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My name is Johann and I lived with my family in Austria. We live on a planet where the daily life moves on faster and faster. Mostly both parents have to work to effort their house, car and some holiday in the summer. There are more and more "broken homes". I can remember that in the past we were sitting all together and had lunch, spoke about the daily life, worrys and stuff we wanna do. But now I see this things have changed in the most familys.

People run more after economy, material stuff and luxury, and forget the social connections and the real "Life" which is happening from moment to moment.

My family and I live in a yurt (Mongolian round house), we need a very little amount of money for a full life. Our children enjoy the nature around, play together and create their own stuff to play. We do yoga and meditations. We grow our own organic food and look that the biological footprint isn't that big.

The greatest gift for us is to enjoy the present moment as often as possible.

We wanna show and live this life with as many people as possible to create a community which works for itself.

So we have the dream to buy a land in which everybody can stay, create, learn and be accepted in their own individuality. We have ideas to built many yurts, make our own fields to grow plants, etc..Also we wanna create powerful products of the most healing substances for the body we know - like for example CBD, hemp seeds, Moringa, honey just to mention a few of them.

We know everybody has amazing skills that only wait to be explored and expressed and create a new brighter future.

We also think on a base which is called "small is beautiful" like a phrase by Leopold Kohr.

This phrase is often used to champion small, appropriate technologies that are believed to empower people more, in contrast with phrases such as "bigger is better".

So if you wanna be part of it, or you think our ideas is worth giving a chance, please follow and help us to create a bright future for all human beings !!

THX soo much for support!


bhavatu sabba mangalam



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