. Perhaps, we already have our civil wedding vows but I want to fulfill her dream come true by God's grace.

the whole story of our huge debts.

(SEAN SEALTIEL LANZADERAS-CABAHUG was turned one year old last December 22, 2017…)

My PWD son who just turned one year old last December 22, 2017, suffered HIGH-RISK PNEUMONIA, ACQUIRED BACTERIAL MENINGITIS and MILD HYDROCEPHALUS and was confined at the Brokenshire Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) from June 10, 2017, up to July 16, 2017. I thought he will die because he became semi-unconscious last June 09, 2017, and he was placed in a treatment room and he was almost comatose last June 11, 2017, and was scheduled for a CT SCAN, and only then that he was found out that he has a BACTERIAL MENINGITIS and MILD HYDROCEPHALUS that causes his neck and arms to be firm and not easy to be straight...Upon seeing my PWD son, I became so hopeless and I cried far to the sight of my wife so that she will not be affected by my hopeless emotion to my PWD son's health condition... I surrendered him to our Creator because I felt pity for my PWD son's health and multiple gadgets were placed and inserted into his body, hands, feet, and even to his mouth...My PWD son, is a fighter and he fought his illnesses for five months and the only thing that makes him survive is his daily medicines and anti-biotics...he needs a second opinion for his TO-DO-ECHO and CT SCAN but I decided not to allow it anymore...not because I don't want my PWD son to be given a second opinion for his heart and brain problem, but I did it because I don't have any financial at all for the payments of those necessary laboratories for my PWD son. From May 31, 207 up to the present, I and my wife and her relatives and family spent almost 800,000.00...I am the breadwinner and solely the provider to my PWD son and plain housewife....for your reference here are my accounts below in social media:

YouTube account name: TatayKO TitserMO;

Facebook account/Messenger name: 09773274631 (Bart Cabahug)

My one-year-old PWD son, SEAN SEALTIEL LANZADERAS-CABAHUG diagnosed with HIGH-RISK SEVER PNEUMONIA, MILD HYDROCEPHALUS, and ACQUIRED BACTERIAL MENINGITIS. He was hospitalized for five (5) months and was confined at the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) for almost two months and closely monitored due to his sensitive health condition and we feed him through the OGT which was inserted into his mouth and it is very painful for me seeing the situation of my son. Perhaps, he needs a second opinion and follow-up check-up in order to fully monitor his health condition but sad to say it is so hard for me and my wife to go to the said next procedure because we are really financially exhausted. I am solely the one who provides for the needs of my PWD Son and the needs of my wife Aliluz.

My PWD Son was discharged only from the hospital last November 3, 2017, and we are given six (6) months grace period to pay the hospital bills amounted to Php. 709,116.49 and if we cannot pay it within the grace period, it will incur interest of 14% per year with a minimum of five (5) years to pay...more or less Php.1,200,000.00. and even until now, we haven't paid even a small amount due to the daily needs of MY PWD SON's medicines and other necessary anti-biotics and prescribed milk.

In lieu, I am knocking to those who had a benevolent heart for my turning 11 months old PWD son's hospital bills amounted to Php.709,116.49 ...PLEASE HELP us...any denominations are accepted and if you wish you can pay it directly to the Brokenshire hospital cashier office, and, please notify me in my mobile numbers 0932-1229020 (sun); 0906-1090956 (TM) or if you wish, you can send it:

PAYPAL ACCOUNT: Email: [email protected] Name: Bartolome Jr A Cabahug

address: Purok 39 Block G-3 Lot 5 S.I.R. Phase 2 Sandawa, 76-A Bucana, Davao City, Davao City, 8000

contact number: +63 9773274631

PNB savings account number 408010006942;

my account name: Bartolome A. Cabahug Jr., complete address PNB Monteverde Branch, Davao City.,

STERLING BANK OF ASIA current account number 582-7-00226393 and my account name: Bartolome A. Cabahug Jr.,

address: J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada Branch, Davao City.

I know I can't pay you back, but rest assured that you are always included in our personal prayers...thank you and God bless


address: Purok 39 Block G-3 Lot 5 S.I.R. Phase 2, 76-A Bucana, Sandawa, Talomo District, Davao City

Mobile Numbers: +639512626647 (Smart); +639773274631 (Globe)


I am a simple father that willing to sacrifice everything for the sake to the good health of my 8 months old PWD son Sean Sealtiel and to my wife

I am a simple father that willing to sacrifice everything for the sake to the good health of my 8 months old PWD son Sean Sealtiel and to my wife


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