Legal Fees for rights and Safety of children

Update posted by Charmaine Cordier On Apr 26, 2019

This is an abuse not seen like your common physical or sexual abuse.It’s an abuse that does not break bones or leave visible scares or bruises.This is an abuse not taken serious from our family, friends and sadly our law enforcement and social workers. It is known to be a lesser abuse along with the financial/economical abuse in a marriage or relationship.It is seen as inequality to what can be seen and used as evidence. 80% of victims that was lucky enough to break away do not recover fully from such abuse because of certain factors that have taken place over a period of time and can or did lead to more serious concern, i.e. murder, suicide and if children were present kidnapped or worse. Detailed statistics are lacking due to such abuse going unreported 90% of the time.

When a victim cries out for help, they are treated with disbelieve and questioning their sanity, leaving them more humiliated, hopeless, confused and fearful.There is no “correct” way for a victim to respond to or feel about the abuse, but there is a correct way of helping and supporting them.

For such abuser it is easy to get away with their toxic and abusive narcissistic behavior as they are perfect manipulative charming liars.When a victim speaks up trying to bring the truth, the actual truth to light, the abuser are ready to stick the victim and call them insane often leaving with no proof of the abuse since it is usually mental, psychological emotional abuse and even if proof is visible they always have already lied about it all, twisting the whole ordeal around and in the end making the victim as the guilty party.Such abusers never admit any wrongdoing nor do they feel any remorse toward their behavior.

The saddest part of it all is that they are so charming in their ability to manipulate and lies that social workers and law enforcement fall for all of it, making the case worse especially when children are present.


They insult and humiliate you in such a manner that it gets overlooked as a simple joke.They target your self-esteem and confidence.Making you feel depressed or have depressive symptoms.Making you feel guilty or making you feel that it is your fault and you deserve it.The victim usually have sleep difficulties i.e. insomnia or hyper insomnia.The victim gets socially withdrawn and isolated by the abuser making the victim feel lonely and helpless.Being in such a relationship or marriage the victim feels ashamed and hopeless.The abuser brings anxiety and panic attacks in some cases.


This can be life altering for the children and is a very serious concern when the parents are divorced and they are in the care of the abuser.The abuser tends to use the children and situations to keep control over their toxic abusive abilities.They limit the contact or break contact completely with the other parent.Abusers refuse to inform the whereabouts of the children for years.Abusers use the victim vulnerability and his position of power, even going as far as using financial contribution to his will, making it more difficult for the other parent to succeed in getting the right help.

Should the victim parent be unemployed it is very difficult to get the right legal help and be taken serious as they cannot afford a private legal representative and with the governmental legal representatives don’t really care.The government legal representatives don’t take such cases serious and can take up to a year not touching the case.If the victim parent get the right help it is on a pro bona basis which is just the help of completing documentation correctly and submitted to court, yet no legal representative to help further on when the case comes before the judge. Courts have been reluctant to except such abuse for fear of wide door to favorable claims.Such cases do not get investigated as it should.

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Update posted by Charmaine Cordier On Apr 17, 2019

Funds can be deposited into the following account:

Capitec Savings

Acc No: 1409499454

Branch Code: 470010

Ref: Legal Fees


Hammond Smith Attorneys

ABSA Trust Account

Acc No: 409 527 8280

Branch Code: 63005

Ref: B000060

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I pray that you get all you need

Elize Zowitzkey

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