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Update posted by Arata Saito On Aug 17, 2019

Here is a brief description of all the donation statuses we have to offer!

Shunko: Shunko is a special ability for users that only want to use their fists and martial arts skills instead of a zanpakuto. This ability uses Kido in the arms and legs and augments the fighting ability and power of the user. It can also allow kido to be fired form the arms and legs in the form of base elements.

Bount: A Bount is a genetically engineered being made by the Shinigami. The result of a Shinigami soul merged with a human soul, Bounts have abilities similar to Shinigami but their powers lie in "dolls" which manifest as animals or humanoid beings. Each Bount has a unique item to summon their doll but some Bounts can merge with their doll, making themselves the release item and creating a greater being.

Owner of Anti-Hierro Armor: The Anti-Hierro Armor is a combat augmenting armour, of which there is only five in the whole world. Manufactured by Kisuke Urahara, this armor consists of a pair of metal gloves and boots which assist in combat against Arrancar and other beings that are of equal power to Sosuke Aizen.

Owner of a Mod Soul Fighter: As explained previously, Mod Souls can be used as pets but with this status, you can insert it into a mannequin and have your own personal Mod Soul Fighter to assist you in combat.

Owner of a Hogyoku Fragment: Better grab this while you can because there's only three pieces available. Owning a fraction of the Hogyoku will allow you three main abilities:

Time Fragment: Allows the user to freeze time in topics for thirty minutes. Users can freeze time for small intervals at numerous times in one day which add up to 30 minutes and the ability can be reused every 24 hours.

Animation Fragment: Allows the user to create a Soul Amalgamation which looks like a deformed hollow. This creature can assist in combat and be used for travel as well.

Doomsday Fragment: The most offensive fragment which contains raw energy and allows the user to fire a blast of pure energy, similar to a cero, at an opponent.

Oni Form: The Oni status will allow the user to transform into an Oni. Oni form can be used permanently but the longer the form is used, the weaker the user will be in a fight. This will remove the zanpakuto, fullbring or spirit weapon of the user and they will have demon powers instead:

Oni Eye: The user has a third eye in the center of their forehead which fires a blast similar to cero at their enemies.

Oni Plague: This ability infects the users enemies with a disease that stops them from being able to use their arms or legs. This only lasts 15 minutes.

Oni Control: In Oni form, the user can control the minds of animals to fight for them or for travel.

Kyozetsu Geijutsu: A spiritual ability in which your powers are concealed within an object. Known in English as "Rejection Art" it is a power similar to that of Orihime Inoue which produces six spirits that are a manifestation of the users spiritual power. Users can name this power themselves along with the names of the six spirits and must choose a special object to seal the power within. This power replaces zanpakuto, fullbring and quincy weapons.

Noble Bloodline: This status allows the user to make their family one of the Noble Houses of the Soul Society. There is no ability with this status but it can be combined with other statuses so you can be part of a noble family AND have another status.

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Update posted by Arata Saito On Aug 17, 2019

Here is a short description of what our rewards will do for you on the site!

VIP: This advanced type of membership allows you to do more on the site than the regular user. VIP membership lets you:

  • Customize a coded profile text and backstory, making it look much more cooler
  • Have a gif image for your profile picture
  • Sort your Courier Letters into folders
  • Get your homework graded faster
  • Show your own signature in forum posts
  • Remove ads
  • Use of emojis in chat
  • Use of chat on mobile
  • 50% less chance of dropping money
  • Show your own signature in Fire Messages
  • Order items in your trunk
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Change the order of your friends list
  • Choose to hide signatures in forum posts
  • Give your pet a name when you buy it

500 Site Currency: When you join World of Bleach, you will instantly receive 500 kan which is our on site currency. Getting the second reward here will give you 500 more, starting you with 1000 kan which you can use to buy shop items, prepare for lessons or just throw it all in the bank for later use!

All Lesson Requirements: Lessons on WoB require certain items from the shops (as said above) and claiming the third reward will mean that the WoB staff will buy all the requirements for you so you can keep your starting money for other things!

Mod Soul Pet: On WoB, you get to have a pet which you can feed, train and pet everyday! Claiming this reward will earn you our most expensive pet, the Mod Soul Pets, of which there are two; Panda and Quokka!

Immediate Graduation: One of World of Bleach's main features is that you do lessons and advance in school years until Year 7 when you graduate after exams. This reward will let you skip through all of that and immediately become a graduate in Year 8 and give you all the perks of grad life!

Statuses: Our last three rewards will give you something called a status. This is a unique ability, item or state of being that only you will be able to have along with a few select others that may donate for the status. This will be displayed on your profile and separate you from all the other users. VIP or not, nobodt will have this other than you.

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Donate €10.00 Or More

Two Months Free VIP Membership - able to code profiles, use gif profile pictures, see previous visitors to your profile, add music to your profile, add site character relations and more

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Donate €20.00 Or More

Two Months VIP plus 500 on site currency

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Donate €25.00 Or More

Two Months VIP plus All Lesson Requirements

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Donate €30.00 Or More

Two Months VIP plus Mod Soul Pet

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Donate €40.00 Or More

Two Months VIP plus Immediate Graduation

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Donate €65.00 Or More

Two Months VIP and Normal Status (Noble Bloodline, Shunko and Anti-Hierro Armor)

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Donate €80.00 Or More

Two Months VIP plus Higher Status (Oni Form and Bount)

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Donate €100.00 Or More

Two Months VIP plus Ultra Status (Kyozetsu Geijutsu and Hogyoku Fragment Owner)

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